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  1. So EE are putting prices up AGAIN this year (September) and because they are not changing the monthly fee they are telling me there is nothing i can do about it! I use Picture messaging quite a bit as certain friends refuse to use other apps, so this will increase my bills a bit. There are increasing prices for 'out of bundle' charges, so call charges when minutes end,mms etc etc Are they correct, is their really nothing i can do?
  2. feel your pain, so unhappy with how they have treated me and my wofe. Amazingly poor service and customer service standards. I cant wait to end my contract with them. NEVER again.
  3. Sorry for no response for a little while, today, finally Carcraft have re validated the warranty and Guarentee free of charge, for which myself and my wife are grateful. On the first inspection the car was deemed to need a new OSF Spring, which they quoted £175 for OR if we could wait till there usual supplier was open it would be £145. We decided to use our local trusted garage who did the job for £91. Once done they agreed to reevaluate the service plan and give us the report. One point of interest to me was this all started with an apparent major service and on the re-validation report there is a note or warning that states the brake fluid contains 3% water. Now looking in my service manual this should of been changed at the service, am i incorrect in thinking this? Anyway long story short they have corrected my perceived issues, and outside of MOT and servicing all minor work needed like bushes will be done at a garage we trust and only major issues covered under the guarantee will be returned to them.
  4. Hi Linzi, i thank you for your responses and i will await Carcraft responses. Postggj yes it was the 'sorry we cant lend you enough, the warranty package however will mean we can' trick i read about. I am going to await Carcrafts responses to the report i send them later today or possibly tomorrow before making further comments as i feel it would be unfair to.
  5. Carcraft did the first service, and the cars first MOT in june last year, i think the pads are general wear and tear, i dont have much issue with them as car is used a fair amount. However the issues i have had since and continue to have are what has vexed me. I am waiting till i finish work to sort the report for them, however the service received so far, the tone of the responses are disappointing.
  6. Thanks for your response postggj, the car is over 6 months and yes i was charged for the warranty. I was aware of the brakes and tyres etc however the salesmans line to us was 'everything is covered apart from pads and discs' obviously i knew that was a load of **** but no mention of the issues i am having. The poor starting was an issues last year when first reported and is still an issue now. It was back with them, but it does appear that there record keeping isn't great.
  7. Thanks for that, i am aware of the issue, my main point that appears to be brushed aside is, we were given no receipt for the service, no service report as your technician have already said you dont give them AND there was no stamp, and no registered mileage in the book
  8. Thank you, the service book is with my wife in the car at the minute and i find it quite disturbing that a, You have no record of our initial service done in July of last year and also that if this is the case your service technician then stamped and signed the book in may showing the date and mileage of the vehicle at the time of the service last July, if this is true then i believe that to be fraud.... I will provide all the details requested when i get to a scanner. I also ask that you re-check your system, the service was done same time as my MOT in July. Also done by Carcraft
  9. Thank you, i am learning this the hard way, i will research the acts you mentioned.
  10. Please accept my apologies initially for how angry i am today!. Bought a car from Sheffield Carcraft last year despite very pushy and rude sales as my partner never had credit before she struggled elsewhere. The car was lovely, she enjoyed driving and we were happy. Within 6 months we took the car for its service as it didn't have any history. Thats when the 1st bit of doubt crept in. When my wife went to pick it up, your team had her stood there for 30 minutes plus as they couldn't find the keys, they looked everywhere and couldn't find them. They hen rang the service technician up who said he had mistakenly locked them in his cupboard/drawer and went home. Fair enough mistakes happen. It wasn't until a couple months later that i looked through the service book and noticed that it hadn't been date stamped, signed or filled in. We rang and was told sorry, but we will do this on the next service. We also had to have the car into you as it was struggling to start. Your guys had it in and said they couldn't find the fault, a fault that is still apparent. Fast forward a few months and we thought we would check the service interval, rang up to book it in and booked it in, gave the mileage and also mentioned that it made a strange noise when setting off and was a bit loud over bumps and that was it. Went to pick it up on the day of the service to be told that the Warranty was now invalid because we hadn't kept to the service intervals, not sure how we checked this seen as your engineers didn't write it in but never mind. Conveniently enough though the brakes were 80-90% worn and desperately needed doing and if we paid £70+ they would reinstate it and then do the brakes at our cost. They also said they couldn't diagnose any of our other faults. My Wife said no as she needed to speak to me. I have already emailed your team and the response i got was 'No, if you want it you have to pay for it' Despite me listing the mistakes your engineers have already made. I also wasn't happy with the diagnosis of the engineers regarding the brakes, or the service as a whole so i booked it to have brakes checked at a local garage who stated that 'Yes they are worn, but not needing immediately replacement' However they only looked through the spokes of the alloys. Despite this i still booked it in for new Pads and Discs on the front and to see if the source of my other problems could be located. Now this is why i am angry, 3 weeks or so since the 'Major Service' they had issues removed the locking wheel nuts due to a build up of debris and rust, something they say indicates that they have not been removed for quite a while. They also, almost immediately found the source of the noise over bumps, the spring that fell down in 2 pieces gave it away slightly! The brakes were not in desperate need of replacement but were done, and the other faults they cannot identify as no error codes were coming on, but they have witnessed and are doing more investigation. I am waiting to hear back from Carcraft, although i can pretty much guess their response will be the same as always. Absolutely disgusted with them, and the fact they let my wife drive of in a potentially dangerous car which had 2 child car seats in and are still trying to get me to PAY for them to reactivate a warranty, which as per other issues on here was mis-sold. A detail i wont go into as this is another case i am putting together against them. Please if anyone could advise any further i would be very pleased to hear
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