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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all. Due to ill-health and being self-employed, I had to resort to getting a Sunny loan to make ends meet for a couple of months. All fine, but am back working so wanted to clear it in full, so called up yesterday asking for an Early Settlement Fee and was told I had to pay the full outstanding amount for the period of the loan. I thought that was odd, but paid it in full nonetheless. After a bit of research yesterday, I came across the Consumer Credit Act (Early Settlement) 2004, which in my feeble brain seems to purport that I shouldn't have been charged full whack to cl
  2. Hi all, Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel... I'm going through all my correspondence from a particularly dark time of life, with the intention of sticking it to various lenders, one of which - Sunny - has assigned the debt to MMF. I am no longer able to access my account information via Sunny's website so need to submit a SAR. should the SAR go to the original creditor, or the DCA? (I'm thinking either will lead me a merry dance, but if I can state my legal position with confidence I won't let them waste my time fobbing me off...) Thanks in ad
  3. Hi, hopefully im in the right place im after a little advice without anybody judging me as finding it hard enough already Age -22 (now) Ive had a problem gambling addiction and have manged to cause myself around 10k+ of debt Without the Loans and the credit cards ive been in a vicious circe with payday loans Such as MyJar-2 Loans wonga-11 Loans Piggybank-8 Loans Sunny- 9 Loans Basicly taking one loan out to pay the other ect been going on for around 2 years now and wouldnt like to know how many loans ive received off the above 3. now ive heard stories unsure i
  4. I'm sure this has been answered somewhere on here so forgive me if anyone has to repeat themselves.! I have a remaining debt to Sunny of £500. Last year I started to try and pay back £25 back a month. I couldn't pay it back at the time due to other debts. I remember I did I&E over the phone at the time with a very nice lady and the £25 was accepted. They now keep phoning me. I did answer the call in the end and got some man at the other end who wanted me to do the I&E over the phone again. This time I said no, I wouldn't do this over the phone I h
  5. Hi I'm looking for some help regarding a sunny loan that my wife took out two weeks ago. My wife applied and was accepted for two hundred pounds online but she made a mistake with her account number, one of the buttons stuck and duplicated a number, so the money never made it into her account. She phoned sunny who told her that she would have to check with her bank to find out if the account number they sent the money to actually existed and if it didn't that the bank would transfer the money back within five days. We went to the bank at first they didn't
  6. Hi all, yet again i need your help. I have acted foolish, earlier this year i applied for and was suprised to be offered a loan of £950 by Sunny.co.uk, so i took the loan, then 4 days later paid it back, now according to their website you have a 5 day cooling off period where no interest is charged, although can only use this once every 12 months, i paid back and was charged £40+ extra in charges as i recall..... a few days after this i decided hmmm £950, that would come in handy for this and that, maybe my credit is getting a little better,
  7. Hi, despite having a ccj for £1500, sunny lent me £400 ! the first repayment was due today, but as i am still waiting for an ebay refund to clear , yesterday i contacted the bank to cancel the cpa. no joy! santander say they cannot do it as sunny have not taken payments before. contacted sunny . explained situation . sunny agree new payment schedule starting 5/1/2015. wake up to an email from sunny saying the bank had refused payment ! checked online sunny statement and no changes to my schedule had been made! will they try to take again tonight ? wil
  8. Hi I am in need of a little advice. I currently have 3 loans with Lending Stream and 3 loans with Sunny and unfortunately am unable to make the full payments. I have contacted them with regards a repayment plan. I want to know if I will get into trouble as I unfortunately lied on my applications. I stated that I was self employed earning £1900 per month when in fact I am unemployed. I know I should not have done this but I am/ was an alcoholic and gambling addict. I have now stopped my gambling and am still working on the alcoholism. I am just worried they could take legal action if
  9. Hi I have some relatives who own property in Cyprus, who now wish to dispose of it. They are not resident on the island anymore, and as I understand it property prices there are still depressed, but they are very eager to sell to assist with cashflow issues. Are there any reputable agencies dealing with selling real estate in Cyprus, which are competent at also marketing it to the British (and potentially, Russian) markets?
  10. i have taken out numerous loans from sunny over the past 2 years. in total borrowed £2700 in lots of seperate loans and paid back £3800 all together . They are now still chasing me for £600 . Over the last couple of months i had a £25 payment plan set up with them and paid them last month they said i hadnt paid when i had and i had to send them bank statements etc to prove i had . i then missed a payment waitng for them to sort it out and they then sent me a default notice served under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974 for £600 to be paid i
  11. Good evening, My auntie used to own a timeshare with Sunny Coast Malta and died over 4 years ago. Since then her sister (my auntie) and my dad have been receiving debt collection letters for the annual maintenance fees for the timeshare. They were not aware that the timeshare would become their responsibility in the event of her death and have not signed anything in respect to the ongoing fees or use of the timeshare. Since her death they have been ignoring the charges. Just recently they have now started to receive letters from Network Credit Services threat
  12. Hi everyone, I've been trying to contact Sunny to arrange a repayment plan for the past 3 months. Each attempt to contact them has been ignored and on occasion my emails have been deleted without being read (I get 'read' confirmations automatically, which also tell me if the email is deleted without being opened). Yesterday I received an email telling me that my account had been passed to MMF, which is a shock when you consider that I have been making repayment offers for the past three months. So today I have sent them a further email raising a formal complaint regarding their condu
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