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  1. Here is another example from the parking Prankster of an error with ANPR cameras and an interesting article contained within it by an expert who claims that far from the cameras being 98% accurate as the makers claim , the true picture with the newest systems is between 90 and 96% accurate and the older cameras dropping to 60-80%. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.com/2016/11/picture-of-week-anpr-error.html Obviously NCP are aware of these anomalies and should have taken your protestations into account. Go for exemplary damages as they are abusing the Court system trying to force you to pay when they know that on balance of probabilities, your story is the correct version.
  2. gThe Parking Prankster did an interesting article on ANPR cameras and double dipping which might help to show the Judge what happened in your case. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.com/2014/02/how-parking-operators-use-anpr.html
  3. I take that you rang them up and the above was their reply? You have to understand that once a parking company has written demanding money from you they will not let go for months. They will use every trick and threat to try and force some money out of you even though they are well aware, as in your case, that no money is owed. To try and stop them in their tracks I posted a directive from a Director of BPA about waiting times. Of course you are going to be fobbed off using the phone. You need to write to the Directors of the Company so that there is a paper trail and they are aware of the consequences of fobbing you off. Your letter should go something along these lines- 1] you have received a parking ticket from one of their members for leaving only 15 minutes over the allotted time. 2] this is in complete contradiction to the time lines as advised by your own Director [and you should include the URL I entered on my earlier post. 3] as Care Parking have refused to cancel my ticket they are in breach of BPA guide lines which should mean that they are not permitted to have access to DVLA data according to your rules. 4] I would be grateful if you could kindly advise Care parking of their responsibility to adhere to your Regulations 5] you will appreciate that if your response to me is that you will take no action then a strong complaint will be put to my MP, the DVLA, the ICO and the Press that if you are not prepared to stand by your own directives it calls into question your fitness to run such an organisation. For extra weight you could copy in your local MP which means BPA would have to respond to them as well as you which might concentrate their minds a little more. That has a much better chance than a phone call and could set a precedent for others in future.
  4. Most parking companies don't bother with the niceties of complying with the Law which makes life easier for the motorist. If it gets as far as them threatening Court action part of your defence would be to say that you do not believe they have the legal permission to erect signs etc. That means the signs are illegal [not unlawful] and you cannot be held to an illegal contract. In the highly unlikely event that they can present proof we always recommend that you have more than one argument to beat them over the head.
  5. As the 2nd May is a Thursday and there is an allowance of two working days for delivery that would mean Tuesday 7th May was the relevant day [Monday was a bank Holiday]. Ooops.
  6. These quasi half literate debt collectors have a very high opinion of themselves. As if any parking company would let them decide whether to sue or not when they basically failed in their job to get you to pay up. And yes ignore.
  7. When EB said not to appeal he did not mean that you should pay. In fact I don't think that we have ever advised a motorist or the keeper to pay as these parking companies find it impossible to adhere to the Law so why should anyone them. If you would kindly fill out the questionnaire below we can start to find out all the reasons why the ticket does not need to be paid.
  8. You could also get on to the BPA in this instance. They don't usually get involved but their own Director of Corporate Affairs has gone on record about this. Don't mention the film running over as that gives them the option of saying you are asking for mitigating circumstances when you are not. You are just asking that BPA members observe BPA guide lines since that is partly why these parking companies are allowed data from the DVLA. Remind BPA that by washing their hands on this incident it will lead to complaints to DVLA, ICO, MPs and the newspapers. State that you fully expect them to observe their own rulings and cancel the PCN. Do not say please or beg them to do it they have to stand by their own guide lines. https://www.britishparking.co.uk/News/good-car-parking-practice-includes-grace-periods
  9. I thought Parking Eye was rubbish at sending out their notices but GXS seems to have surpassed them . I assume they did actually put a Notice to Driver on the windscreen way back in December? What they are then supposed to do is send you a Notice to Keeper to arrive at your address before 56 days have elapsed . What they have done instead is sent another Notice to Driver [fail] then not only have sent the Notice to too late [another fail] but they have been stupid enough to actually date the Notice outside the statutory time! There is no way on God's earth that any Court would accept that which is why DX100 suggested sending Gladstones an Eric special. Gladstones have no comeback. There are so many faults with just that even before we would check the signs in their car park or if they had planning permission . Heaven knows what else we would find if we were to do that. In your case there is no point in going any further with our investigations. They haven't just shot themselves in the foot they have blown both their legs off. Total numpties. Just find one one of Eric's letters and send it off.
  10. It really is time that BW legal got a real kicking. They are totally useless. You would think that they would know that the registered keeper and the driver can often be two different people. Therefore they cannot demand the extra 54 pounds since that would only be contractually due [if indeed there was a contract anyway] by the driver as per POFA. Further is it disingenuous to infer that even if she did lose in Court [highly unlikely with BW legal in charge] that as long as the debt is settled within 30 days a ccj will not be issued.
  11. There are two other matters to consider. The general rule with parking companies is that they allow 10 minutes grace. So it seems unfair that here they expect you to pay to park within that period when you have not yet made up your mind to park at all. The second point is that as they are with BPA then there are two periods of time involved prior to a ticket being issued. The first is the observation period [which is ten minutes minimum] and the second period is the grace period which is not specified but eight minutes over could include things like strapping a young child into their car seat as well as an allowance for extra time when toddlers are involved. https://www.britishparking.co.uk/News/good-car-parking-practice-includes-grace-periods
  12. You should also point out that as you were not the driver they cannot levy the 60 pound charge. as any decent solicitor would know. If they don't understand suggest they take legal advice and read POFA as they appear to keep on adding it on to letters when they should be well aware the circumstances when it cannot be charged .
  13. Have they changed the signs in any way-such as altering the time stayed?
  14. Apart from the parking-Pranksters blogspot, he also has another site at parking -prankster.com which has additional help and advice against the rogues like VCS.
  15. The idiots who run these parking companies are under the illusion that they can add any amount they want when using debt collectors to write a letter. Under the Office of Fair Trading Debt Guidelines they state 2 . 10[e] applying charges which are disproportionate to the main debt is considered an unfair practice. https://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20060716004337/http://www.oft.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/50F06527-9FC5-4610-B385-999D6E2A8950/0/oft664.pdf Now the OFT are no longer exist but these regulations have been accepted by the FCA and no Court would think that 60 pound is proportionate for sending out two letters when the maximum charge for the ticket is 100 pound. And of course you would criticise them charging interest from day one of the ticket issue rather than when the 60 was actually imposed.
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