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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate your help. If I had to pay 12 months, then so be it. I'd take that and be happy with it if that's the worst case scenario.
  2. Gosh that'd be ideal if that worked. Fingers crossed I can get out this situation!! I won't ever let this happen again either...too much stress.
  3. Really?! That's gonna take some balls on my part! I'm a huge worrier!
  4. OK, thanks for your advice and website link. I am not sure what the landlord will do or say, he's a very straight-laced man and will probably refer me to the letting agents who are terrible anyway, so they'll just drop me in it. Oops.
  5. Well because the landlord uses a letting agent, I don't even know who really was meant to check it was all done properly. I remember the meter being fitted and telling the men which supplier I'd chosen to go with. And then waited a few months for a bill which never came. Thanks for your calming words, I am still pretty worried now but I just need to work out what to do next. Ideally I'd like to call a supplier and register with them and start paying gas from now onwards until we move out, but I'm worried they'll notice that we've been getting free gas for a long time.
  6. He definitely used a legitimate company - there was a grant for landlords in the area to install gas boilers for tenants at the time - which he took up. So it was definitely all legit. Thanks for your points though. Looks like I'm screwed.
  7. Aah ok. That's given me sweaty palms. When I spoke to the employee at the utility company I called (that one time...and can't remember who it was now...) she did say that there were no suppliers linked to our address. Would she not have seen it was British Gas if my default supplier was actually them? I won't leave this for the new tenant, as I don't want to cause grief for the next person, or to be chased by the letting agency. If it comes to it, I guess I'll have to pay what I can. I was just hoping that as it was a mistake by the men who fitted the meter, that it might mean I was not
  8. We are renting through a letting agency technically but we have met the actual landlord in person before. I had read somewhere that since 2007 they can't backdate any bills more than 12 months...which I hope is true.
  9. Hello! I'm new to this forum so please be gentle! my partner and I moved into a flat almost three years ago. For the first few months we had no boiler, gas, radiators etc as the building is very old. Only electric. The landlord finally got gas installed, so we had heating. Great! Only thing is, the men who installed the gas meter seemingly did not hook us up to the supplier I had requested. ..in fact no supplier at all. Having not had a bill for several months, I contacted who I 'believed' was our supplier, to be told that we weren't on their records. A
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