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  1. They failed under PoFA Schedule 4 section 7 [4] (4)The notice must be given— (a)before the vehicle is removed from the relevant land after the end of the period of parking to which the notice relates, and (b)while the vehicle is stationary,
  2. Yes- the Protection of Freedoms Act allows parking companies to pursue the keeper if the driver does not pay the PCN. however in order to do that the parking companies have to comply with the Act. If they don't they can only pursue the driver not the keeper and PoFA will not apply. Also if their wording of their Notice to Keeper and Driver fail to comply with the Act, PoFA may not apply. So by answering the questionnaire more revelations may be discovered that could make your case stronger which may mean that they will not turn up in Court and/or may enable you to claim
  3. In order to give you as much ammunition as possible could you please complete the following I see you got a windscreen ticket first so there may be problems with their timingsthat can help your case.
  4. You have pretty much got a slam dunk case but with the Judge lottery it is as well to have many irons in the fire. So as youhave founfd problems with their PVN could you please answer the following as well as posting the front and back of the PCN/NTK. Have you received a Parking Ticket?
  5. I am not having a good day today. I misread it as a Letter of Claim. Wae'n flin gen i Cardiff Devil. [That is sorry in Welsh].
  6. Just write this Dear QDR , I am assuming that the D in your middle name stands for Disney. Your letter certainly would not be out of place if written by Mickey Mouse. You don;t even know if you are pursuing the driver or the keeper! You do know that I have already won an earlier PCN on exactly the same charge in exactly the same place from your client at POPLA? But due diligence was never your strong point. You could also take a look at tenants rights of derogation before continuing with this case. You are already a laughing stock which you surely would not like to be confi
  7. As your agreement does not mention permits etc then Park4 have been trespassing on your property. In any case you are paying to park there so there has been no loss. You have supremacy of contract which overrules Park4 and their stupid notices. To help us give you more ammunition please complete the following-
  8. I am sorry I missed your questionnaire. The PCNs could be PoFA compliant depending on how you handle the NTD. If VCS say there were no PCNs on your windscreen then it could be compliant. If there were PCNs then no way is it compliant. I haven't been to that car park since early last year and was very careful then not to fall out with the rules as VCS are crooks and had no wish to have to deal with them and their lies threats etc. for months on end. I have no idea where or even if there is a restricted or prohibited area. Looking at the white VW it se
  9. I am not sure that VCS are not using POFA. They do state at the bottom of the front page of each PCN that they will hold the keeper responsible for the "debt" if they have not been told of the driver's details. They are supposed to include the PoFA schedule 4 Act as well. But their PCNs have informed motorists of the risk they run. I have not seen Judges rule on whether the lack of mention of the Act is crucial to their claim. Dx100uk has asked that you include the dates that VCS have put on their PCNs. This is because the PCNs have to arrive at moto
  10. Yes it is a blessing that they have got you in wrong car park. On another point NHS have white listed you for the afternoon but not for the morning.
  11. That is very good news. And it takes a weight off your mind. The Courts are getting wiser to these trumped up charges but well done for persevering and not giving in.
  12. You were not parked you are being charged with stopping in a no stopping area. Your PCN does not mention PoFA but at the bottom of the first page it makes an attempt which fails. The Act which governs private parking companies allow them to transfer the parking charge to the keeper from the driver if the driver has not paid or their name and address have not been given to the parking company after 28 days. What the Act does not say is that it will be assumed that the keeper is the driver. The keeper does not have to be the driver to be responsible for
  13. I notice that you haven't posted the PCN dated 14th May 2018. You probably haven't retained it but you should have received a copy after the SAR that you applied for. Did the sar also include a copy of their contract and the Council permission for their signage and ANPR cameras. If so please post them on here. As well as a photo of the Terms on the payment machines the last one is important since those were the rules that you accepted on payment.
  14. Well done. you had so many factors in your favour that I am surprised that they pursued it to the end. Nothing better than getting good news at the start of the year.
  15. I am sorry but I cannot believe that the Atlanteans were anything but from another galaxy. They were so far advanced. Indeed it may well be that those who were from around Mesopotamia around 6000 BC who were also well advanced of any other humans around there at that time were from another world too.
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