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  1. i dont recall seeing a contract,its been 4 years since i first used them,surely the tenants would have a contract with the letting agency?
  2. I have a flat that I rent out through a letting agent,several weeks ago the letting agent sent me a message saying the tenant was wanting to change the hall flooring as it was carpet tiles,i agreed that someone could go round there and do a quote for laminated flooring. Fast track to yesterday when I noticed my usual monthly rent payment from the letting agent was £230 lighter,I sent them an email straight away and he tells me the woman living in the flat had her bedroom carpeted and had the hall done as well and this was what it had cost me in carpeting and planing underside of doors etc. None of this was notified to me at any time,emailed them back asking how was this and the letting agent is saying I was wanting carpets in the hall told him I had never wanted nor spoke to him about carpets and this was the first I heard of it,hes coming out with a load of barefaced lies to me ,i think it was his mate that did the carpets. Ive told him Im not happy and told him to send me a fully itemised receipt,Ive also been in touch with the property ombudsman. Thing that sticks in me the most I had someone arranged to do laminated flooring and its been carpeted now,anything else I can do?
  3. If they've got video evidence of you tailgating someone at over a hundred miles an hour and you've already got points for speeding,get ready for a major ban and a retest
  4. Good points,Ive never seen my contract with them or anyone elses,when I moved in here I just got a letter from them telling me they are the management company and I had to send them £300 in advance money for there fees etc,I must ask them for a contract or whatever
  5. Just looking for a bit of advice regards a management company that runs a small estate in Scotland, their attitude is terrible, if you call them you just get put down, I asked them why we are paying the same roofing company to replace the same roof tiles every year just to get told they would tell them my concerns, theres no proper feedback from these people at all. It seems they just send the invoices out and get the money and keep calling the same useless contractors up and sending them out regular. What can be done with these people??
  6. make sure your address details are up to date as well,they can do you for that if they send paperwork to old address cos you aint updated
  7. no doubt your friendly debt management company will be in touch,there should b something coming in the post to tell you how to pay,gives you several options
  8. I managed to start the thing myself tonight,it was going the led light for the burner was on,i was filling the bath with hot water,only thing was the boiler was making a rattling/clicking sound as it was running. I had a bath anyway and it didn't go off straight away. I just looked in at it there just now,its flashing f/l so I switched it off. Its deffo some kind of problem as you describe or a combination of one or two,if its working now and then I reckon as you say theres a loose wire,flame detection electrode,the pump must be buggered as well to make that rattling/clicking noise as its running,think Ill need to get someone more competent in
  9. im no gas engineer but I think your right martin
  10. Hes saying it might be the diverter valve now
  11. the boiler ignites but after a while cuts off and f/l comes up,when I say a while I mean like a minute,the boilerman supposedly changed the spark initiator at the time hes supposed to have serviced it,it was going for a week,I shut it all down when I went away fro three weeks and now it wont keep going,he sent me a message that hes ordered a pump for it,I checked up on line and the pump for that is available locally for around £60,he just seems to be stringing it out
  12. Its a ten year old ideal isar he30 gas boiler
  13. Im not sure where to post this but was looking for a bit of advice, my gas boiler started acting up last month, got onto this mybuilder network thing about trades men looking for work ,had a gas boilerman call me, said he would look at it on the Saturday, told him I wanted the boiler servicing and it wasn't working, left him to it. He said the spark initiator wasn't working right after servicing it, he went away to get it, came back twiddled around with it, got the boiler working and asked me for £165, this was for the service, the part and a years warranty. Like a mug I paid him cash, then I spent the rest of the week chasing up the receipt for the money, eventually someone came round with a receipt. The boiler worked ok that week, I went away for three weeks, switched everything off. came back last week, wasnt able to switch the boiler on, sent him a message sunday night, called him Monday morning he tells me its too late to send someone round, he sends someone round Tuesday night, bloke doesn't seem to have much of an idea, says it might be this that or the other, as hes going out the door he tells me he will call me today sometime (Wednesday), no calls at all. where does this leave me, hes got my money, warranty don't seem to be worth nothing. What can I do???
  14. that's ok,if they were after you and had put it up to a fraud case they wouldn't be asking you for bank statements,they would have accessed them anyway by now,just relax and send them what they want,you might owe a few quid you might not,as I said they usually just want any overpayment back
  15. The DWP can access your bank accounts anyway if they want to,if I was you I wouldn't worry about going to prison,at the end of the day they will look for any overpayment back its not in their interest to jail people unless its a real big fraud
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