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  1. You have paid, plus you have proof you have paid. They have lost nothing but are hoping to scare you into paying money that you do not owe. They would be stupid to take you to Court as your ticket is you proof and the Court may well decide that they have breached your GDPR and put you into line for getting as much as £500 just for that never mind wasting the Court's time etc. At the moment do not contact them and fill out the above form so that we can give you a stronger case against these dimwits.
  2. Whatever you do, do not write to them since you may well lose your protection under POFA. We think they are trying to spoof you into paying over the odds when you probably owe them nothing.
  3. Write to the DVLA and ask them whether anyone has asked for your details since the 10th December-who asked, when and what address were they given. Ask the DVLA if it was a windscreen capture or ANPR.
  4. They will know your address without a doubt. You were not told that the DVLA could not get your address, you were told that it was unlikely that your motor Insurance could give it. They get it from the DVLA along with the details of every other motorist who has fallen foul of their rules. I am surprised that you have heard nothing from them for 15 months. Unless you have changed address since then and not kept the DVLA informed. It seems crazy to do nothing and rely on a DRO. First of all, they take about 12 months to kick in if you are eligible. it wouldn't wipe all the £3000+ clean from the PCNs-perhaps only 60-70% of it perhaps. You would still have to pay the balance on an amount that you probably didn't owe anyway and that is assuming the bailiffs haven't got to you before the DRO goes through and they could easily add another £1000 or so to your debt. Many of them are just as venal as the parking companies. But you know best so just carry on but don't be surprised if it doesn't work out the way you plan.
  5. If you have anything like 30 odd PCNs from the same parking company they are looking to get in excess of £3000 from you. They will not give that amount up without a strong fight. In fact I am surprised that they have not already started Court proceedings . They are not concerned about legal niceties at the best of times [eg just one PCN] so over 30 will be too much for them not to lie in their witness statements to the Court and ignore every other legal requirement necessary to get money from you. None of the major parking companies are honest so please do not think that you are going to get a walk over against them in Court. In fact, some Judges may take the view that because you have incurred so many tickets that they may decide to take the side of the parking company even if they would have cancelled it if you just had one ticket from them. You will need very strong arguments to win and the clock is ticking............................ PS You are not a debtor. You have been issued with a number of speculative invoices. It remains to be seen if you owe any money at all. The one advantage you do have is that because all the major parking companies think they are above the Law, they can usually be caught out when they do. But we do need the ammunition from you before they can be shot down.
  6. It may be hard for you both at the moment but the advice from us would be not to worry. In order for them to be able to have the right to demand any money from you they need to be able to prove that they are able to establish a contract between themselves and you. That could be difficult for them as you parked there and didn't pay them. This classes you as trespassers. Normally only the landowner can sue trespassers, not the creditor which is how car parking companies are described in Law [we prefer descriptions such as crroks, thieves and rogues ]. You caused no damage when trespassing so the landowner will not be bothered with you. On top of that Euro car parks have to have complied with BPA Code of Conduct to have any hope of winning. This means they have to have observed POFA and have planning permission from the local council to erect their signs and anpr cameras. Most times any of these companies fail to manage to accomplish all of the neccessary requirements. Read other threads on here where trespassing is involved which should help to calm you. Whatever you do avoid appealing as that may void your protection under POFA.
  7. Seems a bit strong that they are charging you £210 extra for the three tickets. That could be classed as a penalty couldn't it ?
  8. That was a very quick threat of Court. They usually send out several debt collector letters first. Could you please post up the letter of claim showing who sent it. The no stopping signs are TRO's over which parking companies have no jurisdiction and certainly cannot even ask for money trom you. To.tal crooks
  9. There must be another photograph somewhere since that picture could have been taken anywhere. It also does not prove there was not a ticket on the windscreen. Do they have a website where you can see more pictures of the alleged event?
  10. It seems a bit strange to claim that you do not have a pay and display ticket then only show your reg. no without showing your windscreen where you would expect the ticket to be. Do they show a picture of your windscreen as well as the reg.number? The PCN does not show your entry and leaving times which means that if between paying for your parking and the mobile photographer seeing your car without a ticket and issuing you a PCN, you have no proof that you had purchased a ticket within the ten miute grace period.
  11. Totally ignore DCBL. As usual thay are talking out of the wrong end of thie bodies. You were authorised by the Police to park there. End of. Plus your car was not driveable anyway so not parked. I assume that the notice you received four years ago was probably from a car parking group of crooks rather than the actual garage service operator. Please do not worry about it, whoever is using DCBL to pursue does not have a leg to stand on. Should you get a Letter of Claim from the parking Company let us know and we will advise you on your next move. Otherwise just forget about it.
  12. You would have thought that it should be Gladstones getting legal advice...............................if they do they would be wise not to ask BW Legal.
  13. Their contract was dated 2010 for 3 years. No updated contract shown. Also they are agreeing to observe the BPA code of conduct when they swapped over to the IPC in 2014. They still have Flashpark [part of VCS with BPA] but that is a different company altogether.
  14. As you parked in the wrong bay you were trespassing. Only the landowner can pursue you for that not the creditor. If they knew you were in the wrong bay that is why they ticketed you after 6 minutes. They don't believe trespassers are entitled to the grace period. We don't believe they are entitled to issue you with a PCN. Forget about them and their ignorant debt collectors who have absolutely no power at all. Keep all correspondence and let us know should they be stupid enough to send you a Letter before Claim.
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