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  1. Just a little update. I have followed advice given here. I am still waiting for information from the council which is sketchy to say the least. Yet i wait. I have used the advice given here and the bailiff has backed off, i guess he realised it was in writing only , not exchanges through the door or on a mobile! I was joking when i mentioned it but he did actually ask if i owned the doormat! sweet jesus. This thread will be seen through to completion. As ive been browsing topics relevant to me, the amount of incomplete threads is a little frustrating, that will not happen to mine as there are a few things i have to deal with and i cannot fault CAG for its expertise. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you all again. I am following all the advice given here. The Bailiff has not been back since the other day, we had a small exchange through the door ( when he made his threats) but i refuse to speak to him now and everything is in writing. The council have said they sent me the summons but cannot tell me when or how it was sent. Same story with the liability order. Im going down there this afternoon and get some answers. Luckily i don't have a garden, i have even moved the outside doormat just in case he "levys" that. Il update as i get more information.
  3. Wow, thank you for the help an support. Il call social services in front of the Bailiff and ask them to confirm. lol Hallowitch! made me lol Good stuff ya all. Cheers. Il keep updating the thread. The Bailiff can insult me all he likes, i dont give a ****, but telling me, in front of my son, that if i did not pay right away, i will be, arrested, locked in a jail and my kid will be put into care. You can imagine a 9 years old`s fear at this point Everything is being recorded, no worries about that All this stuff was being yelled through the letterbox, he got minimal response from me. Only to point out info that has been given to me her. He was not a happy bunny!
  4. Thank you all again. I live in a block of flats, a converted old house. It has 2 entrances, i have my own door entrance and the other door serves 4 other flats. The Bailiff has said that all he needs to do is gain access to the building and any events that occur that would leave my kid distressed ( and myself) is down to how i interact with him. I told him i refuse to talk to him and have asked to see the warrant ect. He said i should call social services as he will be back with the police to have me arrested and my kid held in care ! The camera is now rolling. I have confirmed its from a period, 2 months, at my previous address. I dont have a car.
  5. Thank you for your reply, he should be turning up shortly. The doors are always locked and so are the windows. Ive called the council, first they said it was out of their hands but are going to email me the information i have asked for. The council have also stated that its not true that if you have a under 12 in the house, the Bailiff cannot "kick off" for want of a better phrase. Is this true? Thank you for the advice.
  6. Hi Everyone. I came home yesterday to find a hand delivered letter from Equita saying the bailiff will attend my house in 24hours. If i do not pay the outstanding amount in full and cleared funds, he will attend my house and MAY remove goods in my absence which they tell me will be distressing. I have been reading on here what to do and i have requested the information from the Council regarding the Liability order they got in Court. First i knew of this was yesterday, surely i must have received a summon or something? But nothing. The CT was applied when i was on benefits so i don't see how i can owe the council anything. I have queried this with them and they said there were a period of 2 months which im liable for ( Benefit took 2 months to be awarded). The CT bill was from a previous address. I am currently homeschooling my 9 year old son so he is in the house with me. I am also a single parent on benefits. How do i deal with the Bailiff when he turns up please? Im scared to death and i dont want my son upset. Any help gratefully received, thank you.
  7. Hi, thank you for the welcome. I have not but i will look. Way i just figured it was to put the money aside id have to pay BH and il have enough to buy the items outright in a couple of months, im sure i can manage till then. Also im here to research how to claim back PPI, i know it was definitely miss sold. The knowledge on the forum is incredible. You guys do a great job.
  8. Hi everyone. My first post as i only joined today. Due to a relationship breakdown, i find myself with a small child and no cooker or fridge. So Brighthouse seemed to be the perfect solution for me, but i decided to research them a bit as i had heard a few horror stories. Thank God i landed here. All these 100`s/1000`s of upset and angry customers cannot all be lying about BH and the allegedly dirty tactics they use. One thing totally convinced me to avoid them like the plague and it was Scottymo52 `s post. I have never read such a big bunch of self serving claptrap. If BH employee `s are underhand enough to resort to posting this kind of drivel on a public website then they will never get my custom. How can you trust that level of deviousness. ! Il go without the items thank you
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