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Found 2 results

  1. My vodafone account number is ........ Having returned the new iPhone 6 within 3 days of taking out the contract to cancel, over 5 months later I have yet to receive a refund for the £201 I am owed have today received a final demand letter threatening to involve a debt collection company. I have visited the store on 7 occasions, and spent countless hours on the phone and on online chat attempting to get this resolved. On 17 occasions; yes I have counted, a member of staff from either the store/phone/online have promised they will call me back. On literally NO occasions this has happened. I am at my wits end. I will be turning up at head office during my day off next week if this is not resolved soonest!! I have used the web form with the cat reference code so hoping 'lee' or whoever will finally take an interest in this. My vodafone reference number for the web form is #11420834
  2. OK, long story. I had a LTSB loan and current account, which were closed over five years ago. The only transactions that came out for months before that were LTSB’s own charges. I’m well aware that this means the ‘accounts’ are close to being statute-barred. In fact, looking through the statements, if LTSB’s own charges are not classed as being ‘my payments’ by law, then the accounts would be SB already.. Anyway, shortly after that, the account was predictably passed to various DCAs, by which time LTSB had ‘consolidated’ the two accounts into one. I sent a CCA request to AIC some years ago, and got a written confirmation from them that the CCA I’d asked for was unobtainable. I still retain that letter now. Then, shortly after that, LTSB sent me a mocked-up agreement – for an account I’d never had. I ignored correspondence after that, as I knew that ‘agreement’ wasn’t valid. I should mention that when the ‘accounts’ were with LTSB, they were subject to a myriad of various different problems (‘War and Peace’ has nothing on all that!) – claim-backs, complaints, and info requests all unfulfilled. For several years, nothing at all – until now. It looks as if said ‘consolidated’ account has now been ‘de-consolidated’, and one of them’s in the hands of the shifty 1st Credit. In their letter, a black-and-white LTSB ‘Notice of Assignment’ arrived in the same Reigate envelope as 1st Credit’s standard ‘Account Assignment’ document. Their letter wasn’t sent recorded – in fact, apart from two orange bar code lines, there was no franking at all on it. I’m well aware that 1st Credit are trying their luck, and the ‘I Have No Knowledge Of This Debt’ letter’s already gone out by recorded. However, there are a few points I’m a little unclear about and I’d like to ask :- 1) Are LTSB’s own charges deductions classed as being ‘my payments’? I should mention that I was disputing the validity of charges for a long time before the ‘accounts’ were closed. 2) Shouldn’t LTSB have sent me a NoA direct? This hasn’t happened. 3) Can LTSB consolidate accounts, and then ‘de-consolidate’ them back without consent? 4) LTSB and [problem] both issued two default notices each – none of which are valid. As the accounts have been closed without valid default notices, where do I stand on that? 5) Being that AIC were pursuing the ‘consolidated’ account and a CCA request to them, then does the CCA request still stand with 1st Credit? The account amounts that AIC and 1st Credit differ quite drastically. I'm very grateful in advance, for any advice and clarification offered.
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