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Found 22 results

  1. Have received a letter from MMF addressing me by my former surname (renounced in 2009). "We write further to our previous communications [blah blah] yet to receive a reply. If you have more than one account with us, you will find the breakdown enclosed." I have received no previous communications regarding the customer reference number given, there is no breakdown of the alleged debt, nor even a hint as to who the original creditor might be. The "balance" (£350.00) is also suspiciously nice and neat. I've dealt with these muppets before when they re-defaulted me for a fictitious
  2. Hi All. Apologies if this has already been covered. Last year I signed up with BT Infinity, using their Homehub 3. The wireless was appalling, with all of our devices having bandwith and connection problems. It was obvious that this was not a fault, just that the home hub 3 is useless. I raised several cases with BT but of course there was no way they could fix the issue. I asked to try a Homehub 4 but they wanted to charge me extra. Out of principal I refused. As they couldn't fix the problem I moved provider. Since then my wireless has been seamless. So, BT are trying to
  3. Hi All Around 2015 I came in to about 10k and informed the DWP about getting the money and how I was going to depose of it... 7k CC debt and 2K on OD.....told them this when I wrote to them....they cut my benefits cause of it...£60 every month 12 months in 2016 later there writing to me about this 10K.... spoke to them and got told you didn't tell us the change in your circumstances ?, lady I spoke to asked me to send in proof of money spent ... ie bank statements and everything will be sorted...... which I did within days .....Now they come back getting the letter today 5th ...
  4. Im not sure where to post this but was looking for a bit of advice, my gas boiler started acting up last month, got onto this mybuilder network thing about trades men looking for work ,had a gas boilerman call me, said he would look at it on the Saturday, told him I wanted the boiler servicing and it wasn't working, left him to it. He said the spark initiator wasn't working right after servicing it, he went away to get it, came back twiddled around with it, got the boiler working and asked me for £165, this was for the service, the part and a years
  5. A very quick initial post due to time constraints. Just had my daughter chatting via internet. She is at university and on Boxing Day 2013 bought a HP laptop in the sales While at home during the Christmas period this year (2014) she was having problems with the battery dropping charge very quickly, and a month later having returned to uni says that the battery will now only hold 23% charge. (She ran the laptop's maintenance check after getting an error message) She can still use it at home on the mains but it has become useless for her to take to uni for her studies From what
  6. My son bought a music book as a gift from a Music Store that is a small chain of shops operating in the midlands and north-west. It was a gift but the recipient unfortunately already had that item. He returned the product within five days unopened with a receipt in the original packaging and asked for a full refund, as the item was clearly re-saleable. To his astonishment and despair, the manager of the shop made him feel like a criminal by suggesting that he could have simply bought the book to photocopy the music and return it. No refund was offered, no exchange, no credit note, nothing
  7. I received a bill from our LG for £694 and so many pennies relating to 2008.. However, I set up a payment plan back over 3 years ago and paid it off with confirmation from LG and even had returned cheques due to 'overpayment' on my part.. so to all intense and purpose 12 months ago i was now free and clear of this noose around my neck.. this week i received a demand in red for the same bill and the council are denying any knowledge of payment/receipt from from myself let alone that is was cleared.. any advise.. i have already asked for all information pertaining to said bill and have been told
  8. My vodafone account number is ........ Having returned the new iPhone 6 within 3 days of taking out the contract to cancel, over 5 months later I have yet to receive a refund for the £201 I am owed have today received a final demand letter threatening to involve a debt collection company. I have visited the store on 7 occasions, and spent countless hours on the phone and on online chat attempting to get this resolved. On 17 occasions; yes I have counted, a member of staff from either the store/phone/online have promised they will call me back. On literally
  9. I have a tomtom satnav (2007) i went on its site to update it.However , all that happened was that it wiped off all my maps - so basically i have nothing. .They have offered me a 25% discount voucher code to use on their products.So what are my rights ?given that i had a perfectly working Sat nav turned into scrap by the maker?
