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  1. thanks old codja good to know that i wouldnt have to do a SD, to be honest the only reason Im persuing this is simply because of the chance of having a criminal record that i know nothing of. Out of interest would the fact that they now ''undertake these things in house'' make any difference to me ?
  2. Yes it's just having to come back to do an SD and then waiting on the papers being served again which can take up to 6 months I believe, so it would just drag it out even more and its something I'd prefer to put to bed so to speak. Up to now Ive; tried searching the papers on the net and tried the trust online site to no avail. The only other option now is to to ring the courts, and then the local police for the area the offence took place. So fingers crossed there is nothing there, however if there is then do we know how the fine is then payable ?
  3. haha I used to be a regular news paper reader and there is normaly a section were they name and shame. I.e blabla was doing this and got a fine of blabla etc long lists of people usualy. I have googled my self but nothing comes up as yet. ringing the courts is my least favorite option as I dont really want to have to do a SD which would mean coming back and a whole lot of red tape, Id rather take it on the chin and pay whatever the costs are so long as they arent too crazy... although im not sure if you have to do one or if its your choice..
  4. just a little update Im going to see if I can find the outcome in the paper as they normaly have the court hearings for cases and their outcomes in them im sure, however finding the right paper may take a while....
  5. Sorry to ask another question but im about to ring the courts suggested and it just occured to me that it may be possible that an arrest warrant may have been issued from the research I have done is this likely ?
  6. Yes I think you're right, I will look into it futher and update with an outcome if I manage to find one. thanks HB
  7. just wondered how long has that site been up and running for ?
  8. thats good to know then thanks for that feel a lot more confident in taking that result as maybe a sign i may have been one of the lucky ones, hopefuly so, as Ive never done anything so silly since and never would do and Im the first to preach to everyone about buying the tickets. Just being caught was enough to scare the living day lights out of me...
  9. Hi renegadeimp, I was just wondering about what you said about the trust online site, without sounding like a doubting thomas I was just wondering how you know the site is as good as it says it is have you had personal experience with this ?
  10. You know what this site is a god send, old-codja now I understand, I had presumed that every person stopped would be persued I had just taken it as a given. I am feeling alot calmer about it now and I cant thank you enough for taking time to reply to my questions which Im sure are getting annoying by now. File 13 sounds very secret agent haha.. might I be so bold to presume that you may have seen something in my first post that gives you the impression that there would be a chance that it would have gone to file 13?
  11. right i see, please excuse my stupidity but i dont understand why there would be 3 LO's for one year, do you mean for example it could have gone from april to april being 2 LO's and then the months after this constituting another one ? I think the council tax for one year it would be band A which wouldnt be cheap but right now i think i deal with it. however how much can they put on top of the actual tax owed in the first place ? thats the worrying thing. I did read that it they cant issue a warrant for arrest until you have been to court which is a relief. so I guess my only option now is to
  12. I am also thinking about contacting the cab to see what they suggest.
  13. thanks old-codja you are a font of knowledge and its very much appreciated. I am assuming that this happend just because of reading about so many other cases ... out of curiosity why do suggest there might be a chance that it never went any futher ? Is this just as common as people getting prosecuted that it may be dropped ? I dont think im that lucky really. It is a bit of a nightmare there isnt a simple way to deal with this other than chasing it up or waiting for it to catch up with me somewhere in the future .. may bite the bullet and ring the courts will update when i have more info as im
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