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  1. Afternoon guys. Just received the following from the dealer I purchased from: Dear Mr Fish. Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your car. Unfortunately my contract of sale on this vehicle is with CarMoney Ltd and any issues or complaints will have to come from them. You can contact CarMoney on 0333 4564550 you will need your finance reference number for security. Kind regards David Wickes GCS Cars Ltd
  2. Exactly. I had absolutely no idea I had any recourse, hence me immediately turning to Jaguar.
  3. In fairness to myself, I didn't contact the original seller first, as I didn't realise I had any right to do so. The car was sold with three months free warranty and I thought that was my lot, hence getting in contact with my local Jaguar dealership first. Huge apologies for any confusion.
  4. Hi BankFodder I very much admire, and share, your passion for the 'little guy'! Just to clarify the timeline, and add the requested information, so there is no confusion: On February 16th 2019, I purchased the car from a general car dealer - GCS Cars in Thrapston. Paid partly by credit card, with the remainder on finance. Around ten days ago, the problem manifested itself and now the car does not drive. According to Google, it is a well-known and common fault, one that is known by Jaguar themselves as they have issued their dealerships with a Technical Bulletin and also designed new parts to repair the problem and have updated the troublesome windscreen pump to ensure that water does not seep into the Central Junction Box over time and corrode the Printed Circuit Board, which causes the total failure of the car. On the advice above, I emailed GCS Cars this morning to invoke my rights under the CRA, and have also sent the same letter by Special Delivery to arrive tomorrow. Also, on advice from above I have emailed the Jaguar CEO, as ultimately they know there's a fault, but do not take any responsibility for it. Jaguar are the only people to respond, asking that in the first instance, I try to contact the dealer I bought the car from (GCS), and if the response from them is unsatisfactory I can, at my cost, send the car to my local Jaguar dealership who will diagnose (again at my cost) and then potentially fix it for nothing (that's how I perceive it) as a 'gesture of goodwill'. I hope that clarifies things! Apologies if I was vague above.
  5. Thank BankFodder. It would be great to have a response to hit back at them with. Also, thanks to you King for all your help. I love this forum!
  6. Ok, so two things have happened today. Firstly, email to dealer sent, with associated letter going out Special Delivery this morning. Secondly, I sent an email to the CEO of Jaguar yesterday evening, basically stating that if they have released a technical bulletin, plus have upgraded the components to ensure it doesn't happen again, then they recognise it is a design flaw and should fix it FOC. They called this morning and have emailed. The response: Dear Mr Fish Thank you for your time on the telephone to discuss your letter addressed to Sir Ralf dated yesterday 13th August 2019, in relation to the water leak and associated electrical concerns with your Jaguar XF Sportbrake. Given my responsibilities within the Executive Office, I have been appointed as your direct contact and will be in communication in reference to the concerns with your vehicle. Please allow me to apologise for the frustration and disappointment faced with your vehicle. I would also like to reassure you that both Sir Ralf and the Board of Directors will be kept fully updated on any progress on your complaint. As advised, in the first instance I would recommend speaking to the private dealer to whom you purchased the vehicle to see if they would offer goodwill in this instance. Should you present your vehicle to your preferred Jaguar Land Rover Approved Retailer, Grange Jaguar, Hatfield, you would be liable for the transportation and diagnosis. Once the root cause has been identified, I would request you contact me further to allow me to liaise with the Aftersales Manager for a financial gesture to be considered. On behalf of Jaguar Land Rover I would review the goodwill policy which allows us the opportunity to support financially towards vehicle repairs on vehicles that have recently come out of their manufacturer's warranty period. Consideration would be given to a number of aspects when reviewing what support we are able to offer which includes the age, mileage, concern and further history. Should you wish to discuss this further or have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me on my details below. Yours sincerely, Jag So, apart from the fact they want me to get the car there myself (it doesn't start/drive) and they want to pay for the initial diagnosis, what do we think is implied? A FOC repair? Thanks in advance, again.
