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  1. Thanks. I filed a Notice of Correction in February. I will wait for the end of 8 weeks and see what happens.
  2. Thanks. My complaint has been completely ignored, even a Letter before Action! If they aren't operating the statutory 8 week complaints procedure, I am not sure what is the best move! Maybe I just go to the Ombudsman, though they usually require evidence of a deadlocked complaint. I could go to the small claims, but am not sure what is the right amount to claim or how to describe it. A Solicitor would know and would no doubt claim their fee too? -- Arthur
  3. I have a dispute with a mobile phone company which failed to change my payments to DD from a new bank account. I didn't refuse/fail to pay, they stupidly failed to collect. I was forced to switch to another provider as I needed a working service. They have now posted adverse data to Equifax. Somebody some months ago mentioned a Solicitor who specializes in claims for "damage to credit reputation". Can somebody please point me in the direction of this Solicitor? Many thanks -- Arthur
  4. May I please enquire which company you used to pursue your compensation? Arthur
  5. Thanks. The matter is already with the Ombudsman, but we are finding it difficult to get all the evidence ready for them. Interestingly this CAG website had displayed a box - right across your post - about not having much faith in the service! I am familiar with MCOL, having put HSBC through the system earlier this year over unlawful bank charges, and also Vanquis in 2012. Will discuss next move with my wife. Cheers Arthur
  6. In Feb 2014 I transferred from First Utility to Scottish Power, having been told by "The Big London Energy Switch" that SP could handle readings from my electricity Smart Meter. It quickly became clear that they could not, we switched back to First Utility. Scottish Power had garbled our meter number, claiming we did not have the electricity Smart Meter! They also failed to agree transfer readings, resulting in a 74kWh overcharge where both companies charged for that block of electricity. They know what the correct meter readings were. After numerous complaints, which never get dealt with, a nd my wife spending several hours on the phone over the past four months, I am considering Court action. What is a reasonable amount to expect as compensation for the ongoing delay and incompetence?
  7. Nothing more happened; the matter has now dropped off CRA files, and is dead!
  8. Apologies for delay in updating. Although (as previously posted) I had judgment entered online, the court had made a blunder earlier, and had failed to process acknowledgment from HSBC, meaning they had more time to defend. They noticed the day I instructed a bailiff (under the old rules), and it was then scheduled for mediation, but nothing on that happened at the Court. HSBC made a small offer which I ignored, and they subsequently offered almost exactly what had been entered in the judgment, including fees, which I then accepted and it was settled last week. I am not sure whether I got all of my bank charges back, but the settlement was acceptable. End of matter.
  9. Thanks. The DCA's solicitors wrote apologizing for the delay in removal, and promised that it would be removed urgently by the end of this week. It has already gone from Equifax but not the other two.
  10. arthur256

    Link & MBNA

    This appears closed now. The CRA entries have "dropped off" last month.
  11. Have been following the Durkin case, and now have a query: In 2006-2008 HSBC applied excessive bank charges after DWP stopped my DLA payment (in error) but later paid the arrears. I had been very ill and the local branch had said they would be sympathetic as it was not my fault. Charges were inflated to £1315 and although I requested a review as a priority case they started putting DCAs in touch (four of them in all). Eventually I got fed up and issued a MoneyClaimOnline, last month, and have now filed Judgment. The last of the four DCAs also registered the "debt" with CRAs, so I sued them jointly. They however sent the file back to HSBC and therefore I cancelled my claim against the DCA, and asked them to remove the CRA entry as they had surrendered the matter. They haven't removed it, and it is now the only remaining "debt" on CRA files for me. My credit score is low and quotes the debt as a factor. Is there any guidance somewhere on quantifying compensation in this situation?
  12. I can now confirm that this creditor is quite obviously Aqua Mastercard, a brand of Progressive Credit Ltd. In addition to the current card, they have also somehow resurrected an old account which I closed at the start of 2013. It shows as unreported for the intervening months. The account numbers reported are nothing like the actual card numbers. As both show as paid up to date I am not particularly bothered but relieved that I know who it is.
  13. Thanks. Will do, but I doubt it is a 'debt purchaser'. My accounts are not likely to be for sale, being totally up-to-date since opened, both Capital One and Aqua cards. Equifax have been renumbering some entries, but this is more than a renumbering.
  14. This has been variously reported as Capital One and/or Aqua. I looked at the numbers quoted (last 4 digits) and they do not match either, as far as I can see. Aqua has recently changed its office and computer, and have become rather chaotic. They just charged me interest - even though they had collected the previous balance in full by DD. They used to be handled by HBOS in Dunfermline, but no more. No doubt somebody will soon work out who BHAP0042 really is. Cheers Arthur
  15. arthur256

    Link & MBNA

    But... MBNA admitted that they had made a mistake less than a month after they (purportedly) assigned it and agreed there was no default as I had paid on time (and Link have copied to me recently the statement showing this). MBNA had records of the offer agreed with my wife. They said they were going to contact Link and get it put right as the assignment was invalid, but AFAIK never did, or more likely Link were difficult about it. I have consistently denied the validity of the assignment, and Link have not proved anything otherwise. They go quiet for perhaps a year and then start phoning e.g. when we are on holiday. I think I saw a post on CAG from somebody working for a solicitor. Would that be the sort of person who could take this on for me? I am able to pay reasonable charges even though disabled and retired. Arthur
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