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  1. Hi there. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong thread, or this subject has been covered many times over. I will give you a brief overview. I have built up mortgage arrears with Halifax, (approx £5000). At present I cannot pay them the agreed monthly amount, let alone clear any arrears. I have been on a plan with them and have been making token payments. However they have now withdrawn that plan and have said that unless I pay the agreed monthly amount they will commence legal action against me. I am keep to avoid a CCJ and even worse, repossession. I am hoping to sell my house at the end of Summer, at which point I can pay off all my debts. Halifax are aware of this, but they are not being flexible at all. I always phone them and respond to their correspondence and have made it very clear that I am willing to make payments, but right now I cant afford to pay off the agreed amount each month. I am new this, so the threat of legal action has really shaken me. I cant afford to make the agreed monthly payment right now, and it looks like unless I do this Halifax's legal team will proceedings against me. Has anyone been in this situation ? If so, what timescales are we talking about ? Surely Halifax has a process to follow, appoint solicitor..etc.. before this even gets to court ? I simply cannot get the money together to pay the full monthly payments at the moment. I would like to know what options I have open to me. Any advice would be appreciated. Many Thanks
  2. Please explain ... "haven't you realised yet that T&Cs are always subject to your statutory rights?" , I thought if you sign T&Cs you are entering into a contract, regardless of whether they are fair or not, you've agreed to it ? You'll have to excuse me, I just havent had the time to really dig deep into this and see what options I have available. As for the evidence. The only thing I have is a timeline that I logged of all the technical cases I raised with BT, copies of all correspondance between BT and myself, and the ombudsmen and myself. I have screen dumps of the BT online shop where its pushing the Homehub 3 as a good wireless router... (see below) http://www.shop.bt.com/learnmore/bt-branded-products-and-services/new-bt-home-hub-3/ And of course you have the annoying adverts of TV thats been pushing the wireless capabilities of it. You buy something based on those ads, not what the terms & conditions say. I will definately follow up with the ASA and Trading Standards tomorrow.
  3. the problem is, I signed their terms and conditions, so legally I may not have a leg to stand on. Morally, thats a different matter.
  4. Thanks for the response Rebel and Bankfodder. I've already done the formal complaint and got the letter of deadlock from BT, hence escalating to the Ombudsmen Services. After a discussion with the ombudsmen services they say that all broadband providers only gaurantee a service into your home. I.e from the wall socket to your router. Anything other than that they dont garantee. I know, its outdated, its ridiculous and needs to be changed. 95% of peoples devices in the home are all connected wirelessly, for a provider to have in their terms & conditions that they dont garantee wireless that is ridiculous. Sueing BT could be a very expensive and serious situation. Yes I could try and call their bluff and they could crumble. But they could also take it all the way to court and I could end up with a whopping legal bill the size of a small mortgage. Or I could win. Its a risky gamble I'm not really keen on taking. Going to the ASA sounds like a good idea, and Trading Standards as well. I will certainly look into that. There must be hundreds, or thousands, of people in the same position with BT. I know after talking to people at work that they all have had BT Homehub 3 problems.
  5. Hi All. Apologies if this has already been covered. Last year I signed up with BT Infinity, using their Homehub 3. The wireless was appalling, with all of our devices having bandwith and connection problems. It was obvious that this was not a fault, just that the home hub 3 is useless. I raised several cases with BT but of course there was no way they could fix the issue. I asked to try a Homehub 4 but they wanted to charge me extra. Out of principal I refused. As they couldn't fix the problem I moved provider. Since then my wireless has been seamless. So, BT are trying to charge me for coming out of my contract, so far the money owed has been racked up to be around £450 with debt collection fees. But I refuse to pay out of principal, I will not pay for a service they did not provide. We reached deadlock and I went to the ombudsmen, and surprise surprise they gave the old chestnut "BT do not guarantee a wireless service" etc... my argument is that their advertising, on TV and on their website, strongly suggest that the wireless service provided by their home hub 3 is strong and robust, which its not. Is anyone else in a similar position ? What further steps can I take now that the Ombudsman Services have made their decision ?
  6. Hi There I owe £11k to Egg that I racked up on one of their credit cards. Unfortunately when the credit crunch hit I lost my job, and since then have not been able to pay it back. I consulted the CCCS and provided Egg with an income/expenditure and have been making token gesture payments of £1 per month. The debt has been passed to Arc Europe Ltd. I sent them a letter offering £1000 as full and final settlement of the debt. (Yes, very cheeky considering how much is owed). They refused to even send that offer on to Egg. Surely its not up to ARC to make that call ? Its up to Egg to consider any offer ? I've just received a copy of the credit agreement from Egg, which coincided with another letter from Arc. This time mentioing that they would go to the court to get a charging order on my property. I'm not sure what action I need to take next. I'm back at work, but still cant afford to meet the minimum payments, or anywhere near it, as I have a host of other creditors to keep satisfied. What do I need to do with the credit agreement ? What am I looking for ? is it worth getting it looked over by a solicitor ? Any advice would be appreciated. I must confess, I find the whole thing very daunting, and after 2 years of this I'm beginning to cave in and give up !
