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  1. I understand where you are coming from sabre sheep. However, my wife contacted them, on the morning she was due to return, explaining why she wasn't going in. So as such she was fit to return to work but had encountered a familly emergency! Which is what she informed them of. As for reporting over the holidays, this is not possible as it is a school and was shut for half term!
  2. Dear All My wife works for a local authority, in a school, as a midday supervisor. It has just been half term but prior to this she was off for two days due to sickness. Also, when my wife was due to return to work, I was rushed into hospital, in an ambulance, with chest pains. Fortunatley it was not a heart attack. However due to test etc my wife was up all night at the hospital and as a result not fit to go to work. The business manager has now sent her a text saying that the need a sick note as she has been off for two days before half term then a day after. Is this correct? I feel that it is not as technically my wife was only of sick for two days prior to the half term but is not free to pick her own annual leave, so she cannot even choose to convert her holidays into sick leave as other employees are free to do, even though she was not sick. The other day should fall under a familly emergency. Am I right in thinking this? Thank you in adanvce
  3. Thanks Rebel11 As we've been paying by direct debit for the last five years surely we've paid for the last twelve months!
  4. Dear All We have recently been hit with a back dated demand for Gas of £9500!!!!!!!! As you can imagine we were absolutely go smacked. It all started when we transferred our energy supplier five years ago. Every time we transfer our electric transfers but not our gas. We constantly tried to resolve this with SSE, to no avail, by constant telephone calls but it was never sorted. 18 months passed and they suddenly picked up the supply. We were quite happy with this, as their rates were good, and moved our electric supply to them as well. We sent a meter reading, set up a direct debit and everything seemed to be ok. However a month ago we received a back dated bill for five years of £9500. I noticed that the meter start was on 1034 and their last reading was 34000!! We disputed this and they reduced the back bill to £1600 and stated that their estimate had been to high. It also appears that they have not read the meter for five years!!!! They are currently estimating that we will use £2300 of gas per year. What I have done is taken and average over the last month, after this started, and I estimate we will use £1200 per year. My question is this. We can demonstrate our usage and have sent meter readings ourselves in the past, although not every time I will admit. really using the twelve month back billing rule we must be up to date if not in credit, can they make this stick? After sending a greatly reduced bill they are now putting pressure on by saying we must contact them immediately to agree! Surely this can be correct practice? Can anyone help?
  5. Hi All Just wondering if anyone can help? I run a small business that employs 6 people. We sub-contract to national carrier delivering office Supplies (clues in the name), they have just appointed a depot manager who is hell bent at reducing costs no matter what it takes. He recently asked me to take a cut in rates as they were not making any money. This is despite the fact that we are doing the work for approx £100 per week per route less than they can do it themselves. as you can imagine we are down to the wick on the rates we are paid already so I informed them that we couldn't do it. This was approximately 2 weeks ago and today he has rang me at home (im off as i was in hospital for surgery on Monday) and informed me that he would not require our services as from the 3rd March.The problem i have is that we have a service contract which states that they have to give us 90 days notice in writing, which he clearly hasn't done. He can only terminate with immediate effect if we commit a severe breach of the contract (which we have not) and again this must be in writing. Again if there is a drop in service they must inform us in writing and give us 10 days to improve. We have serviced this contract for 2 years and feel that they must honor the terms of the contract. Im also worried about my staff! Surely they must offer them positions under Tupe law as we have not become insolvent or breached the contract. If anyone could give any pointers Im worried, not just for myself,that my staff who all have families to support are going to be thrown into the gutter through no fault of their own.
  6. Thanks This problem is rife in the transport industry at the moment. It's an industry full of un educated bullys! I will speak to my boss today to see what his contractual obligations are, although in these tough times he might not want to rock the boat!
  7. I work as driver on an employed basis for a sub contractor. My problem is that the manager of the company we work for treats us differently to his own staff and expects us to do more work and work longer. When I challenged him he said that he was my boss and I should do as he instructs me. He even threatened to remove me from the job for this. Surely this isn't right. This man is nothing but an uneducated big headed bully please help!
  8. Hi there Can anyone tell me if when working as an employee for a sub contractor can the principal contractor give me direct instruction and tell me what to do against my employers wishes.
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