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  1. I attended a evening wedding reception at the HOLIDAY INN SOUTHAMPTON. I drove around the car park twice but didn't see any signage about parking fees. I parked my car and went in through the side door of the hotel which was hired out for the wedding party and guests. I was very upset and shocked yesterday to receive a parking fine for £60 through the post. I telephoned the HOLIDAY INN straight up and explained I was a guest to the wedding of ?? and ??, on the 14 July but she said there was nothing she could do. Do I just pay it and not have a leg to stand on?
  2. Hi, I'm in a legal dispute with my wedding photographer/videographer and issued a court claim against him over a month ago claiming a specific settlement amount. He didn't deliver on his promise re: services, and we ended up with sub-standard wedding photos and terrible low-quality unedited footage as our wedding video (complete with raw sound from the day e.g. people walking around, chattering etc.) He then completely stopped communicating with us. After issuing the claim via MoneyClaim Online (to his business address), he sent an envelope back to the court with a note saying 'Gone
  3. Hello, The following issue has been on going since 24th December 2017. Looking for a bit of advice. On the 4th November I messaged a photographer on Facebook messagner with regards to providing wedding photography. He replied and advised he required a £100 deposit to secure the booking. He send the invoice to my email address with stated the deposit, name of the company and the following message “ by paying the amount above you are agreeing to the terms and conditions at (insert company’s website) “ I paid te £100 via goods and services on pay pal I did not receive tt se t
  4. I put a £900 deposit down on a dress in October 2016 with a small wedding dress shop. I signed a contract that said that it is not possible to have a refund of the deposit. It was ordered and when the dress arrived in March, I went into store to try it on. It had loose threads and rows of beading falling off the front of the dress (costing £1700 in total). The store assistant apologized and said that it was not good. I left the store and the dress in their care and said that we would try and sort something out. I had to leave and I did not take photos. A family member and the store
  5. Our daughter got married and had her reception at our local golf club. The venue seemed perfect until the actual day. The photographs at the venue where restricted due to the golf. What and where we could have photos taken was not allowed on the day. We had 26 children on a very hot day banned from leaving the venue as they may upset the golfers. None of this was told us at any meetings. When the food was served they served the back tables and the top table the last. The pate was a sloppy mess The food was cold - the roast beef was dry and the turkey was chewy.
  6. Hi all, This is on behalf of a friend who got married just over a year ago and has had really bad experience from her photographer. The photographer himself / company was a recommendation and all the usual steps were taken in vetting him and his team, seeing is work, talking to a few others etc before the contracts were signed. On the day, he was really unprofessional demanding extra money or his departure nearing the end due to the wedding getting a little delayed - not something a bride wants to hear on the her big day. In contrast, my own wedding with another photographer staye
  7. We booked our wedding at the beginning of this year. Our wedding was to take place in Summer 2016 and we put down a 12% deposit to secure our date. The wedding venue is brand new and was still unfinished when we booked. However there were two weddings booked for this summer, so we knew the venue had to be finished within a few months of us making our booking. When we booked there was no license in place for civil ceremonies to take place, but we were assured this would all be done by the beginning of August 2015. We have all of this in writing. We recently heard from the venue who to
  8. Hi, After some advice (as are most people here I guess!) We paid in full for the services of a photographer for our wedding, in August 2015. Due to personal circumstances we've cancelled the whole day, therefore we don't need a photographer any more! I called (and emailed) her to inform her of the cancellation, only to be told she "couldn't take that much of a loss, Ill give you 100% of your money back if I get another booking on that day" So in other words she's keeping all £800 we gave her! a £200 deposit was agreed to secure the date, there is no mention of this being 'n
  9. Hello, I'll try and keep this concise. Parents bought a pair (diamonds cut from the same rough stone) of wedding rings maybe 4 or so years ago. Last year my mother lost the diamond out of her ring, which was considered to be a manufacturing defect rather than accidental damage. After a bit of back and forth, jeweller agreed to replace the stone but this would detract from the idea of having 2 diamonds cut from the same stone. Some more back and forth and they agreed to replace the stones in both rings. About 9 months(!) after all this started, jeweller tells us they've lost the
  10. I sign on again next Monday but I have a wedding to go to on that day. What do I do? I wont be able to attend that day at all :/ Do i lose my money? thanks in advance:!:
  11. Hi all, Looking for some advice. Me and my partner are due to get married in a few months time. We are looking to secure a personal loan of around 10k to pay for it. The problem we have is that whilst my partners credit score I s excellent (967) mines is poor (556). We have applied for a loan in my partners name and it was declined. This is due to the mortgage and car loan along with a credit card being in her name. She only works part time and I am the main earner in the household. We are looking for advice on what to do as we would be able to repay any loan easily but are stru
  12. So i have a family wedding coming up soon. The groom has fallen out with his mum several years ago and does not want her at the wedding. The mum is adamant she is coming to view the ceremony at the church. Is the following i have been told correct? Anyone can come to view the wedding inside the church because its public, you cannot ban or stop anyone entering. The mum cannot be removed unless she makes a scene. In fact if anyone tries to remove her or starts to 'kick off' they can actually get into trouble themselves? Thanks for any help clearing things up and have pity on this
  13. Need some help. a cousin of mine made a car hire booking over the phone and a deposit was taken ( balance cash on the day). now he has cancelled before the function and the rental company is threatening to take full payment and fight over the balance in court. no signing of contract has taken place. is the car hire firm well within their rights to do this? thx
  14. Hi This is my first time posting here and would be grateful for any help and advice which could be provided. I am due to get married in a coupe of months at a venue which is a National Heritage Trust building, for which we paid a 20% deposit around February this year after seeing the venue and agreeing terms with the company which run events at the venue. Around late September we found out by chance, whilst looking for a wedding florist, that the roof at the venue was deemed structurally unsound and is presently being propped up by scaffolding, including some in the room where
  15. I have booked a local venue for a wedding renewal next year, they have stipulated a list of suppliers for services such as chair covers etc that I "have" to use ! However I have already found companies that I would like to use. Can they legally force me to use their preferred companies ????
