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  1. Hi everyone, I've been trying to contact Sunny to arrange a repayment plan for the past 3 months. Each attempt to contact them has been ignored and on occasion my emails have been deleted without being read (I get 'read' confirmations automatically, which also tell me if the email is deleted without being opened). Yesterday I received an email telling me that my account had been passed to MMF, which is a shock when you consider that I have been making repayment offers for the past three months. So today I have sent them a further email raising a formal complaint regarding their condu
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone, it's really interesting to see how many of these companies are linked by just a couple of people! ecotrojan, thanks for that info. I'm glad they were able to help you out in your situation - with so many [problem] PDL sites floating around just trying to collect details, it can be really tricky to know which ones are genuine lenders. Cheers, MB78
  3. You don't mention if you have made any other payments towards the outstanding balance prior to this offer being made. If you haven't then that means they are only looking to charge you £100 interest on the original loan amount which sounds like a very fair deal to me - as long as you get confirmation in writing that the debt is settled and will not be passed on to any other parties of course! Cheers, MB78.
  4. Hi Charlie, Of course, if your information gives assistance to any of the forum members then it is a valuable addition, I respect your stance and can understand your anger and frustration at these companies. In terms of how a PDL company could use this thread to their advantage, several forum members have quoted CAG as a source of information and advice during correspondence with PDL companies, governing bodies and even in court. With knowledge of threads like this, particularly in a court situation, a PDL company could potentially state that the site is biased against them and there
  5. HI, I think that Rene may be referring to Forum Rules 3.5.i) and 3.12 and also the fact that many PDL companies frequent this site and may potentially utilise a thread like this one to their advantage. Similarly, with the greatest respect for your desire to take action, investigations by newspapers, media and government departments are a very different thing to a 'call to arms' on a public forum. As usual, this is just my spin on things and I may be speaking out of turn so please feel free to disregard anything that I say if you so wish ! Cheers, MB78
  6. Gemma, I've checked their website and noticed that they say they send out welcome letters to new customers - but again, I and several others never received anything from them. However, one person on a forum that I looked at this evening said that they did get a letter (forum post was from 11th June this year) containing some T's & C's and that the envelope had a small Wonga logo on it. Apparently it didn't contain anything pertaining to the financial side of the loan (value, duration etc), so maybe you could dismiss it as marketing junk mail? Cheers, MB78
  7. Gemma, For info, I have never received anything in the post from Wonga. I'm not sure what would happen if you defaulted on a loan but in all the time that I have been a customer, they have never sent me anything in the post, preferring instead to do all of their business via email. I'm not sure if someone can advise if they have changed their policy and now send out letters, but from my dealings, I have never had one. Cheers, MB78.
  8. Hi everyone, I was just browsing through the internet last night (as you do when the weather is against you) and came across a site: http://www.ladderloans.c o.u k. Apparently, they are a trading name of Inventive Finance Ltd and offer loans between 6 and 18 months at around 299% APR. I've searched to see if there was any other information on them on the web but can't find anything other than [problem] checks saying the site is okay, but nobody's personal experience of using the company. Apparently, they are a direct lender as there is no mention of brokering anywhere on the site.
  9. You haven't been - which is why people are reluctant to answer your question. Your attitude smacks of trolling or, ironically enough, someone who works in the industry trying to trap a forum member. Of course, I'm not insinuating that you are either of these things, I'm just making a point that this is how your posts can be perceived. If you read through this forum regularly, you'll find that it's actually not rare at all for members to quote stats or Ts & Cs; there are a huge number of very well-informed people on CAG and they know their way around these things - accusing a f
  10. There you go Fred76, just like I said: the guys on this forum are truly amazing! Good luck with your letter! Cheers, MB78.
  11. Fred76, Firstly, don't panic! I'm no expert on these things but many others on the forum really are and someone will be along soon to offer you some cast-iron advice. All I can say in the meantime is to read through the Speed Credit forums here on CAG - you'll recognise the email that you received on almost every other thread! It seems to be a generic scare tactic that they employ and having read other threads on the site, I don't think you'll find that any of their additional charges (such as the £350 recovery fee) are enforceable. Like I said, Renegade and the other great guy
  12. Well done AngryDover, just shows that perseverance can pay off eventually!
  13. Welshy, here's a quote from the BBC article linked in post #4 but text not shown in the post: "MCO Capital now operates online as Speed Credit, Paycheck Credit and Pop Credit." Cheers, MB78
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