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  1. Ha Ha So they have yet another name now They are also known as GDR Trace and global dept recovery, amoung many others Ignore, they only buy old depts and are totaly toothless
  2. Do NOT pay them They are powerless to collect Been sending me phishing letters for 3 years now, toothless gormits They cannot do anything Do not phone or write letters to them, just ignore Also if they do call, tell them dont call again and to put everything in writing They are not even registered to collect any debts
  3. Interesting: In my response to the FCA via email, regarding the 3 phishing letters using 3 different names now A chap called Bradley from the FCA asked if he could call me, to which I agreed He confirmed their registration had lapsed He won’t go into details, but did confirm my concerns are now being passed onto the investigations team for any possible action Such a shame they won’t reveal any results though After a little checking myself, their registration ended on the 31st May 2015
  4. Another letter sent to the FCA Hi Bradley Yet another letter, address to me personnaly 5th Sep 2015 (see attached copy) This time they are calling themselves GDR Trace Again no mention of why they are writing You should take a look at their website Where they display "We work actively with the FCA and raise awareness of them" And also show the ICO logo with a link If you look under their Services page they display the following: "Finding Lost Family- Find My Adopted Brother- Finding My Biological Father- Find My Birth Father- Looking For Family Members" This is clearly deceitfull, as they do not provide this service Regards Pete
  5. Plonkers !! My first letter was back in Oct 2014 from absolute locate Then a second about 4 months later from Global debt recovery Now, 5 Sept 2015 have just recieved yet another letter addressed to me from GDR Trace "I am instructed to contact you as I beleive you may be the person out client wished to make contact with. Out trace team have made enquiries and have advised that your details have changed to the above address Please contact us by either phone or text ect, and we will be pleased to verify our reasons for writing to you" As usual no mention of WHY Love this bit "we will be pleased to verify our reasons for writing to you" On your bike sunshine Same people, with a new name, idiots Oh well, filed under "ignore"
  6. dx100uk I have ignored them, but looks like its been passed onto RW and they have sent the fake sainsbury letter to my wife
  7. I've had two phising letters, one for Sept 2014 from absolute direct, and one in Oct 2014 from the winged messenger, of course, these are just two of the many names this company uses, they have many others. I have not responded to either, there's just no need. First off, if, and a BIG IF, I have any debts from the past, they would be well over 10 years old, and therefore SB Yesterday my wife recieved a so-called letter from sainsburys bank (see attached doc) asking for arrears of a paltry sum (less than £10) so clearly a con just to get her to call The fools dont know, that she has never had a sainsburys account, so clearly a phising trip to get her to provide and confirm my details At the bottom of the letter you will see: H Singh - director collections & recoveries If you do a google search, the first thing that comes up, is the same type of letter used by robinson way to other people IMO, this is clearly fraud and or deception, added to that, is that it would appear that 'the winged messenger' has passed/sold on any old debt to robinson way, which is clearly another breach of practice, as they did not inform me beforehand (how could they, I've never responded or confirm my details) I can't confirm that this is robinson way, as no there will be no response to this latest letter So what's the next step, as this clearly needs to be acted upon, and taken way up the ladder, and get these people reported
  8. That was a quick response to my email from the FCA They have clearly taken note of my previous email as well. Dear Pete Thank you for your email earlier today, in response to my email dated 10 October 2014. I can confirm that as with your previous email, this email will be passed to the relevant area within the FCA. As outlined, legal restrictions prevent us from disclosing details of any potential investigation to take place. However, these comments will be noted accordingly. I trust this email is of assistance. Yours sincerely I did also point out the many different names these people use, and funny how they use the same CLN
  9. I've waited over a month since the first phishing letter from Absolute Locate Is this the best they can come up with? I was hoping for a bit of fun, but this is boring. Another phishing letter, but this time from The Winged Messenger Addressed to 'The Current Occupier Dear Sir/Madam We act on behalf of a client in regard to a strictly confidential matter. Enquiries made suggest there is a possible connection between your address and the person we urgently need to contact. Please help us by telephoning UK FREEPHONE 0800 458 0827 or alternatively +44(0)208 336 7015 Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Yours Faithfully Then a scribble as a signature, but with no printed name Your assistance is greatly appreciated Oh well, another email to send off too the FCA, as this one clearly breaks their guidelines
  10. Email sent to the FCA along with attached scanned file of Absolute's phishing letter (my details blanked out) Also highlighted that their office is just a virtual office and just a front for Global And that the Consumer credit number is using the wrong name, as it should be Natalie Bourner and not Natalie Buyner, who has had plenty of time to change it, since she was married back in 2009 A little remiss there methinks Let's see if FCA respond
  11. The directors also play the merry-go-round, as they seem to resign, and are then reinstated all on the same day I'm a little concerned, in that a DCA has a site to reclaim PPI is this even ethical? Is it possible for them to claim on old forgotten loans/debts ect without a claimant ?
  12. That would be a yes and a no. Details such as name, past address yes. But no as too my present address, this would've had to be gained by other means. IF there is a debt it would be well in excess of 8 years, And we have moved twice since then (no not hiding, we sold our flat and brought our current home out in the sticks) ericsbrother - I don't do rants, it's counter -productive, I do polite and legal, and sent to the correct address, never to a Virtual Office or a PO Box
  13. Scan this letter threatening court action, blank out your details and send it off to FCA Check the link in your post for them, as they have had action against them before from the OFT Others will be along to advise shortly
  14. *Business* being the key word here Perhaps I should consider their phishing letter as as a form of harassment then?
  15. [quote=BRIGADIER2JCS; Although it may be a problem placing a company directors personal details on the internet, home address etc. Yes that is a bit of a grey area, but nothing stopping me from writing to them, or sending them a birthday/xmas card I play poker, and one of the key elements in that, is to know your opponents.
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