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Found 8 results

  1. I had several accounts with Nat West, personal and business. When requesting statements do I need to send £10 for each account or £10 for the whole lot?
  2. Morning everyone, I have a Tomlin order relating to a debt. I'm happy to pay it back the case was complex and we would have probably lost at the time and it may have gone fast track which is never good on dodgy ground. The solicitor who set it up has now gone into administration, so the Claimant has issued a new solicitor to look after it. The problem is they now require payment to be sent to a different account. The account details are clearly laid out in the orders schedule so how do I stand? Do I require the new solicitors to issue a new schedule with updated payment account details? If I stop payments to the one in the order I have broken its terms. I have been paying for we'll over a year and will continue to do so. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks Mr P
  3. I think I know what I am doing but just need it confirming. I have a CCJ against me for £1007 issued 9/9/14 Yesterday I received a letter from a HCEO it says Sum Outstanding £1118.75 Interest £3.09 Compliance Stage Fee £90 Total Sum £1211.84 I am going to my nearest County Court that deals with High Court Matters. It is my intention to make an application for a stay of execution (N244) and also an application for a variation of the order as it was a forthwith judgement. Just to murk the waters a little, I received a letter from a DCA after the CCJ was issued telling me to contact them within 14 days. I havent nor can I for the love of me find this letter. Couple of things, is that correct. Fill a N244 for the stay and N245 for the variation of the order. I will try and take them first thing and have ask for a Judge to do it their and then. And other advice received with thanks Sorry, any idea why the amount owed has gone from £1007 to £1118.75 within a month? Also if the value is incorrect on the writ, can this be grounds for it to be nil and void? Thanks
  4. I'm currently on the receiving end of a S21 notice, and I'm trying to find out if I have grounds to contest this. I moved into a flat in 2001. The landlord wasn't really bothered about being a landlord, so he didn't do any of the expected things, like gas certificates or maintenance. TBH this wasn't a problem as the rent was very low, and I'm a pretty practical guy, so I was happy to look after the place, and renovated it from top to bottom. The place is an awful lot nicer than when I moved in. I could go literally 5 years without so much as speaking to him on the phone. He's moved several times without notifying me of a new address, all I've ever had is a mobile phone number. This was the days before deposits had to be protected, so I didn't worry about that. This was a periodic tenancy from the start, not a fixed term that rolled into a statutory periodic tenancy. In 2009 we met and he put the rent up by a small amount. I agreed to this as it was a pretty modest increase. Nothing was written down, definitely no Section 13 notice, but I started paying the higher amount straight away. There was nothing in the original AST about varying the rent. My question is whether this should be regarded as a variation of the old tenancy agreement, or a new agreement. This is significant as if it is a new agreement, then he needed to put the deposit into a protection scheme. If not, then I can't defend the S21 on that basis. At the time I was unaware of the distinction between the two and the implications if our arrangement all went south - as it has done now. What would the characteristics be of a new agreement versus a variation of an old one? How strong is my argument that he should have protected the deposit as we effectively had a new agreement post-2009? Thanks for the help.
  5. I can only tell you all about my experience with Carpetright and you can reach your own conclusions. When I moved, the carpets needed replacing so I ordered a carpet from the samples in a Carpet right store on one of their 'crazy prices' promotions. The house was empty when it was fitted. When I saw it I know that it was not the carpet that I saw in the store and went straight in to tell them. The sample was no longer available and it had been discontinued. My complaint has been going on for over a year now. I ordered a plain beige carpet and have one that is beige with lots of dark brown splodges. Dark threads are continuing to come through as it wears. It looks permanently dirty. Carpetright do not care about customer satisfaction and seem to get a buzz out of making customers upset and frustrated. They sent an 'expert' who was employed by the carpet manufacturer who decided that there was no fault with the carpet, ignoring my complaint that it was not the one I ordered. Eventually the head of complaints a Mr Renouf listened to this aspect. After some deliberation, he simply said that it was the carpet named on the invoice and showed me a photo of a 'sample board.' I did not choose from this board. More peculiarly he maintains that the colours in the carpet are due to variations in the colours of the sheep! I put it to him that is he chose a beige wool mix suit from a shop from a swatch, then returned the suit because it had dark threads randomly in the fabric, he would not be satisfied with this response! I have not received a response from him. Apparently I do not have a case because I cannot prove that this was not the carpet I chose. Of course I can't. They destroyed the evidence. On one of these forums I read a similar story of a customer going into Carpetright and the manager shouted across to him ' you DID get the carpet you ordered.' . ..before he had even raised the subject. It seems I am not alone. I tried to take the case through my credit card protection. I was told that I had no evidence so they could not progress my complaint. I have put it to them that the invoice says 'beige' not 'beige with dark brown/ black speckles.' I have not had a response. So I am just very unlucky that a few black sheep were in the flock used for my carpet!
  6. Had a civil case and lost with the judge ordering me to pay loads within 14 days. Sent in N245 variation request complete with tax returns showing my losses, bank statements showing my constant overdrafts and the stepchange printout detailing all my credit card debts. Judge decided that the application for instalments be dismissed on the basis that the judgement sum cannot be paid within a reasonable time. (I did tell the creditor I had no money but he didn't believe me) I really have nothing I can sell and no-one I can borrow from (who'd lend me anything) so now I am worried that bailiffs will be knocking on the door scaring the kids and adding even more on top of a debt that I can't pay. I've tried to get some legal advice for free but no-one can offer any advice. Help...please....
  7. Hi everyone, My wife received a claim for an old (2006-2009) Black Horse Fixed-Sum Loan in mid June. I used MCOL to file the AOS online for 28 days to submit a defence and then stupidly neglected to put a defence in in-time! As a result she received a Judgment in Default a few days ago that states "You have not replied to the claim form" - not correct (AOS submitted in time). Is there any way I can dispute the Judgment as the claim was responded to in time and AOS submitted in time? Can I appeal or try putting in a defence with a letter disputing the Judgment or is this too risky/expensive? If as I suspect I've blown my chance to defend my main concern is making a payment arrangement as not in a position to pay the whole amount so I either need to delay the CCJ date (possibly by transferring top local court/asking for a hearing etc.??) in order to try to get funds together before the 28 days after judgment or I need to change this to a monthly payment scheme somehow. Could someone explain what the options (and deadlines/time limits after judgment) are for: - disputing judgment in default/defending/appealing etc. - delaying actions (even if will still end up with judgment against us it will allow time to clear the ccj before registered) do I have to pay to make an application to the court to vary? or redetermine? not sure what options are available and what is best. - requesting a monthly payment arrangement I have a feeling the deadline is coming up in the next day or so, can anyone help urgently? thanks. gf2k
  8. I have a ccj applied before 1st oct 2012 for £80 a month. I want to do a variation form to try and bring the monthly installment down as I cant afford £80 and was going to ask to pay £40 a month. I am worried if I apply for the variation they will be able to put a charging order on my house. I know they can from 1st Oct 2012 but can they do this for an older ccj but because I am asking to pay less so makes it like the post 1st Oct
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