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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, My girlfriend works at Arvato, Swansea. She received a 'Notice to Keeper' dated 10/5/18, claiming she failed to display her permit on 3/5/18. Claiming £100, reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. She has a permit to park in the area in question (Arvato (103), Sandringham Park, Swansea, SA70EA. She can't recall not displaying it on the day. Normally displays it every day. The photos provided by Millenium don't show the left hand corner of the windscreen, so I'm not sure they are valid evidence? She appealed to Millenium, with photos of her valid pass, but they've turned it down on 12/6/18. I'm a little worried about that, as I thought we had more time to appeal to the IAS, Reading it now, it appears we only had 21 days, which would be 2 days ago. Thanks in advance, Joe
  2. Hi guys I have an issue similar to a few others on here, involving the Swansea based Millennium Parking Services. My vehicle was parked in a residential area in Swansea, totally oblivious to any signs advising it was Private Property and Permit Holders Only. Received the PCN stuck to windscreen upon return to the vehicle. The original ticket charge of £100 has not been paid. As the registered keeper, I received the NOK a month or so later and have retained it. It has not been acted upon my me. More recently, I received a demand for £160 from Debt Recovery Plus. I have ignored all requests for payment so far. I'm quite comfortable going through the court process if it comes to that, but would you advise on any action I should take now that might help prevent being taken to court, or even assist with the defence if that day does come? I'd be keen to save myself on the hassle and time wasted in going to court if I can help it, for the want of a well worded letter of dispute. Cheers, Sham
  3. Hi, hoping someone can help me with this. The driver of the vehicle received a PCN on their windscreen. MPS want £100 or £60 within 14 days. This is extortionate and completely unreasonable for the following reasons: - There are NO signs upon entering the car park stating there is restricted parking - The private land apparently belongs to a company called "Atlantic Cladding" which is joined onto a building called "Simply Gym" where the driver was training - The PCN was issued at 06:13AM. Atlantic Cladding does not open until 8AM resulting in no loss of earnings or obstruction to their business - Having re-visited the premises in daylight, there are two signs either side of Atlantic Cladding stating that the area is under 24 hour management and is for Atlantic Cladding customers only. These are not visible at 6AM as there is no lighting surrounding the signs - I have since learned there is a private car park for Atlantic, one for Simply Gym and a public land parking area. There are no clear instruction or signs to differentiate between these 3 areas I have attached photos to support my argument. The red car in the photo is where the driver was parked. You can see the sign on the building in the background, there are no lights around it. The bollards you can see in the photo come up to the red car, after that it is all open so the areas are not really sectioned differently. 1 The date of infringement? 31/08/2018 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] NO If you haven't appealed yet - ,......... have you received a Notice To Keeper? (NTK) [must be received by you between 29-56 days] what date is on it Did the NTK provide photographic evidence? NO NTK RECEIVED AS OF 10/2/2018 5 Who is the parking company? MILLENIUM PARKING SERVICE 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? St Davids Road Industrial Estate, Enterprise Park, Swansea, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA6 8QL Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance pix.pdf
  4. Hi guys, I've recently received a parking charge notice from the Swansea based Millennium Parking Services. They have asked for £60 with the charge increasing to £100 after 14 days. I am currently a student, so I don't have the money to pay for this and I feel conned. I was using the street to park for my regional rugby training sessions in Llandarcy academy of sport. They don't always have someone blocking the carpark entrance but when they do they don't let me in even if I tell them that my team trains here!! There were no road markings or clear signage for me to know that it was a permit holders only area, if there was, it was 6pm in november and I did not see them, meaning they were inadequately lit! What action should I take from here? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Natalia I have answered the questions I could from the forum the parking ticket forum; 1 The date of infringement? 04/12/2017 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? NO 3 Have you received a Notice To Keeper? NO 4 Who is the parking company? Millennium Parking Services 5 Where exactly did you park? Residential housing area - Heritage Gate, Swansea/Neath, SA10 6DF
  5. hi there ladies and gents , i recently purchased a 2nd hand 4 gig graphics card from cex in swansea for £150 , for my wifes birthday , she brought it home and then took her computer and her new graphics card to a local computer shop to have it installed correctly with in a couple of days , her power supply unit in her computer blew up , we took it back the computer shop and they did a test on it , found out it was the graphics card i bought from cex in swansea , the owner of the computer shop then suggested leaving the card with him so he can do a overnight test on it , to see if it did the same to his computers in his shop , we left it there for 2 days in that time , it had blown 2 of his power supply units to , he explained it was the graphics card at fault , we took it back to the shop in swansea , who then explained they would have to test it themselves , after 30 mins , the cex staff came back and told us everything was fine with it , and we were refused a refund , i explained that it was within 28 days and i was entitled to a refund under the "short time to reject" option ( consumer rights told me about that one) they blatantly refused a refund and told me if i wish to sell it back to them , they would offer me £60 , no matter how many times i explained that it was faulty he refused to accept that , i am now in the process of getting a letter written up by the computer repair shop with proof that it is faulty , is there a template available i can send to them demanding a refund , i have also put in for a chargeback on my card via my bank in regards to this as well , i just want to have all my bases covered when i go at them again , i was also informed by consumer rights that i could claim consequential losses in regards to having to replace the psu unit in my wifes computer as well because of this . any help would be appreciated badboy09
