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  1. My son bought a music book as a gift from a Music Store that is a small chain of shops operating in the midlands and north-west. It was a gift but the recipient unfortunately already had that item. He returned the product within five days unopened with a receipt in the original packaging and asked for a full refund, as the item was clearly re-saleable. To his astonishment and despair, the manager of the shop made him feel like a criminal by suggesting that he could have simply bought the book to photocopy the music and return it. No refund was offered, no exchange, no credit note, nothing
  2. Thanks for your input. I am in touch with the ICO. I was in touch with them 3 years ago regarding getting my son's medical records when he was first taken ill and it took them 18 months to respond! I have got my MP involved now and if I decide to get the ICO involved seriously, I'll ask him to do it. Surely, they will not take so long to answer him. We have had a bit more info this morning from social services. We are squeezing bits out of them gradually and they are still playing dirty in not setting out in correct order who contact whom (and still omitting content of communications).
  3. My son who was 17 last year (18 now) has suffered from paranoia on and off for 3 years. He has had three spells in hospital. Gladly, he is now making significant progress and there is light at the end of a very long tunnel, due mostly to the love and support of my wife and myself and our pursuit of alternative treatments not available on the NHS. However, living with a son suffering this illness I would not wish on anyone. The changes in his character to self-destruct and behave violently towards ourselves and our home coupled with no support whatsoever from the authorities, took some hand
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