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  1. ha ha ha, sorry but what you read in the papers and what happens in real life are two separate things. Her Union said there's nothing they can do so obviously there are no real "rights" in this situation. Best advice for future people: If you have mental health issues keep your mouth shut and try to blag it through.
  2. Sorry I couldn't reply earlier but my PC died and I had to wait to get a new one and set up an new (lost) password for the forum. @sgtbush Jobs are not easy to come by; she has applied for many in order to get out of the dump but no luck so far. @Sangie595 Thanks for the advice. It just goes to show that all the stuff they say on TV about understanding mental illness and how you should explain yours to your employer is utter crap. Those who DO tell their employer about mental illness (or suffer with one) are kicked out. Perhaps someone should tell Prince Harry that before he wastes m
  3. My Mrs works for a large Cleaning company. She's worked there for 11 years. She did 9 years in a different section and was transferred to the section she's in after her old Supervisor seemed to have it in for her. Whenever she is ill or has holiday leave she goes back to find they've checked her work, found something and put her on an action plan to rectify it within two weeks. She breaks her back doing the work but still gets a 'PIP' warning, 3 of them and she's out the door. They never check her work when she's there; it seems like blackmail to not be ill or have agreed, planned holi
  4. Thanks. There is an existing business called (for example) Help With Reading©, my friend has asked me to make him a website for his new business has the same name.
  5. Yeah but this is a business name, you can't just go around copying business names can you.
  6. A friend has chosen a business name which someone else claims copyright on: Name Of Business© How can I check if they have the copyright or have just added the © symbol? I Googled it and found a Gov site but that only lets you check TM's.
  7. A polite note would do no more than I've already done. They are clearly selfish people. They had parties Friday night and Saturday night; this weekend is bank holiday so I expect all three weekend nights this time. I wouldn't say I am intimidating, I'm 5'11", 14 stone so I'm average. When I did knock and complain I never saw the daughter, just the guy. I talked to him about the noise, I may have seemed a little ****ed off but I was not threatening, indeed, after I'd talked about the noise I asked him about the kitten he had in his arms. I could invite my friends around for a party in
  8. Yeah, and how do I complain without being accused of intimidation?
  9. We had some new neighbours move in about 3 months ago. At least 3 times per week they're banging, drilling, etc with power tools. They are fair to start and stop within working hours except once (so far) when the neighbour's Dad was making a fence in the back garden on a Sunday. I asked them to keep the noise down, they looked at me like a wan?@r and said "It's finished now anyway". They have parties once a fortnight where they have friends around for a drink and loud talking in the back garden until 11pm when they go indoors. To be fair it's not like I hear much when I'm in my lounge but
  10. Just to update, my partner went back to work last week. They've moved her to another area and she seems happier. She still has the same Supervisor and feels that the recriminations will start soon but, touch wood, all is ok so far.
  11. They came a few days ago and were overjoyed that we presented them with a few options - one of which was for my Mrs to start at 6am thereby making it easier (and avoiding the Supervisors monaing) to get her job done before staff come in and wont let her clean their offices. At the moment she's got the Dr experimenting with pills that will help her depression and let her sleep. She's on 45mg right now and if they don't knock her out.
  12. She wants to be moved to a different part of the building. She was happy when she worked in the gym but they moved her because she couldn't start at 6am (no bus). I told her she should tell them about the bullying and inconsideration that goes on with her supervisor but she's adamant if she spoke up they'd drive her out.
  13. Thanks Sanjie. Ok, the manager came, talked to my partner and took some notes, then OH called a few days later and my partner talked with them. OH sent a letter to her manager (and a copy to her) saying she is depressed and can't work, and that they'd phone her back in a month (which will be this Tuesday coming). Her manager has also made an appointment to see her (in our home again).
  14. Before you all get into a bun-fight, I would like to say I appreciate the advice I've received. I have no problem with any of the views that have been expressed so please don't fall out on my behalf. I completely understand the employer could sack on the grounds of incapability, but what we are trying to do now is ask them to move her to a different job within her place of work. I understand this is not ideal but tbh the job has given her pretty bad depression, she's now on 45mg ant-depressants (was 15mg). She has broke her ass trying to get another job and just doesn't even seem to get
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