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  1. i feel like a scaredy cat by ignoring them ....im thinkin that by replyin to them and letting them know the situation that wen or if it goes to court, the judge would see i am tryin to resolve situation and have kept lines of communication open ..... i think by not replyin that i would seem rude . i do want to resolve the issue as its very stressful and i think by goin to court would be only way of resolvin it but i dont want to look as if im the bad guy
  2. sorry to be a pest today i got letter from tax credit office . .its an award notice sayin we are not entitled to anything yet we have not claimed since 2012. Also it shows my income as it was prior to March 2015 when due to health reasons I had to give up work so they have that figure wrong why suddenly are they sendin us an award notice when we have not applied for tax credits since 2012? .. .its getting stranger by the minute because we are still being sent letters from the debt collection agencies ... .... I usually answer them but have not done so in last 2wks but its startin to worry me now can anyone advise please
  3. can anyone help on this matter please
  4. so by ignoring them, does this mean they cannot take me to court or anything like that? thanks in advance for your time and advice has anyone any advice reagding fighting alleged overpayments of tax credits please thanks in advice for any help or advice
  5. ok i will now ignore them and see how that goes do you have any advice on my post above please about fighting the £132 payment from hmrc on the grounds that we had not applied for 2yrs previous to that payment so its their mistake then on the payment they say they made based on zero income which makes no sense because the award the year beofre and year after was based on same figures that was on the claim for the year they claim overpayment ..... also are the laws regarding dca companies the same in scotland as they are in england because i am based in scotland all advice or help appreciated
  6. i cannot ignore them as they both keep writing to me giving me 14 days to prove i am in dispute with HMRC. I even contacted HMRC and told them to ask the DCA companies to stop contacting me but they not doing anything about. Im sure you know, its reasonable reaction to panic when you get dca letter but i thought by writing back to them and explaining things that they would leave me alone but its not the case .... . and its even more maddening when 2 dca companies chasing me for the same thing .. .. surely thats just wrong
  7. i have recieved all my SAR documents from HMRC if thats who you meaning? I really need help with HMRC alleged overpayment of tax credits asap because i have 2 seperate DCA's chasing me for these alleged overpayments ... .. and i really cannot take this stress. I am thinking i need to close the £132 overpayment as their mistake because we never applied for the 2yrs previous to them paying that money into our account and we never got any letters to say we got that from them .... .. we did get the money into our account but at that time, we got 3 seperate back dated payments for enhanced pip which i was awarded several weeks before so we just assumed it was all linked together . ... so my argument on that overpayment was definately their mistake and not ours . ... can someone confirm if my thinkin on this argument is correct please. I am still going through paperwork on the higher amount they claim we were overpaid and they say ti was our mistake but i know it was not as we now have our claim forms and the info they got was same as previous year and the year afterwards and they say in their letters they make awards on previous years income etc yet on that one year inbetween 2 years, they made an award on zero income ... .. it does not make sense . .. i really need help on the higher one too but im tryin to work thru it myself as much as i can ..... I have written to both DCA agencies to get them off my back but they keep sayin they will give me 14 days to prove my dispute with HMRC i sent them letters asking if HMRC gave them proof positive i owe the money they chasin me for but they say they dont have that proof but continue to hound me . .... someone help please ... . would be very much appreciated . ....thankyou
  8. i have just read through the HB post .... now im worried as i been paying them just under £100 per month since september 2012 so i will be contacting them now to see what payment they have made on my behalf. Now getting back to the tax credit overpayments, how can they base an award on zero income when forms filled in gave estimates of earnings that were same as year befores earning and also the year after the period they say they overpaid us ..... to be eligible for tax credits you have to be working 16hrs per week or less . ... so to base an award on zero income does not make sense to me and this is my argument for the alleged overpayment .. ... if every award is made on zero income then everyone would be entitled to tax credits etc ... ... and also my estimates of earnings were few pounds higher that actual figures so why did they not base award on those figures . ...I also read in letter that they try to base awards, where there are no estimates on forms, on previous years income . ....so whatever way i look at it, the fault is on their part ... . can someone help or advise on how i can argue this case with them as they seem to be missing the point i keep making ...thanks in advance for any help or advice
  9. no its called think link and its part of gregory pennington group apparently
  10. no its a company called think link .... we have been payin them set amount each month since 2012 and hmrc were part of that but for different figure than they state in letters they sent us about all overpayments ..... its so confusing ....... im not gettin any figures to add up and really need some help with this ..... does anyone know any help i turn too please
  11. can a tax credit award be based on a zero income? ..... I am goin through the paperwork they're claiming we were overpaid by £8000 approx but figures keep changing according to letters they say we were paid on zero income to avoid puttin us into hardship they state on another part of the letter that all awards are based on previous years income and we always filled in the income part of our forms so they are completely confusing me with all this nonsense. we are in debt management scheme and they have been getting paid through that but the figure they gave to the company is not matching any figures in their letters so its all getting so confusing can someone help or advise please ... thanx to all who have replied already
  12. can someone advise please . I am in scotland due to ill health, I had to give up work and we were no longer entitled to tax credits since 2010 we have not revieved any tax credits payments In 2011 after long battle, I got enhanced rate of rate and got a lump sum which was back dated money Since those payments came thru, tax credits have been chasing us for different amount of money goin back to 2009 and I have been arguing with them because they keep using 2 different debt collection agencies to chase us but give each company a different figure on various letters they have added different figures too which i always argue but they always seem to have answers for. I recently sent SAR and got all paperwork back but cannot make head nor tale of it because a lot of letters i sent them by recorded delivery are not in their pile of paperwork which makes me question what else is missing luckily i have them on computer as well as the recorded delivery postal slip showing they received them and who signed for them. Can they use 2 separate agencies to chase us? I sent both companies letters telling them that this alleged debt is being disputed and i will not enter into agreement with either one of them whilst i am still communicating with HM Revenues & Customs myself I am quite willing to go to court over this if I have to. They also claim i was overpaid tax credits last year by £132 but i have never claimed tax credits since we were last told we were not eligible there is a payment in bank at same time as another payment from pip both payments just say HM Revenue and customs we just assumed it all came from same place they are saying unless we can prove the error was theirs then they will keep chasing us for the overpayments, we do not know what to do can anyone help with advice please. thanks in advance
  13. the arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome only became an issue when i was moved to chilled area therefor it is a disablity because the cold affects my arthritis and climbing up and down a stool for 4 hrs each day does not bode well for my knee joints...... And the shelves causing numbness in my hands and arms are also causing me not to perform my job but yet they move me to another dept to cover sickness and do overtime and i dont have problems on those depts which i know are short staffed. I dont wish to have 40hr workin week back, im happy to work 16hr week but on other depts where i have been used to do overtime previously, and where i had no problems workin and stayin later. I also have looked back in my diary and have dates from august last year where i had been requesting a move to another dept and the peoples manager, gsm and line manager all agreed to find something for me in other depts but nothing came of it.
