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  1. As an update to this, I spoke to them today... They said it wasn't applied because I've missed a payment but because my payments have been late... What confuses me is I've been paying them on my payday 25th since October 2012 and only now are they punishing me for paying it 'late'
  2. Hi, I got a letter from them not too long before this showed up but I was ill at the time n forgot to phone them, can't remember what it was. Then this showed up on the doorstep
  3. Unfortunately, they can for me take it all in one go - it's monthly pay and due to the amount I receive they're welcome to help themselves to 17% of my wage which equates to anything up to £317.
  4. I'm looking for some advice if possible, 8 days ago I received a letter from Leeds City Council with an Attachment of Earnings order against my name for the value of £220 (remainder of this years council tax) the problem is as follows: 1) I'm a single person so I claim the discount, I was told the amount due is £68, for the last 4 months at least (looking at statements) the council have received £70 from me a month. 2) I have written in 2 complaints, 1 8 days ago to the council tax recovery email and 1 4 days ago, as well as going on the online chat to the main council tax email addres
  5. Hi !! Thanks for the suggestion, they're phoning me on Saturday so I will find out what they say and if necessary get someone out to look at the meter!
  6. Hi mate Yeah turned it off for 24 hours (excluding maybe an hour n a half when I had a bath) its moved 1 unit - compared to what was about 6.5 units a day.
  7. What would I have to be doing to use that amount of gas mate?
  8. To add: Before today, my last ACTUAL meter reading was: 6379 which was in Feb 2012 It's now: 9478
  9. Hi mate It's in M3. Meter readings: Nov 2012: 7320 Current: 9478 Thanks for the help mate.
  10. I've also just done a calculation from my estimated meter reading in Nov 2012 against my actual meter reading now and its saying I've used £1200 of gas in 3 months?
  11. Just to add to this, I'm looking at my last 2 bills I have a bill here for the following dates: 02 Feb 12 - 07 Nov 12 which is 8 months usage. For that period they have charged the following: £336 - electricity £310 - gas Total of £646 - divide that over the 8 months £80.75 Then 08 Nov 12 - 06 Feb 2013 has come in at £749 divided over the 3 months is £249.66 So in the space of 3 months, my bill has gone up by £170 a month? This is laughable.
  12. Hi ericsbrother It seems to be gas more so than electricity, looking at my bills from the past year I can see that they seem to think my gas and electricity usage has actually doubled which is odd - I'm doing nothing differently to what I was a year ago... I will do what you say though on the electricity and see if it comes up with any answers. My bill went from £300 in Nov - Feb 11/2 to £750 in Nov - Fb 12/13 - interesting.
  13. I think it's crazy that I'm expected to pay way more than half of what I'm paying on rent on my gas and electricity!
  14. Yeah that's one way to look at it £750*4 = £3000 a year... Seems a lot or am I in denial?
  15. Hi guys I've been struggling to keep up with payments on my energy supplies recently and today decided to check my account to monitor my bills. I've noticed that for the period of Nov - Feb in 2012/13 they have charged me £750!!! I live in a 1 bedroom house, by myself - I have 1 heater on regularly. I flicked back through the bills and for the same period of Nov-Feb in 2011/12 they charged me roughly £300 - I noticed the tariffs have changed - what are my rights with this? It seems insane they can more than double your bill with a tariff change?!!? Advice is very much appr
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