  10. is there any info on these forums where i can put a serious complaint about santander complaints department , i just got off the phone to the useless peoples and i questioned why they allowed a payment to go out of £237 to kwik fit insurance , 3 months after my wife cancelled with them , and stopped direct debits , and i was gonna use this money to do my food shopping , ( i was stood outside asda at the time) they said because my wife gave them card details months ago to set up the policy, it allows them to take money anytime they like , i
  11. We contacted Vetmedsdirect on the 8th Dec and ordered medication for our little dog. We supplied a copy of the presxcription to them to faciltate the order. In addition we paid £3.59 for delivery. It is now the 13th Dec and still no sign that the medication has even been shipped. Under the Consumer Contract Regulations can we request that they cancel the order which has not been shipped and also request a full refund? Very annoying as we now have to go and buy from a veterinary practice and at higher cost as we have run out of out of the tablets. It seems that these Online vets take yo
  12. Hi everyone, I've been trying to contact Sunny to arrange a repayment plan for the past 3 months. Each attempt to contact them has been ignored and on occasion my emails have been deleted without being read (I get 'read' confirmations automatically, which also tell me if the email is deleted without being opened). Yesterday I received an email telling me that my account had been passed to MMF, which is a shock when you consider that I have been making repayment offers for the past three months. So today I have sent them a further email raising a formal complaint regarding their condu
  13. In Feb 2014 I transferred from First Utility to Scottish Power, having been told by "The Big London Energy Switch" that SP could handle readings from my electricity Smart Meter. It quickly became clear that they could not, we switched back to First Utility. Scottish Power had garbled our meter number, claiming we did not have the electricity Smart Meter! They also failed to agree transfer readings, resulting in a 74kWh overcharge where both companies charged for that block of electricity. They know what the correct meter readings were. After nume
  14. Hi all.....approx 10 months ago I got myself a new 3 mobile contract with a blackberry 9810 torch. Initially all was well. The battery stopped lasting and they replaced it. Ok then. Now and on my fifth battery it will barely last one day. So I visit the store...they will send it away but cannot loan me a phone. Apparently theydont have any. They tell meto call customer service....he says the same. They will send it away. In the meantime i will be left withouta phone and paying a monthly bill which i cannot use. Ok then in the circumstances upgrade my phone....i will ev
  15. Please accept my apologies initially for how angry i am today!. Bought a car from Sheffield Carcraft last year despite very pushy and rude sales as my partner never had credit before she struggled elsewhere. The car was lovely, she enjoyed driving and we were happy. Within 6 months we took the car for its service as it didn't have any history. Thats when the 1st bit of doubt crept in. When my wife went to pick it up, your team had her stood there for 30 minutes plus as they couldn't find the keys, they looked everywhere and couldn't find them. They hen
  16. On the 5th September two men from Currys delivered a new fridge freezer and took away the old one. We keep our appliance on quite a high shelf to make it easier for us to reach in as it is meant to be an under counter fridge. In lifting the appliance on to the shelf they have damaged the shelf and it now looks unsightly. As we are going to be letting this apartment, the shelf will need to be replaced. After chasing them up following my initial complaint they called back and offered £50 to replace the shelf. The cost of the replacement shelf is fine as far as it goes, but both my wife
  17. My partner has a loan with welcome finance which he took out in 2007 for £10000. He has paid in excess of £16000 and they state he still owes £8900. Where should he start to complain. Every time he calls them he gets different advice. he is now in severe threat of loosing his job as his car is irrepareable and he cant afford a new one due to this debt? please help as to where to start.
  18. Hello Guys, Sorry for this post if it drags on. Basically, I am 21 years old and have a current account with Barclays. I have never been overdrawn, or taken any loans from the bank. My bank was used for transferring money between my bank accounts, and receiving payments. I buy and sell items online - which means that I can receive several payments a day through my online banking. I had £7,000 cash in my account and a £3,500 ISA account in my name with Barclays until last week. I withdrew £5500 from my current account, and all of my ISA account - as my father needed some funds to h
  19. We have been involved with 4 identical complaints against Skandia for the past 18 months. They FULLY ACKNOWLEDGED THAT THEY GAVE INCORRECT ADVICE and which led to a loss of just over £5k. They offered £600 (4x£150) compensation which we rejected and presented our case to the FOS. After the usual huge delay the Adjudicator ruled that despite the wrong advice, buried deep (and I mean VERY deep) in Skandia's terms and conditions, was the correct information [and even that was far from clear as to its correct meaning] so, based "on a very fine balance", he ruled in Skandia's favour.
  20. Hi i stupidly took out a loan with PDE, i had difficulties in paying and requested a payment plan which they refused, i have 2 accounts with halifax, one for wages and savings, one for payday loans and direct debits, i had only registered the payday loan/debit account with PDE, yesterday i tried to draw money from my other halifax account and found it had been emptied by PDE i called halifax and they said it wasnt fraud despite me telling them that i hadnt given the other account details to PDE, this is wrong, PDE have accessed my account illegally and halifax wont help me at all, what should
  21. Hi fellow caggers I have recently had problems with santanders customer "service" thought i would post a copy of my copmlaint here as warning against usign this failure of a bank. wish to complain about your lack of customer service. Your debt department has placed a block on my card. I cleared this debt on 29th yet the card remained blocked I tried to contact someone to get this fixed. The first person I spoke to told a complete lie and said it was impossible and I would need a new card. I have been in this situation once before and knew that to be wrong so I hung up and rang again
  22. Hi, This is a small warning to hopefully put people off from buying anything from Curry's or Dixons and taking a whatever happens or premium insurance. I purchased a Samsung television in october 2010 from Currys. We have bought a lot of appliances from currys and up till now they have always been reasonably priced and the whatever happens has worked for me in the past, so i took th epremium version as this would (they promised) give me a loan tv, repairs within 10 days in stead of 21 and a better service. The television started to develop a loud buzzing noise from the transf
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