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  1. i will have to go to the local library or something similar tomorrow . i can use my webcam to take photos but making them perfectly clear and maintaining the size is proving difficult !
  2. i believe it has come via the claimant . i will try an upload the documents at some point today . quite a lot of paperwork .
  3. hi update on my thread . received a package a couple of days ago through the post containing Application for summary judgement , witness statement in support and draft order . also contains credit agreement from shop direct.
  4. hi again. no changes on the mcol website since i filed my defence. should i contact the court to find out if there has been developments ? or put the stick down and not go poking the wasps nest ?
  5. thank you for that information . if, as you think, they don't reply it will be thanks to the help received here. so once again thank you
  6. hi they have 33 days from the 4th january 2017 to respond to my defence? which will be the 5th february but i think that falls on a weekend .. will that mean they have until the first working day after the weekend?
  7. submitted . will keep this thread updated on any developments . fingers crossed for a positive outcome.
  8. thankyou! that reads exactly how i feel. i shall login to mcol and submit that as my defence? even if unsuccessful i am extremely appreciative of the help i have received here. i would have laid back and had my belly tickled . . this forum has taught me not to be a doormat for DCA.
  9. what i want to say is i don't remember this shop direct account number nor do i understand the amount alleged to be owed. i have asked for paperwork to show proof of this alleged debt then perhaps i can acknowledge whether or not i actually owe this. Restons solicitors have refused to provide me with any paperwork via a cpr 31.14 request and the claimant Capquest have not been able to respond adequately to my cca request. how i say this in legal terminology is in fact beyond me.
  10. ah ok . i have no idea what i am supposed to do to be frank. i know i am supposed to be defending on the basis on the basis of holding no paperwork but the legal wording is mashing my brain. without the help i have had from here i would probably just have ignored the claim form. never have i felt like i am lost until it came to this legal stuff. thanks for your help btw.
  11. would this be the appropriate defence ? taken from a fellow posters thread. defence due in today by 4pm i think Particulars of claim 1. the claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the defendant under a contract between the defendant and shop direct dated on or about 2 june 12 2. And assigned to claimant 30 April 2013 Defence The Defendant contends that the particulars of claim are vague and generic in nature. The Defendant accordingly sets out its case below and relies on CPR r 16.5 (3) in relation to any particular allegation to which a specific res
  12. crapquest said they forwarded on the cca request to shop direct.
  13. ok thanks . are they copy and paste or should defence be thoroughly read and changed as they are specific to each individual? i think i have until the 4th jan to submit defence as that is 33 days from the 2nd december ? i'm assuming i should leave defence until the last day incase shop direct respond to my cca?
  14. i can find successes with restons. successes with crapquest. but none of these two together in the same thread on a cat debt. am i blind?
  15. thanks appreciated. makes sense why thread titles are 'cleaned' up a bit now
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