  6. afternoon all, after a bit of advice. I have got a PCN and im thinking i may have to pay this one but as always, i like to get your advice before doing anything around parking tickets. I overstayed by an hour in the services at MOTO swansea west and ive been sent a NTK in the post. I hold my hands up, i overstayed. Reason being im a fireman and i was lift sharing with my mate as we only needed to drop some stuff off at the station, thought we'd be an hour tops and we ended up being longer because there was a call. I think if i appealed this one id be relying on the POFA and just chancing it. what is the expert advice? I think my defense would be shaky if this one went to court but i do despise paying these people so much money when they have incurred ZERO loss. It was an empty motorway service car park. I will as always rely on your advice. Regards
  7. I have received a fix penalty notice for depositing a cigarette end out of my car window. I have attached the evidence they have presented to me which I had as being the registered keeper. The ironic thing is I dont smoke and have not done for 4 years (I now vape instead) I wish to challange the ticket and I have attached photos of the paper work I have had. I notice there is also an error on the ticket with the date of issue being October instead of december. I am seeking some advice please. Many Thanks
  8. Hi, I received a 'Notice to Keeper' dated 16th November regarding my vehicle being parked on a petrol forecourt on 9th October contravening the 'Exceeded Max Stay period'. I was recorded as parking there for 11 minutes - I was actually in the garage shopping. The notice states that a Parking Charge Notice was affixed to my windscreen but I never received it as it was not there on my return to the vehicle so the first I knew of it was when I received the NTK. I was advised to email an appeal but not giving information as to who the driver was which I did. I received a reply stating as I took over 21 days to appeal the appeal could not be accepted. Just looking for some advice as to what I should do next. Many Thanks
  9. Hi We are currently based in Spain and do not have all our bank statements, a Company from Swansea called Claims Line Direct Ltd has called us (we have a uk phone number here) and asked for 495 gbp which they guarantee to return whether they are successful on our behalf. They claim we have approx 3500 gbp to come back but cannot guarantee that figure. Does anybody know of this Company ?
  10. I have been visited twice by Andrew James Enforcement Ltd in Swansea due to an outstanding council tax bill. I do not deny my owing and on the visit we met, I was courteous and polite (as was he). However on both counts, it is my belief that they were applying more charges than lawful, on three walking possession orders, the same items were listed but charging multiple times; this has been challenged and won many times it seems. One levy was frivolous but despite my providing evidence and precedent in a complaint to the council, they simply withdrew Andrew James Enforcement Ltd's involvement in my case and did nothing to suggest they've done anything in response. On their second visit I wasn't in, but they did exactly the same thing again. Again on complaint, Swansea council brought my debt back to them without admitting nor denying any wrongdoing on the part of Andrew James Enforcement. I am adamant that they have broken a few rules both times and would like to see if it's isolated and if not prove that it is wrong higher up. After some investigation, it seems as if my 2 cases aren't the only ones and I would like anybody else with Andrew James Enforcement Ltd to come forward where they feel the rules have been broken. DO NOT SEND ME PERSONAL DETAILS! All I'm interested in is a list of people to potentially discuss this organisation with because if I discover a great number of cases, I would like to consider taking this further. I am not a lawyer, nor a solicitor, I'm simply a businessman who fell on hard times. If this did go further, appropriate legal advice and representation will naturally be sought. So if Andrew James Enforcement Ltd have charged excessive fees, made frivolous levies, charged multiple times for one visit on separate walking possession orders, please let me know either below or via pm. If you believe they have done something criminal, please drop me a message. The only prerequisite is that you have some evidence of their visit like receipts, walking possession orders etc (DO NOT SEND ME THESE AT THIS TIME! I DON'T HAVE NOR WANT SECURE DATA STORAGE) Continue to pay any agreed payments and charges and continue taking responsibility for your debts in whatever way is appropriate. This is simply a hunch that I would like to investigate to see if my case is isolated or if Andrew James Enforcement Ltd is actually committing offences on a regular basis. If they are, we'll discuss as a group what the options are in the presence of experts because I don't like the idea of them screwing over people when they are at their most vulnerable just for extra profits. If indeed that is the case, we've yet to find out obviously.
