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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've put an old HDD in it and it boots up fine. Is it safe to assume my Original HDD is dead?
  2. Hello all I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-2F6 that I'm having an issue with. When I turn on the laptop, it shows the Toshiba logo, then a little flashing ' _ ' appears in the top left corner for a few seconds then the screen goes blank and stays like that. If I go into BIOS (I think that's what it is called by pressing f2 or f12) the screen works fine. I've tried holding down the power button for 30 seconds, hold 0 whilst turning it on and removing / replacing the battery but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  3. Im so glad I took the time to respond to your thread and try and help. You made no mention that you needed a tablet with a screen size if 9inches plus so not being psychic, I suggested the Nexus - it is available in a larger size but no doubt you are not interested in hearing that as you obvously have your heart set on an iPad. Again, not being psychic, Im not aware how bad your credit rating is so suggested Very. I know they accept people with very poor credit score - I know someone with a score of 124 on Noodle that opened one. Anyway, yes.....go with BrightHouse and maybe reflect
  4. It seems like you have made your mind up but the are some amazing Android tablets out there with great performance (The Nexus is a good example) that are a fraction of the price of an ipad. You could try Very.co.uk for a credit account - the ipad 2 16gb is £329 and you could do the Buy Now Pay Later so that gives you up to 12 months to pay off the balance so you don't incur any interest charges.
  5. Well, I managed to open a current account with Natwest. However, despite being debited from my account for a couple of days, it seems that Lloyds have returned the DD to PayPal now. I think this is good news as I only have to pay the returned DD fees as opposed to the extortionate unauthorised overdraft fees for being over drawn for over 10 days (I assume this is the case although not 100% sure). So, I guess this means that my PayPal balance is going to go into a massive negative and I have to wait until they get in contact so I can arrange to pay them back....right?
  6. Well, I've just applied for a current account with Natwest and although it said they could offer me the account I needed to bring in some ID to branch to complete my application (don't have a drivers licence or Passport) I will take the ID in on my lunch break - not sure if they have done a credit check yet and it will be okay to open the account once they have the ID or if completing the application means they are yet to do the credit check and will only do it after they have my ID . Fingers crossed anyway
  7. Yeah, they did let the money leave the account after refusing the overdraft but it is via PayPal and their 'instant bank' transfer. I thought it was instant but apparently they don't debit funds from my Lloyds account for 5-7 working days and poor money management meant I thought I had more in that account then I actually did. I knew there was a few hundred in there and was using that for some very important bills then consciously made a few more payments knowing this would make me overdrawn but saw it less as an evil then getting some PDL - it seems like I was massively wrong. The
  8. Thanks for the reply Brigadier - my credit rating isn't so great so dont think anyone would let me open an account.
  9. Hello all I had a few bills that needed to be paid so did something a bit stupid - I used an unauthorised overdraft on my Lloyds TSB account. I did try asking them to authorise a overdraft but they refused the application so it was either that or go down the route of a Pay Day loan and thought it was a lesser evil of the two. The trouble is, I'm not in the position to pay it all back in one go so looking for advice if it would be possible to get them to freeze interest and charges and pay them back over the next 6 months? (amount owed is about £800) The other issue is that I
  10. Hello all. I bought a tablet from Very back in July. I didn't pay for it immediately but instead added it to my credit account. When I received the next statement (August), I paid the full amount using my debit card. Last week it developed a fault and upon phoning Very was told I needed to send it back for them to check it. This was done and today they agreed it was faulty and credited my account with the value of the item - so no issues there great service As I have already paid for the item in full I asked why had it been put on my account and not refunded and was told the
  11. Hi I don't know if I have put this in the correct place. We were in a pub this evening, and a girl was cleaning an area of the bar when a glass bottle fell and a shard of broken glass cut cut my eyelid. The manager/supervisor came to find out the situation and played it down sticking up for his staff, saying it was just an accident to which I appreciated but my eye was still bleeding from the incident. The supervisor/manager filled in an accident form, on the accident report that the supervisor/manager he did agree that there was a cut above the eye. He also gave me a number for t
  12. Hiya all. The company I work for has a sickness policy which means that if you are off for 3 short periods (2 days or less) or 2 long periods (3 days or more) within 6 months then you receive a verbal warning. This is the only information provided in the employee handbook and on the employee website for HR queries. Okay, my problem is that I was off for 3 weeks (signed off by the G.P.) in August and again for 2 days on the 7th and 8th of January. Obviously these two periods are within 6 months of each other but one is a short period of absence (2 days) and the other a long peri
  13. Only if the goods are faulty. If you simply change your mind then you have to pay the returm postage costs.
  14. Assuming the default was placed correctly originally , then yes it is right. They will be updated every month for 6 years from the original default registration date.
  15. A Pay Day loan company has put a default on my credit file. I did pay the amount (albeit reduced settlement through a DCA). Is it 6 years this will be on my credit file? Thanks
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