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Found 17 results

  1. If a couple have a joint JSA claim and the one who doesn't sign on (i.e not the lead claimant) goes abroad for a few weeks does this trigger migration to UC, either on leaving or returning?
  2. I am a little concerned as I have insured a friend to drive for me whilst I have an ankle injury. We was heading down a dual carriageway where roadworks were happening, lots of cones throughout this 2 or 3 mile stretch which is usually 60 in to a 70mph zone. To be fair he stuck to 40mph for the majority of the road, however there were only three signs stating maximum speed as 40, these were yellow signs with just text and not the usual type, also not the easiest to see as it was raining and there were tons of differing signs. These only covered the first 1/4 of the dual road which had now been
  3. Hi Just after some good advice if anyone can help. I received a PCN about 2 weeks ago for parking in a street with temporary restrictions. The town is Tenby in SW Wales and an Ironman event was going on. I challenged the PCN on the basis that to me, there appeared to be no restrictions in place where I parked. There were no yellow lines anywhere near my vehicle and although there were temporary yellow signs strapped to lampposts, the nearest one was around 50 yards from my car and I was not between any of them. I took photos and supplied them with my challenge. The challenge has
  4. Hello, I am in a position whereby I am about to arrange either a trust deed or DAS. I haven't signed anything as yet. My circumstances are now about to change in that our empty house has finally sold so once this exchanges, not only will i be better off financially as I will have no mortgage and insurances to pay (was paying rent and mortgage which meant we couldn't meet credit card payments), I will also be able to pay a good chunk off my debt. I don't know what the best option is as once the house completes, I can pay way more than the minimum paymen
  5. Hello good people, I'm receiving ESA, the higher element and am also living in a property supplied by my local London Borough costed as Temporary Emergency Housing since my break down in 2012. I've been offered a 'break', a holiday of sorts in Broadstairs on the Kent Coast next month for five days. No cash just a stay outside of town no remuneration. Although I've seen little activity regarding the Council, Brent, checking on my personal occupational life, in Haringey, I don't want to give the paying authority for my HB any excuse to cut me off at the knees! Help and advice
  6. An employee (bus driver) where I work lost hearing in one ear and was duly told by the employer that he willnot be able to drive buses, so they gave him a temporaty job helping the engineers until his hearing returned. He has been helping out with the engineering team for over 2 years now. All of a sudden, he gets a disciplinary letter stating that if he cannot come up with an acceptable reason as to why he can't drive buses, then he will be dismissed from his employ. I am on the understanding that after 12 weeks of doing this other job, there is an "Implied Terms of Contract". Am I c
  7. Hey all, two quick questions A restaurant I work in will be closing for a refurbishment, we've been told we may get hours at other stores but it's not a definate. Apparently they are allowed to simply not schedule any hours...since they will do whatever they can to weasel out of it, my question is how much notice do we need to be given? Second question, In the papers recently people are talking about claims for holidaypay earned on overtime, will this only apply to salried employers or 0 hour contracts as well and is it right that if you dont claim before july you can then only go b
  8. Hi People, I have been on the NHS temporary staffing for over 4 years and working full time during this time for 37.5 hours each week. I understand that I should have the same rights as a full time employee now since I have been on the temp bank for this long. I have been sick for 3 days over Christmas with the flu and I have been told that i am not entitled to any sick pay as I am only entitled to SSP if I have been sick for 4 or more days and because I am a temporary worker I am do not qualify for occupational sick pay. Is this correct and legal???
  9. Hi, I have been working for a contract company since Sept-13, I was employed on a fixed term, 12 month, term time contract. When the contract expired we were waiting to find out if the company had won the tender for another year but it was dragging on and on so the manager said our contracts would roll on. Apparently all staff are only ever offered 12 month contracts which I understand, and this is fine. However me and the girl who started with me and on the same terms, have been "let go" because apparently we are "the only temporary staff". I can't understand how this can be the cas
  10. I am self employed and my earnings vary a lot often for a short period oftime. My housing benefit claim was already close once because my earnings weretoo high. However the problem is that my earnings vary a lot often for asmall period of time and it is inconvenient for me to make a new claim forhousing benefit each time my earnings vary. I would like to know how to explainmy situation to the housing benefit department to avoid that my claim is closedeach time my earnings vary temporarily I would like to know if there is a specific law for self employer or if I have to file a specific fo
  11. Hi All I have got caught going 57mph in a 50mph average speed camera in the UK. I have been reading online that a lot of these are not actually legal or enforceable, as they are quick, temporary, changeable and have not been passed through parliament. Is there any way I can check if this is linked to the camera I went through? I also read that they may not have a set speed limit in the legislation - i.e the camera's can be set between 50 and 60mph, and in this case they are not enforcable? Is there any way to check? It was on the M5
  12. Hello, I was travelling to London from Leicester on Saturday 7th June 2014. I went through several M1 southbound road works and mostly kept up with packs of motor cars and only checked my speed gauge at the beginning of the road works to ensure I complied. There were two occasions when I had to overtake, once when a driver was down to 40mph and created a huge gap ahead with a long line of tailback. The second time was when the driver ahead of me was texting on the mobile and at times quite erratic, the lanes being quite narrow and so choosing a moment of safety I rushed to overtake. Please
  13. Hi, i am looking for some information and i cant really find any for my particular situation. In September 2013 i started work for a company and signed a temporary contract for 9 months. At interview i made it clear i was really looking for a permanent job. I was told by the boss that he had to justify to the board the taking on of any perm people and this was not available at that time, fair enough I said. So i was of the opinion that no perm contracts were available. After a meeting with the boss around January he verbally assured me a long term sick was not coming back and th
  14. Hi all, I have been on a temporary contract with my current employer since June 2013. The contract is to expire in December. The employer changed the way we provide the service which involved creating new teams, change of responsibilities and teams for all employees. All permanent employers were offered an opportunity to express 2 preferences which team they want to go. Every staff group (admins, support workers, managers etc) were asked to express their preferences in turn. Temporary workers were not offered the same opportunity. Instead, we were offered internal interviews (if suc
  15. Good afternoon. Last week I was given a penalty charge notice by Islington Council for parking in a suspended residents' parking bay. I wasn't very happy about the pcn for a few reasons: -The signs were only put up the day before the suspension. The council claim they went up ten days before, I'm pretty sure they didn't but obviously can't prove it. -The council put some cones up around the area to be suspended the night before the suspension. My car was outside of the coned off area. I raised this in my initial appeal but the officer appears to have ignored it. -(Retrospectively)
  16. Hi I presently have a fulltime job, but I wish to leave as the amount of stress has been making me ill, consequently I am now off sick. The job has changed greatly and more and more workload is being added all the time. I have had a meeting with my line manager, but they are not willing to change anything, so I know that the job won't get any better. I have been offered the possibility of working a temporary job for the run up to Christmas. It's a job that I did when I was at university, so I know what it will entail, but it will definitely end at Christmas. I would be willing t
  17. A friend of mine has worked for the same constuction company for 6 years. On Monday he was handed a written contract for him to sign (he never had a written contract or Statement of Employment Particulars before) which includes "The Company reserves the right to introduce a period of temporary lay-off without pay where necessary". Can they do this?
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