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  1. I am puzzled by the actions of my bank, (Lloyds) as I had been unable to make payments on my credit card for some 5 months due to having no work. I had begun making repayments to what was by now a suspended account have now received a letter from Wescot saying they have been instructed "to make contact ...to discuss the outstanding balance and the repayment options". Wescot's website says they no longer 'buy' outstanding debts , so if my repayments continue going to Lloyds, why are they even involved ? I do not wish to discuss my financial details with them, and certainly won't talk to them over the phone ( despite their initial letter saying it is 'essential' to contact them within 10 days, I have within that time had 4 calls and a further letter from them) I am also loathe to agree to any large amounts being paid on a regular basis as I am on a zero hours contract and can go for weeks without work. I had told Lloyds that I was willing to sign up to a nominal amount and make larger payments when possible, which I had been, and this is the only way I am willing to go. Question is, how to deal with Wescot ?
  2. The Claimant Commitments are designed to make you fail, and are far in excess of what is actually required by law (Job Seekers Act 1995). They will look for any slip up as an excuse to sanction you and stop your payments, although if you've managed to get through 5 months without being sanctioned (yet) you are doing very well.
  3. Hi guys Sorry for not replying sooner, I am having a very busy spell Should have got her to post this herself initially Latest news is that the battery seems to have improved somehow. It's showing as accepting more charge but is still very erratic. I've suggested she re-calibrate the battery and see if we can get a better picture, but in any case she says she can get a replacement for £20 so that'll probably be the route to go anyway Thanks for your input
  4. A very quick initial post due to time constraints. Just had my daughter chatting via internet. She is at university and on Boxing Day 2013 bought a HP laptop in the sales While at home during the Christmas period this year (2014) she was having problems with the battery dropping charge very quickly, and a month later having returned to uni says that the battery will now only hold 23% charge. (She ran the laptop's maintenance check after getting an error message) She can still use it at home on the mains but it has become useless for her to take to uni for her studies From what I have seen of laptop batteries they normally last between 4-6 years. As she did not have an extended warranty should she make a complaint to PC World, or to HP ? And does she have any legal rights on this one ? Many thanks
  5. Just had a visit from my neighbour. North Herts District Council have decided "on this occasion" to allow the challenge and have cancelled the PCN. Nice to know that they can accept that these things do happen and that they are not mercenary with their decisions.
  6. For the sake of speed and convenience I made the challenge online, quoting the badge number
  7. Well, I decided to 'challenge' the PCN on behalf of my friend online, and today he's come back to me with his rejection letter, which was expected. I do note however that at the end where it says "You have these choices" the first option says...... 'We will reconsider your case if you send us both sides of your disabled badge. You need to do this within 14 days of the date of this letter' ....which is the 15/08/2014. Anybody know if this will put the 14 day time frame on hold again ? I have some concerns that if they take 10-12 days to reconsider that I may end up costing him the full rate before we get payment back to them if not (assuming they do reject it again). Does give some hope though otherwise they wouldn't have made it an option.
  8. Hiya guys Posting this for a neighbour who's today received PCN for parking on a DYL (01-Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours) Familiar story that the blue badge fell off the dashboard. The badge belongs to his wife (yes, she was with him) Ticket was issued in Biggin Lane , Hitchin opposite the market, vehicle parked wholly on the road, not up on the kerb. I've had a look at his PCN as well as on Google maps at the location and can't see any errors in the issuing of the ticket. My feeling is that he can only appeal with the facts and hope they are a sympathetic council (not holding breath), but also that there's no harm in running it by you more knowledgeable lot than myself Thanks
  9. Is it wise to cancel the insurance ? If the car remains on a public road with the OP as the registered owner, surely it runs the risk of being towed away for not being insured on a public road, which would complicate matters considerably. Seeing as the garage are not being helpful they might even initiate it by notifying the authorities.
  10. No, you make your appeal on the basis you are the registered keeper, who the law says they can now pursue. Still no need to say who was actually driving. Having read back your initial post you say you appealed after getting a ticket on the windscreen ? Had you admitted to it already ?
  11. This was my way of thinking on this too, as I came to this forum because of the Private Parking section and have read a lot about GPEOL and contract law. My daughter currently has a £300 'fine' along with others for wedging a door open, although their contract says the fine for this would be between £15-£100. In any case, all these fines imposed so far are suspended, and I suspect the uni uses them to discourage such behaviour. I guess the main question is, are universities one of the official bodies that can fine people (and they do use the word fine in the accomodation contracts) ?
  12. Just posting this out of interest, as nothing has actually happened, but I was speaking to my daughter recently regarding her campus accomodation agreement. According to the agreement, the uni can fine students for inappropriate behaviour (one case in question is wedging a fire door open during hot weather). Question is basically, can a university levy fines against students for not following procedures, and more to the point, can they refuse to hand out degrees and results if the 'fines' are not paid ?
  13. No need to name the driver at all, it only gives them more ammunition You simply respond as the registered keeper of the vehicle, using such terms as 'the driver at the time'
  14. Ownership is irrelevant. the registered keeper will be held responsible. And if there is an innaccuracy on the V5, that is also your reponsibility
  15. It's certainly not OK to lie to them and could cause you more trouble. As much as the V5 does not neccessarily mean the registered keeper is also the owner, it is the named keeper that will be considered responsible for parking offences
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