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  1. Well we shall see by the 25th if they come back with anything els and yes thank you so mystery
  2. It appears that your complaint is back with me and the ombudsman has issued a provisional decision upholding your complaint. You should receive the decision in the next few days. Yours sincerely, Anwarul Basher Adjudicator Any idea what this means? Why has it been passed back from the ombudsman to the adjudicator that ruled not in my favour?
  3. Still with the ombudsman.. Awaiting final decision.. Is there any time this should take or should I chase it up? 18/08/16 I sent statements over Asked 05/09/16if any update got told still awaiting his decision Now 10/10/16 and still waiting
  4. I have done dread to think what he will think, bloody half of them -900+ in OD
  5. Dear Payday, Further to our previous correspondence, an ombudsman who has reviewed your case and would like further information for him to consider it further. I would appreciate it if you can send me copies of your bank statements from August 2014 until January 2016. I can then forward them to the ombudsman for him to continue with his review. I look forward in hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely, Anwarul Basher this has came off the adjudicator? should i supply with all?
  6. Hi, Many thanks for the reply and hopefully your feeling better now, Yes I would like the case escalated to the ombudsman as above as the loans was off-setting one company to the next (4 in total) so it was a circle of lending all round for Long term. Did the credit checks on all 25+ of the loans not show up other mass loans from the other lenders? I lose/gain nothing by submitting it to the ombudsman.. So whichever way it goes we've tried our best
  7. I know bud thought this was the strongest case out of the lot.. With the patten and the amount of loans goes to show it doesn't work like that
  8. Should I let this go? Is there any further info I need to provide first? **** Thank you for your email. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding. I was away from the office on sick leave. Regulations state that payday lenders should do checks before they lend to customers, but do not state what checks or how many of them should be carried out. You can refer your complaint to an ombudsman for a final decision to be issued. Please confirm if you would like this and I will prepare your case for the ombudsman. I look forward in hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely,
  9. still wasnt sure on procecure so ive sent this email on the 17/06 havent recieved a reply yet am i correct? Hi, Firstly many thanks for your reply, What is the procedure regarding escalating to an ombudsman, As im not overly happy with the response as the lending patten shows I was using short term loans for long term lending. "There is no set requirement as to what checks payday lendersicon should do before lending." I thought this came under FCA/OFT regulations? Many Thanks ****
  10. I haven't had any final date to respond by just to provide him with further info if I wish to have it re looked at, nothing stating regarding how to escalate it higher I've attached the reply on previous page.. Hope time isn't running out for me
  11. Have just returned off holiday how am I able to follow this up? Or am I now too late?
  12. Do I have a time limit to escalate it? Also how am I Able too?
  13. I just can't see how Wonga was proved by fos irrisponaible on most And piggy bank admitted it first before fos And sunny with the most have no problem?
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