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  1. Hi all Has anyone ever had the JC all and state that youve missed an appointment, even though you never had notifcation of the said appointment......... Back in April I attended one of these work focus interviews with one them work coaches, so to cover my own back I took the wife along to be a witness more than anything and the way it was left I was handed an action plan and told me he'd see me in approx 6 months On Friday I get a call from this work coach at the JC claiming I have missed an appointment that morning...after listening to the message on the answer phone my other half said since when was that arranged, last time we saw him no time or date was given and since then we have had nothing through the post..tried to call him back but no answer and Ive even mailed him So what happens now and has this happened to anyone else, his work coach didnt arrange anything at my meeting in April, nor have I had phone call, message or postal notification
  2. Hi All Around 2015 I came in to about 10k and informed the DWP about getting the money and how I was going to depose of it... 7k CC debt and 2K on OD.....told them this when I wrote to them....they cut my benefits cause of it...£60 every month 12 months in 2016 later there writing to me about this 10K.... spoke to them and got told you didn't tell us the change in your circumstances ?, lady I spoke to asked me to send in proof of money spent ... ie bank statements and everything will be sorted...... which I did within days .....Now they come back getting the letter today 5th ... wife's income, housing cost, dependents and expecting a reply by 8th... are they dumb or something.....and this is besides they 35 mins it took to get my call answered..... Ive done what I was asked to do last month by sending them the proof..... so whats all this other crap they are diggin at... I have nothing to hide......
  3. Thanks Mr P.... Just pondering questions... Mate of mine was a qualified plumber and he was applying for all jobs that it related to but got in bother with the JC for not applying for enough jobs.... they wanted him to be applying for shelf filler, trolley dolly....etc etc
  4. So the Job-seeker's Agreements Negotiable.....
  5. If you claim this JSA your basically claiming that you are fit and actively looking for work..so I am told.... so how does that work out then......Should they come along with a job they expect you to apply for....Cant refuse or they will sanction you
  6. People Simple question..If an individual doesn't qualify for ESA..i.e if the dwp decide that in there view someone if fit for work...even though that person still suffers daily in pain.... Does that person have to sign on JSA....are you legally required ?.....
  7. Meaning what exactly Ericsbrother....
  8. Not what I am suggesting at all, looking at possible plans for the future should the time come when I no longer qualify for ESA. and my current circumstances make dramatic steps of improvement.
  9. Yes I do have a HGV licence.....DVLA already know regarding medical matters..If the DWP consider I am fit and wont budge then I got to do something...
  10. Hi All Atm I am currently on this ESA and as always you get called in from time to time for an assessment and they decide if your fit or not... even if your still in a certain degree of pain... So I am working on a back up plan if the DWP decides " I'm fit for work " Can anyone offer me some advice of becoming self employed as a HGV driver for a living... What is the process for setting up... Ive been reading up about registering the company with companies house, then HMRC for Tax & VAT or simply get a local accountant to do all of this for a fee..... Primary registrar with a number of agencies and hopefully they will offer me work as and when, but what my main concerns is being a father with 2 kids and rent to, bills etc etc is the lack of income in the first few months...
  11. Yeh all Its truly amazing on how the DWP work.... beginning of week what came through the post an ESA50 work capability assessment, then at the end of the week this morning call from the local JC... and was she surprised when I mentioned the fact that this form had arrived..I think not, but they want you to believe they know nothing about it.... of course she knew... they obviously get a list of ppl written to....after all Ive not heard from the JC since August last year The call in my view was just the ppl at the job centre trying to sound a person out, justifying there own job roles and finding out what are my intentions...Dont think she liked it when I stated that I did ask the JC for some funding for a course and heard nothing from them... not even email or phone call to say sorry we cant do... But when I mention if & when I'm better that Im going self employed she was there with..Oh come and see us then we'll help you.... excuse me Ive been asking for help for over 2 years and there hasn't been any
  12. Ok Thanks I will They wont be able to speak with my first consultant as he's been dead a few years, second consultant is still about... consultant at the pain clinic closed the file..no more could be done and the third consultant... notice that I had issues with 2 discs in the lower back but wasnt enough to warrant an operation.and he couldn't answer why I was still in continuous pain .. only remember him quoting.. if you lost weight and stopped smoking .. did both of these and it didn't do anything to help made the pain worse....and I don't see it fair to keep nagging my GP...don't she can do much more
  13. haven't got much new evidence...after winning my appeal..Dr's consultants / specialists told me there's very little more they can do for me with my back.... wont operate...so its just a case of grim and bear it...suffer the continuous pain... yes I got meds to fall back on if I need but life being zonked out 24/7 isnt what I call a decent quality of life for me or my family...
  14. Envelope dropped on the door mat this morning, to which my boy retrieved it... oh not another bill but upon opening it to find what is was....Capability For Work Questionnaire... Oh balls....thought it had been to quite and I'd not been asked to see anyone at the JC since August.....Somewhere in my mind I knew it was coming... and here we go again.... The last time 2013..I completed it myself, went for the Atos medical and was kindly informed I was fit for work....appealed it.... won it and then got the JC within weeks of winning my appeal to see what they can offer " How they can help me back to work " Well let me tell you.... no help..no one, no money in the pot for retraining... if you want it then get a loan..so from a support point of view those interviews are a pure waste of time So Ive rung the CAB and ask for them to help me fill this form in and lets see happens from there....
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