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  1. UPDATED I forgot to post the result of this case and only remembered while looking at something else on CAG. I went to court, only one other defendant bothered turning up out of the thirty plus cases listed. The DVLA representative ushered the other guy to the other end of the waiting area and had a brief conversation. The other guy then left the court. He then asked by name disappeared back into an office for a couple of mins before returning with my file. He then lied most unconvincingly about a letter the DVLA had apparently sent me the week before dropping the case. I asked to see the letter but he didn't have a copy there! I hope he never has to appear in court himself as he was the most unconvincing liar I have ever seen. I guarantee that if I hadn't turned up I would have been found been prosecuted and found guilty. As the case was supposedly dropped; the letter never did appear, I was unable to claim costs. I had spent the previous week in a fruitless e-mail campaign with the DVLA urging them to drop the case as it was a waste of time and money on both our parts. I urge anyone in the same situation as myself to do your homework, get everything prepared and turn up when required at court!
  2. Just an update The court case has been adjourned a couple of times and moved to this Thursday (10th) and from Swansea to Cambridge magistrates. This is only forty miles away as opposed to the 200 plus miles Swansea is. I am confident of winning the case but didn't want to take a day of work or ask my witness to do the same, so I have been unsuccessfully trying to contact the office of whoever is handling the case for the DVLA to get them to drop the case. I'm sure a quick 5 min chat and me explaining all the evidence that I have will get them to drop it but can I get a contact number or details!! The court says to contact the DVLA but suggests that they will be useless (they were right!) The DVLA says they don't know.... Its a bit of a farce. The problem is that its going to cost the DVLA an awful lot more to drop the case if I go to court than it will to do it now and I am trying to save them money (And myself the hassle of taking the day of off etc!) Does anyone have any phone details for a specific department within the DVLA that handles these cases? The DVLA enforcement one is a waste of time. Pat4
  3. Just an Update to keep everyone informed. I decided not to go on the Monday but rang the court as soon as it opened. They confirmed that indeed I didn't have to turn up and it would automatically be adjourned because of my not guilty plea. I saved a 450 mile round trip so was quite pleased. I recieved a letter from Swansea last week telling me that the case was rescheduled for the 16th June but I wouldn't have to turn up to this either as it was be adjourned again and transfered to a court nearer my home (Chelmsford I guess as the DVLA operate out of there) I will update when I hear anymore.
  4. Yes I have a witness. The trader has done a statement saying that he bought the car, we put both the new and old car V5s in the same envelope and confirming he still has the vechile. I have copies of the reciepts, he has given me a copy of his traders insurance policy that insured my old car and offered to come to court with me and give evidence. I have told him not to bother for Monday as everyone is telling me its going to be adjourned but I am taking the statement along with the rest of the evidence just incase. If the court was just round the corner it woyuldn't be a problem but it is 250 miles away on a Monday morning!
  5. Its worse than the DVLA losing the documents. I was exchanging cars with a dealer We sent the V5 off for the new car along with the V5C from the car I was selling in the same envelope. Only my new V5 was actioned. First I knew about it was a letter from the insurance database people. I contacted the DVLA by e-mail, they confirmed that the car was still in my name and told me to write a letter explaining what had happened and who the car was sold to. I did but two weeks later a fine for £100 dropped through the letterbox and I have been fighting it since.
  6. I did go and see a solicitor and they told me to ring the court. I was put through to the listings office and they said that my not guilty plea would trigger an automatic adjournment. They advised me that it was not worth attending but I haven't received a confirmation e-mail as requested. Yes as I haven't had any written instructions I think I will have to go as well. I think its a waste of time but I can't take the chance.
  7. Hello I also have been hit with failing to meet the insurance requirements under the Section 144 (1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 the DVLA say I didn't inform them of the sale of the car. I say I did and have some proof to that fact. My question is I entered a Not Guilty plea by post and asked for the DVLA witness to attend in person as I believe I can not dispute their evidence if their statement is read out in Court by a third party. I was advised by a friend with a little legal knowledge that the case will be adjourned and a new date set and rang Swansea Court today to confirm that. A lady in the listings department confirmed that was correct and not to bother turning up. Now I would very much like not to make a 500 mile 7 hour round trip for nothing but as the lady concerned would not give her name and I don't know whether I should go or not. I e-mailed the court at the same time asking the same question and I hoped I would get something in writing back. I didn't get a reply. Any advice from someone who has been in the same position would be appreciated. I am determined to fight the case but don't want to take a day of work and spend a fortune getting down to Swansea if I don't need to be there. Thanks Pat4
  8. Egg were by far the slowest of all the SARS I sent. I sent it off in Jan of this year only to receive it in June. I had forgot about it to tell you the truth and I am only starting on them today:) They did at least have the good grace to return the cheque. Good Luck
  9. No, I didn't have that on any of my statements. If you don't get any joy from Amex's customer services, it might be worth changing your Prelim to include these "NSF Fee"charges as seperate items and explaining that nobody at AMEX can explain what they are so you are claiming them back. The value of my claim was similar to your own but they still let it drag on. So unfortunatly you will probably have to put your court papers in or do the MCOL thing. PAT4
  10. I had something similar on my account with them, though an adjustment had been made to bring the balance down to zero. I very much doubt whether you can reclaim this back as all the research I did at the time suggested that it would be classed as a "service charge" Good Luck with your claim anyway, they paid me out in full the day after they were served with my court papers. Pat4
  11. Well done Bean Sending my LBA Monday, after reading your post I think I will follow it up with a phonecall at the end of the week. PAT4
  12. warrih I am have just agread settlement with MBNA (Awaiting written confirmation) on an account that was closed nearly three years ago. I also have a loan with them through Virgin and it was not mentioned once. Though they are not saints and their rubbish customer service was the reason that I shut the account in the first place, they have been more helpful and courteous than any of the other institutions I am dealing with, Good Luck with your claim PAT4
  13. Cheque cleared, donation sent. I have notified the court that it has been settled and confirmed it to a worried man in the AMEX general office!
  14. Got a full settlement from AMEX yesterday for £199.37 Plus £30 costs. This came through the 2 days after I had requested judgement on MCOL. (Coincidental as the the letter was dated the day I had requested judgement) My smallest claim but my first succesful one. Donation on the way when cheque clears. One down only 12 to go!
  15. pat4

    MCOL Help please

    adie If you use their online banking system just send them a secure message asking for the date you opened your account. Thats what I did and I got a reply the next day. Good Luck
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