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  1. OK, thanks for the advice. I have checked online due to the "purchased online, I must deal with it online" routine they gave me in the shop. I thought they must own maybe a number of shops plus an online only business (that is the impression they gave me). I'm not much good at detective work, especially when it comes to computers and the internet but I found this information:- Name & Registered Office: PROLINE INTERNET LIMITED APARTMENT 5 CLIFTON HOUSE CYNCOED ROAD CARDIFF
  2. Thanks for your reply, Pro-line says that I "Legally" have to let them repair the scooter before I could even consider a refund. They said if I was to buy a new car and it developed a fault I would have to have a repair, not a refund. Well, this is a scooter, not a car. If I refused them a repair option (99% due to their stinking attitude and inconvenience I have already had to endure) and if for example in the worst case scenario I decided to claim via the courts, is it possible then that a judge would say, "well Mrs....legally you had to accept a repair first, case dismissed!"
  3. Hi all I am just looking for a bit of advice if anybody can help please. I purchased a £148 Stunt Scooter for my son from Pro-line Skates Online towards the end of November this year (2014) just a few weeks ago basically. When the scooter arrived we noticed the 'Grip-tape' was faulty. As I was going into town I thought I would pop into the store for them to replace the grip-tape. I was told that as I bought the scooter online they could not help me (even though it's the same business!) and I would need to go through the website to fix the problem. I did and I was sent a generic
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