  7. Thanks guys! Very much appreciate your help!! Will keep everyone in the loop
  8. Thank you, BankFodder! Am I to assume that this is with the dealer I purchased it from? It has full Jaguar Service History, by the way.
  9. Sorry for the slow reply. So the car was purchased from a general dealership and collected on February 16th 2019. It was paid partly on credit card and the rest on finance. Yes it's a 2013 car.
  10. In February this year, I purchased my third Jaguar car, a beautiful 63 plate XF S Sportbrake and until recently had been very happy. Unfortunately, that happiness was not destined to last. Just over a week ago, I was using the washers to clean my windscreen and at the same time realised that my right foot was absolutely soaked. At that point, I had every imaginable error come up on the dashboard. Luckily, I was able to get the car home, but it was rather an anxious trip as I had my then twelve-week-old baby and three-year-old daughter on board. I contacted my local Jaguar dealership and was advised that it was actually a rather common fault, but to get it fixed would be a rather astronomical amount circa £1,700! The reason being that the Central Junction Box would require replacement and reprogramming. Basically, the seal on the windscreen washer pump failed, which meant that every time you cleaned the screen, the pump would pump water up the wires and into the main junction box that controls everything electrical. It happens over a period of time and rots the PCB. I researched this further on the internet and discovered that rather than it being a ‘common fault’, it is actually a design flaw recognised by Jaguar as per the following Technical Bulletin, and with an updated Washer Pump, and other components, to stop it pumping water into the CJB: 2015 Jaguar Xf Electrical System Service Bulletin 383450 Action Number: 10057687 Service Bulletin Number: 383450 Report Date: Jan 05, 2015 Component: Electrical System Summary: Jaguar: fluid has ingressed through front end wiring harness and washer pump causing multiple warning lights, in instrument cluster, to illuminate. Model 2012-15 xf (x250). *pe In addition to the above, a simple search on Google of ‘Jaguar XF Central Junction Box’ reveals several other customers who have suffered exactly the same fault, to the point that it seems inevitable that it will happen to all owners of the XF up to 2015. In light of the above, I find it galling that Jaguar refuses to take responsibility and continues to charge it’s customers a phenomenal amount to fix a design flaw – a design flaw that Jaguar recognise is there by releasing a technical bulletin and updating the faulty components in order for it not to happen again. My prized Jaguar is now sat outside. It doesn’t even start anymore due to the numerous faults that light up the dashboard due to the aforementioned fault and as our only family car, I can’t even get to the local shop for groceries. Surely, by releasing a technical bulletin and updating the faulty components, they are in essence admitting liability? You help is very much appreciated!
  11. Yes I did that and they haven't got a clue why it was cancelled. I've had to rebook in Newport now, so I did need the rooms.
  12. Hello Guys I’d appreciate anyone’s advice with my rights regarding this. Ten days ago I booked, and paid, for four rooms at the Travelodge on Ryde for tonight. This morning, at 6.55am, I received an email from Travelodge to state that our bookings for today had been cancelled. No explanation, nothing. I tweeted Travelodge customer service department this morning and they have stated that the only way the booking was cancelled was by me logging into the website and cancelling it myself! I have now tweeted twice to them that I have not cancelled our rooms and have been ignored. No offers of sorting anything or escalating to someone. As I haven’t had a response via Twitter, I then emailed the CEO and have essentially had an identical response – that the only way it has been cancelled is by me logging into the website and cancelling it! It’s absolutely bonkers! To clarify, the booking was cancelled at 6.55am this morning. I woke up at 7.30am!! Forget sleepwalking, apparently I’m now sleepcancelling!! I’m beyond angry about this. They are not taking on board that it is a physical impossibility that I cancelled the booking. Incidentally, I tried to rebook the rooms as soon as I read the email, but there were only two available. Thanks for reading my ramblings. It would be good to know if I have any rights.
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