  16. Good Morning, I hope someone can help. We recently Married, and had booked a very expensive Manor Hotel for our Wedding Breakfast for 63 people. There were several meetings prior to the Wedding, and the Menu's were distributed to all guests, and choices made well in advance. The venue was stunning, however the Breakfast was thoroughly disappointing. The service was appalling (the top table had finished their courses before the last table had been served), This will sound bad mannered but the food was only warm when it arrived, and on cold plates so if we had not starte
  17. Just need a bit of advice about my DMP. I'm expecting a pay rise in April and would like to save some of it to help pay for my wedding in September when i call them to give them my new budget. Does anyone know if this is possible, or will the banks see it as an unnecessary expense? I thought the DMP was going to be a life saver, while it has obviously eased stress it also makes me feel like my life is on hold. We are getting married in September and hoping my future father in laws will make it until then as he is quite ill, if it wasn't for his illness we would probably be putting it off
  18. Hi This is my first post on the forum, and hoping you guys can help. In 2007 I got married to my lovely wife, and we had all the usual wedding photos taken (600 I believe). At the time we did not have a lot of money so just had an album off the photographer. He said if we wanted the wedding disc it would cost another £300. We thought we'd save up for it, or have the money to buy it some time later. Anyway the photographer went out of business, but we managed to get his mobile number if we needed to get in touch. At the time he said he would not be changing the number.
  19. Copy of letter sent this week says it all. Let's see if we get a response - based on experience so far, I doubt it: Wednesday 28th November 2012 Re holiday booking ref: 3xxxxxx In the name of [my parents] I'm writing to you on behalf of my parents, named above. They're in Madeira right now, on the 2nd of 2 trips they saved up for this year to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Upon booking the first trip - to Ibiza - they were assured by your in-branch rep that they'd get a fruit basket, champagne and an upgrade as a gesture for their spec
  20. We hired a barn as a wedding venue for our daughters wedding. The barn was advertised as a wedding venue and had a wedding licence. The barn is used solely for functions with a kitchen, bar, hard carpeted floor etc. The charge for hire for 4 days was £2900. On the surface the venue looked ideal and fitted in with the theme my daughter had decided on for the wedding. We took over hire on the Thursday before a Saturday wedding - the first things we had to do was set to work on cleaning the toilets that were in a disgusting state, cobwebs adorned the walls of the barn and all had t
  21. First of all apologies if I have posted this in the wrong subforum. We are getting married at the end of October in Worcester (we live in Birmingham). We are only getting married in Worcester as I found an amazing deal on Ebay for the wedding breakfast/reception which would've saved us a fortune in comparison with other venues. I won the auction and was over the moon with what we got for the price. Visited venue - Perfect. We then proceeded to book the wedding at a castle in Worcester which wasn't far from the venue, booked the registrar, chair covers, cars etc....all of which ha
  22. My partner and I looked online for wedding rings and found the ones we wanted (plain silver bands) on the H Samuel website we went into the store to have a look at them. We decided to buy them and we were told the store didn't have any in stock but could get them in a week or so we decided that was fine as this was 8th june and our wedding isn't until 3rd july. When we paid for them we were then told it could be up to 3 weeks! we told them we needed the rings by 29th june staff member said that would be fine and they would ring us to let us know when the rings arr
  23. Hi guys, ill make this brief ( makes for less boring read) and try and make this non confusing.. as much as i can..Ok.. basically.. we book hotel/venue for wedding last year for this august.. hotel was owner then buy "brooks Hotels"..this hotel along with a few others (ive now found out) were then sold off to a sister company (same director) called "albermarle Hotels No.2"Albermarle on the 3rd of may went under..thats it Folks shows over.. wedding dead..thank you ****ing very much!!..heres the crazy bit that ****ing me off.. money was paid to the hotel (White hall in broxted Essex)the recepit
  24. :help:ok bit of a long one but this is as brief as i can get it! The hotel we booked to get married at has [edit] form day one, we so badly wanted to get married outside and the hotels we viewed all had beautiful gardens etc, but we needed to be happy with the room if it happened to be bad weather! Ok so we finally found one that we fell in love with, it had been taken over by a company after the previous owners went into liquidation etc, we viewed it at the final stages of re decoration, literally the decorators were packing things up as we were shown around, we asked to see the place we co
  25. Hi, I'm new to the forum and need some advice on a recent wedding dress cancellation. I'm getting married next year and in July this year, I chose a beautiful dress at a chain wedding dress shop. I was asked to pay a 20% deposit, which I did on the day. The remaining amount was not due until December and this is written on my contract. Last month however, due to a change in circumstances, I had to cancel the dress. I knew that I would lose the 20% deposit I had made as it was non refundable and the contract clearly states this. I rang,emailed and wrote to the head office in mid September and
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