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  1. Was in contact with Octopus as lawyers dealt with change of house ownership, out of the blue there was a letter from aic dca to the occupier. A letter I wrote to octopus must have crossed in the post. I reached agreement and paid Octopus making sure the account was now up to date I didn't mention AIC at all because the letter they wrote was to the occupier and I won't deal with dcas. Will aic try to contact me or am I correct in thinking Octopus will contact them and stop anything they try, or should I just ignore aic totally and let them waste their money?
  2. I'll have to check back on when we agreed the payments, Haven't had any letters. The council say one was sent in March then two in May and one just before the court date. We got non of them, they are either being stolen, lost, or not sent, this is what's worrying us the most that letters are going missing.
  3. about 6 months ago, they didn't cover this years, so they went ahead with summary warrant for the underpayment and last years which we thought was being taken care of.
  4. Midlothian. The thing is we have been making the payments that we agreed some months ago, but we don't have a name of who we agreed it with, they only give a first name anyway, and nothing in writing,. The payments were supposed to cover the arrears and the current year but it turns out that was short as well. We've not had the letters they say they've sent out, including one saying it was going to court for the summary warrant. My complaint is that we were making agreed payments, didn't get any letters off them, they've added 10%, the debt is with t
  5. Received a summary warrant, phoned up the council who said it was no longer anything to do with them and I'd have to speak to walker love the firm who deal with their summary warrants. I said I wouldn't have anything to do with them because it looks like a dodgy dca and I don't trust them, the debt is with the council not walker love. turns out they have no record of an arrangement to pay last years outstanding amount so whatever's gone wrong they have cancelled this years instalments, even though regular payments have been made, they then took a summary warrant for last
  6. they seem to be experts at corporate B. Nice glossy candy floss until there's a dispute then at first letter they threaten a Debt Collection Agency if you don't pay. I think everyone in this group will agree that you should ignore the DCA threat, dispute the payment with Octopus and see what they say. Does anyone know if it's true that they can only pursue a energy debt for a year?
  7. I told them not to email me, I haven't blocked their email address yet. interesting that they're saying they're a paperless company and therefore don't send out any letters, they want to phone me though.
  8. I got another email demand from them, again threatening me with collection agency if I don't pay. When I click the button to dispute the claim it simply gives a message that it's already disputed. I switched to another supplier, and asked them to write and not use my email address. Ogem haven't responded at all.
  9. only thing stopping me press the switch button is that then they'll demand immediate and full payment for whatever is owed to iresa. Whereas if I stay they'll let me pay it up.
  10. yes, they've included my previous emails in this latest one. I think switching would be the thing to do atm and let them chase me for the money owed, any opinions appreciated.
  11. after me asking them to write they've emailed asking me to agree or disagree with their offer. I get the feeling they're trying to rush me.
  12. ofgem are having a look for me. I've logged into my iresa account but I'm not so sure the figures there are correct, I'll need to work out how much electric I used and then work out how much is owed. Octopus have created an account for me and it just shows the last DD payment. I've cancelled the DD and told Octopus to write to me about this issue. In the mean time I don't know how much Octopus are going to try and charge me, and I want to switch as soon as possible, they did send an email saying my Octopus account was up and running from the 21st and I could now switch, bu
  13. " Hi Andy, Sorry if you feel pressured by us to make a payment - we absolutely do not expect you to pay any outstanding amount in one go. On clicking I agree, you can choose to have the debit transferred to your Octopus account. We can then discuss setting up a payment plan which you're comfortable with, or temporarily increasing your direct debit to pay off the debt over time. To reassure you, I double checked the bill and based on the readings you gave, the overcharge is around £52, so we're prepared to lower the outstanding balance to only £400. We need to make sure that people
  14. I got an email saying Iresa, my energy supplier, was going bust and Octopus were taking over. I've been sent a demand by email from Octopus for over £500, immediate payment, which they say is what I owed to Iresa. I've no idea who octopus are but they're quoting ofgem and all sorts. They've reduced the demand to £400 when I queried it, They are saying I was underpaying Iresa! Octopus have threatened me with collection agency already! I had a DD taken out of my bank yesterday to IresaOctopus for the usual monthly payment I was making to Iresa, should I can
  15. cheers, I'm on holiday atm and worrying about the emails I'm getting demanding hundreds of pounds.
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