  7. Barracad, thanks for confirming this. I just needed to know either way, or if Royal Mail were doing the slopey shoulders thing. The problem with contacting the sender is that he's quite an established & famous musician, and what he sent out to me is quite a rare occurance, and for fans its a real collectors item. I would feel a bit of a plum going back to him and saying "thanks for my ultra rare letter and signed CDs, they turned up damaged, could your find time in your business recording schedule to write and complain to the German post office"..etc.. Thanks for providing the address. That is very kind of you. I will write to them with scans of the damage and see how far I get. Much appreciated.
  8. Hi There, I received a package from Germany in the post (I live in England). It was very badly damaged, the jiffy bag had actually been bent in half so much that it had burst open, with its contents hanging out. The contents to me is extremely valuable, it was a letter from a musician who I am a very big fan of, which was very personal and also signed. To me this is priceless, but understand that it doesnt have any real monetary value. However there were also two signed CDs in the jiffy bag which were damaged. I wrote to the Royal Mail to complain and received a default reply stating that under "Universal Post Union" rules claims should be sent to the postal provider of the country from where the item was sent. However, I believe they still have some responsibility for ensuring the package was delivered in a reasonable condition. The very fact that the jiffy bag was not bagged, or taped up, or repaired in any way really angered me, as it was so obvious that the contents were in danger of falling out. Has anyone else had similar situation ? Did you escalate it further ? Does the Royal Mail legally have any liability for this sort of thing ? Or does full responsibility lie with the postal provider who was sending the package. Surely the royal mail should deal with the complaint and escalate it to that provider on your behalf ? Any ideas ? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. "Fuel comsumption figures are quoted to help with a purchase decision" And NO, you DONT understand the point I am making at all. The MPG figures advertised were for a normal 1.9Tid engine, not one with a Hirsch Upgrade. This is FALSE ADVERTISING. And my purchase decision was BASED ON INCORRECT FIGURES. Christ almightly. Its not rocket science. Do you lot work for Saab ? And yes, I obtained the correct MPG figures from Hirsch directly, and they differ hugely from the standard 1.9 TiD engine. They are a lot closer to the economy I am managing.. which is fine... BUT THESE FIGURES WERENT ON THE ORIGINAL ADVERT.
  10. no, I reached the COMBINED 41 mpg figure, whilst free wheeling over 50% everywhere over long distances, with no air con, in perfect weather conditions, whilst using more expensive diesel to achieve better fuel economy. City Driving published figure is 37mpg. Long Distance Driving published figure is 56mpg !!!!!!!! If I drive the car sedately and in normal driving conditions I get 31mpg. So you can see, that the car can only manage the average MPG, only in exceptional circumstances. But all this is irrelevant. You seem to fail to grasp the basic issue here. Which is the fuel economy figures that they published are incorrect. They are for a standard engine, not a remapped one. How many times do I have to explain it to you ?
  11. read my previous posts. They advertised the fuel consumption figures for the normal engine. Not the figures for the saab approved hirsh upgraded engine. So regardless of how I drive, they have put the wrong consumption figures on their advert. Whether unintentional or not, surely its false advertising. And yes, I do realise that more performance comes at a cost. I did a test back in August, after filling up with BP Diesel Ultimate, resetting the trip computer, switching off the aircon and every other electrical system in the car, and also coasting with the foot on the clutch at every oppurtunity, I was still only briefly able to reach the combined MPG of 41mpg. Which is ludicrous, because you simply cannot drive a car like that.
  12. yes, I realise that. But if they have published consumption figures for the wrong model of car, then surely thats false advertising ?
  13. I have had a lot of credit cards in my time, and the majority of them I have always had problems closing them down. They deliberately make it hard for you because they want your business. They want you to keep the card, even with a zero balance, just incase you need it. They know that you'll eventually be tempted to start running up more credit again.
  14. yeah, I've had that response from the Saab online customer service website. And yes, its out of order if they arent reflecting realistic and acheivable consumption figures. If that isnt annoying enough. In my case I have a Saab 9-5 1.9Tid Sport with a Hirsch Engine Upgrade. But the fuel consumption figures advertised are for a bog standard 1.9Tid. Which are even more inaccurate. Surely theres a case there of false advertising ?
  15. My wife has returned to work after taking her maternity leave. She was a manager at the company before she left. In her absence the company promoted an existing member of staff to manager. Now that she has returned she has found that a lot of her responsibilities has been removed and given to the other manager. You could interperet this as the employers failure to give my wife her old job back, as she clearly does not have the same levels of responsibility as she did before she left for maternity leave. She is going to resign, as the company have been inflexible and unsympathetic re: her having a baby from day 1. Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing ? If so, what did you do ? Did you escalate to a tribunial ? what happened ? Any advice would be appreciated. I phoned ACAS and they werent that helpfull.
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