  14. my arthritis is detetiorating and they have me climbing step to reach back of shelves.....my knees, hands, elbows and ankles joints are suffering badly in chilled area but i never suffered this bad in other depts. i also have carpal tunnel syndrome affecting my hands and damage to my right shoulder which i keep damagin because my right arm cannot straighten due to broken elbow in work related injury several years ago... my colleagues and 2 managers know i struggle to reach back of shelves and they know the cold affects my arthritis and they have been advised by my doctor to move me several times but they wont.. my carpal tunnel syndrome means i have to wear wrist support because plastic edges on shelves hurt my wrists and because i partly lean on them to reach back of shelves, they hurt the nerves in my wrist and cause pins an needles then numbness in hands.... all these things affect my ability to do my job in that dept but i was fine to work overtime in other depts....
  15. help or advice much needed....... i work 16hrs per week but started off at 40hrs per week 3yrs ago..... due to work related injury and time off for surgery, i had to be moved to another dept on doctors recommendation and he had to write to my employers to request this because the occupational health lady refused to contact him saying " he just wants a big fee from us for writing a letter, all we need is your story and i take notes"..... Anyways, i got moved to another dept which happened to be chilled where i am up and down a stool for four hours stretching to back of shelves etc........ I ended up pulling a muscle in my shoulder and was off for a month.....Now previous to this, i had warned employers that my arthritis was playin up due to the cold and i asked if i could be moved again ( my arthritis was never a problem in other depts and i never knew it would present a problem in chilled until i got moved there)....... I had to go on sick leave again and more doc requests and more occupational health visits with same view that she wont contact my doctor because its all about money and collecting fees in any way that they can. So basically time off work with injury and warnings about arthritis, then occupational health not being helpful in least, I felt intimidated into goin back to work in same dept or i was gonna get sacked. I went back on reduced hours,. but had to work in same dept and i had to increase my pain relief to get thru each shift...... I spoke to managers with them all sayin they will phone me but they never, i requested another meeting with occupational health representative but that has never happened, and just the other day i went to work and was ambushed into a meeting and told my absences were goin to investigation. I was not asked until 20 minutes into the meeting if i wanted a rep with me and they could get one for me...... I was shocked at it all happening, and said somethin along the lines of " where would i find a rep at this time of morning at short notice and should i not have been given prior warning about this meeting to give me time to arrange a rep?" I went thru the meetin sayin very little and had no option but to sign the written notes which apparently i will be sent copy of with a date for the investigation. I have spoken to my doctor who reckons they have broken many rules when it comes to me returning to work because they refused to move me dept knowing i now had a disability which meant i was not fit for the job they kept making me do each day. They deliberately ignored his written requests to move me from chilled area due to arthritis getting worse and pain relief havin to be increased....... I asked to speak to managers many times wen at work and they always said " i will come see you before you finish your shift" but wen i went lookin for them they were always in a meetin. My last visit with occupational health was discussin possibility of comin back on 2 days per week because i was still due 46hrs holiday which i must take before end of march 2013 or i lose them ( each holiday request i put in was declined, i still have the forms....(.i was declined because others were given priority) and just recently i had to put in holiday forms to try not lose my holiday entitlement but they were declined again.... i also told my manager that i never got after last occupational health visit so it seems her request for my 2 day return to work with my other 2 days being used up as holiday entitlement, was not acted upon and it now looks like i am gonna lose 46hrs holiday entitlement because my manager keeps refusing my holiday requests...... I am quiet shy person at work and dont make a fuss which is probably why they intimidate me and basically run rings round me......I go to work, do best i can then go home........ i enjoy workin there and have many friends but they all say the same, my manager is takin **** because i wont stand up to them. so basically my absences are up for investigation. I am scared im gonna lose my job..... I need a rep to help me as i dont know wat all this means or wat happens . I also want to argue about my holiday entitlement as well because it is their fault i have accrued so much and now may lose out on it all. And their policy on diversity which states " make every effort when colleagues become disabled that they are able to stay in employment - actively progress and/or any reasonable adjustment".... I probably veered off track several times but my nerves in tatters over this....... any advice or help would be much appreciated...thankyou
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