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  1. Good evening, My auntie used to own a timeshare with Sunny Coast Malta and died over 4 years ago. Since then her sister (my auntie) and my dad have been receiving debt collection letters for the annual maintenance fees for the timeshare. They were not aware that the timeshare would become their responsibility in the event of her death and have not signed anything in respect to the ongoing fees or use of the timeshare. Since her death they have been ignoring the charges. Just recently they have now started to receive letters from Network Credit Services threatening further debt collection. Please could anyone advise what steps they should now be taking? Should they just continue to ignore? Any advice would be fantastic as it is getting to a point where my auntie is starting to feel ill with it all. Many thanks in anticipation
  2. Brilliant - I will see if I can access the data recorded from the inital claims call but definitely a lesson learnt - won't be using them again!!
  3. Hi unclebulgaria Many thanks for getting back to me. On my schedule, it states Maximum No Claims Bonus under Claims Bonus. On the booklet which was sent with the schedule, it states 'maximum no claims bonus' and a whole spiel about how your no claims would not be affected if you were to claim - there is no mention of the word 'protection' even in the large amount of text under the header - Maximum No Claim Bonus. Having just checked the website the bit of info about Maximum No Claims Bonus now has the word 'protection' added to it but there is nothing I have in which has that. I always check my documentation when policies come through and having matched up what was on my schedule - entitled to Maximum no claim bonus to what was in the insurance guide, I felt I had no need to check whether it was protected or not due to the language they used in the booklet. 'At More Than once you've earned the maximum no claim bonus you'll be entitled to keep it for the life of your policy, no matter how many claims you have to make' I took out my policy on the internet and remember clicking the protected claims {Yes} bit however when the summary came through there was no mention of protected - just that I had maximum claims bonus. Also I have had nothing from More Than to say that a claim was settled against me - the guy could have gone to town for all I know having damage fixed which I didn't cause!! Perhaps I should submit an access to data as the lady in claims advised me that my no claims bonus would not be affected - do they keep records that long?! Many thanks for your help already
  4. Good Evening all, I need your expertise and wordly advice as I feel that I am being hard done by. I bought a policy with More Than back in March 2009 and in the policy booklet and schedule advised that I was entitled to 'Maximum No Claim Bonus' Following is text taken from the More Than booklet which was sent with my schedule detailing my Maximum No Claim Bonus:- 'At More Than once you've earned the maximum no claim bonus you'll be entitled to keep it for the life of your policy, no matter how many claims you have to make' I had a very minor parking accident (reversed into another car's bumper) and reported this to More Than who assured me that the insurers would sort it between themselves and that my no claims would be affected. They also advised that if I wasn't claiming for damage to my own car then all they would need to do is pay the other insurance company the other party's excess. I didn't claim for damage to my car. Now that my insurance is due for renewal I have been hit with a £450 increase in annual premium and a reduction to 2 years no claim bonus (from 12 years). More Than are stating because my no claims bonus was not protected then this is why my no claims has been reduced. However when you read about the Maximum No Claim Bonus (which I had) and the text above, it clearly states that by having this you can make as many claims as you want...The booklet was sent with my schedule and obviously was something I read through within the first 14 days cancellation period. Having just checked the More Than Website, this wording has now been changed to 'Maximum No Claim Protection' This suggests to me that they may have been aware that they have been misleading customers therefore I'd appreciate anyone's help and advice in resolving this matter ensuring that my no claims bonus is not taken away. I also need to insure my car but do I insure with maximum no claims bonus as I am now in dispute with them. Many thanks everyone, Siobhan
  5. Thank you so much for your very honest replies - I totally agree with what's being said in the posts and I admit that I was at fault. I have sent a letter to FCC to apologise and ask to see if they would consider settlement out of court. I will keep you updated. Thanks once again for taking the time to get back to me, I really appreciate it.
  6. Hi - I'm a first time poster having a problem which seems common judging by the posts on this forum. I have today received a summons for not having a ticket contrary to byelaw 18. When I was stopped, I offered to pay for the ticket and/or pay a fine as I had been unable to purchase a ticket before I started the journey and I thought this would be acceptable. The man who stopped me did not seem interested and proceeded to take my ticket wallet off me and cautioned me. At this point, I had no idea who he was, other than the fact that he had a FCC coat on (he didn't have any ID and I didn't know why he was cautioning me). Despite my offer to pay, I was told I would need to wait until a letter came through the post - this was strange as there were other people who had also been stopped who were being dealt with by means of an on the spot fine. I have now received a summons saying I am liable for up to £1000 fine and costs. The statement enclosed is innaccurate and misses out large parts of the conversation, however, it appears from the paperwork that I either have to accept his version and plead guilty or plead not guilty and risk a lot worse. I would apprecate any help anyone can offer as I accept that I did not have a valid ticket but feel like I am being "bullied" into accepting his statement which is innacurate and does not reflect the fact that I did offer to pay. It may also be relevant to say that he was extremely rude and accusing me of all sorts of things which made me feel very confused and almost as if he was trying to trick me into saying the wrong thing. He also snatched my wallet off me and went through all of my receipts and tickets which he also kept (leaving me with no evidence to argue my case). Sorry for the lengthy post but I'm feeling quite helpless and don't know what to do next so would be really grateful any help or advice.
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