  11. Hello I also have been hit with failing to meet the insurance requirements under the Section 144 (1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 the DVLA say I didn't inform them of the sale of the car. I say I did and have some proof to that fact. My question is I entered a Not Guilty plea by post and asked for the DVLA witness to attend in person as I believe I can not dispute their evidence if their statement is read out in Court by a third party. I was advised by a friend with a little legal knowledge that the case will be adjourned and a new date set and rang Swansea Court today to confirm that. A lady in the listings department confirmed that was correct and not to bother turning up. Now I would very much like not to make a 500 mile 7 hour round trip for nothing but as the lady concerned would not give her name and I don't know whether I should go or not. I e-mailed the court at the same time asking the same question and I hoped I would get something in writing back. I didn't get a reply. Any advice from someone who has been in the same position would be appreciated. I am determined to fight the case but don't want to take a day of work and spend a fortune getting down to Swansea if I don't need to be there. Thanks Pat4
  12. Hi, I really need some advice on how to deal with this bunch of clowns, Ifonic Claims Ltd in Swansea. On Wednesday 10th April 2013 my father in law received and unsolicited telephone call from Ifonic Claims. A few days later a set of documents arrived, dated 11th April 2013. Once I had looked at these forms I then realised that my 86 year old father in law had been a victim of what I deem to be Advance Fee Fraud. My father in law has never had a credit card or loan with Tesco or Marks & Spencer. Neither has he an active mortgage with RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) or anyone other financial institution. Finally, the shock of seeing a £990 debit from his account (taken by Debit Card) when he has neither agreed or has any need to use their services is beyond belief. The documents contain the following: Welcome letter & T's&C's x2 - Letter of Engagement - Allowing Ifonics to deal with this claim, which is unsigned Client Information - Containing very basic details about my father in law (address, telephone number etc) x11 - Letter of Authority - Giving authority for Ifonics to act & reclaim PPI on my father in laws behalf, also unsigned x11 - PPI Questionnaire No documentation has been signed and returned, fortunately I got wind of this before it went further. Nor has my father in law signed anything previously. However, I assume that he has given them his Debit Card number for the £990 transaction to be taken and whilst I didn't listen to the actual conversation, one can only assume that he was duped into giving it. Furthermore, my mother in law has tried without fail to deal with this as my father in law is 86 years old, deaf & suffers from dementia. Every time she tries to contact them to deal with this, she is rebuffed. Also, the staff have been very cheeky with her, which has caused her distress which she doesn't need at her age. I have tried to contact the company directly and have been stonewalled, especially as I have no authority from my in laws to deal with this. I've been threatened by a company director with a defamation writ. I have in the meantime contacted and filed a report with Action Fraud & also submitted a complaint with the Claims Management Regulator, which governs this set of parasites. Furthermore looking into the Ministry of Justices own guidelines for companies like these and it seems Ifonic Claims have broken their guidelines that companies should not charge an advance fee for services. Ifonic Claims is also trading name of Cerys-Angharad Limited both based in Swansea. Thanks in advance. (Apologies if this is posted in the incorrect forum. As Ifonics mainly deal with PPI, I thought it best to start a thread here)
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