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  1. Keep the car until you have agreed a settlement. Hastings pulled a fast one on my Fiance, they took the car to the salvage yard then offered him much lower than market value for the car.
  2. I ordered a car part from a company called Autodoc.co.uk The part was posted on the 19th of September and was due to be delivered on the 24th of September. As I was going to be out at work I arranged to have the parcel delivered to a local parcel shop so I could collect it later. I used the DPD app on my phone to do this. On the morning of 24th of September I received a notification on my phone from the DPD app that stated I had changed my delivery date to the 30th of September. I used the live chat on the app to ask why this had changed and I was told that a shift manager at the local depot had changed it and that I would get a call back within the hour. I never received a call back. When I got home I telephoned DPD using the app on my phone and was told again I would receive a call back. Again this never happened. I called them back again and explained that I needed the parcel urgently as it was a part for my car. The rep on the phone said he would make sure that my parcel would be delivered the following day to the parcel shop as requested. The next morning I received a notification from the DPD app stating that they could not deliver to the parcel shop as the parcel was oversized. I used the app to rearrange delivery to a friends address for the following day. When I got home DPD had left a card stating they had tried to deliver to my house. This was left 10 minutes before I arrived home. On the morning of Wednesday the 26th of September I contacted DPD on the live chat on the app to ask if they would be able to give me a delivery time. They were unable to do this. My friend waited all day and no parcel arrived. I contacted DPD using the live chat and they then said that it may have been lost. The next morning I telephoned DPD using the app and they admitted that they lost the parcel. I asked them to send me an email confirming this which they did. I have also been in contact with the sender Autodoc who turn out to be based in Germany. They refused to believe that the parcel was lost, even though I forwarded the email from DPD, they told me I had to got to the local depot to collect it. I contacted the bank as Autodoc refused to refund me, Visa have refunded me but told me that Autodoc can refute my claim. Autodoc are being extremely difficult and are telling me to contact DPD, on the other hand DPD are referring me back to Autodoc. In the meantime I have had to order the part from another company who delivered it the following day. My car was off the road longer due to Autodoc and DPD. I would like compensation for the delay. Can anyone give me any help on what I can do?
  3. Contact the council directly and they should sort the problem with the minimum of fuss. We had a council bin truck hit the wall on our house as he tried getting around a tight corner, all caught on cctv. Council were dismissive at first but then we called the police in because it was an accident that had not been reported.
  4. Your mail gets sorted as normal. The postie doing the round has a bundle of redirection cards with stickers for his/her round. The name and address is read from the card, pulled out of the sorting frame checked against the redirection card. If the names and address match the redirection card then a sticker is placed on the letter/letters. Anything that is redirected within the same office is taken to the relevant posties sorting frame. Anything going to another office is placed in a tray and sent on it's way. I am a postie!!!!!
  5. First claim was against the other insurer so it should have been paid out. Second claim there was more than just the windscreen damaged. The windscreen, bonnet, grill, bumper and scuttle panel were all replaced.
  6. My Fiancé's son has held a car insurance policy with Zenith insurance for almost a year. He already had at least 2 years no claim discount when he changed to Zenith. He has had to make 2 claims on the policy through no fault of his own. His first claim was in February 2017 when a neighbour ran into his parked car and did not report the incident. He called the police who got the details of the other driver and his insurance details. This was filmed on CCTV which is attached to my Fiancé's house. His second claim was in October 2017. We were out for the day in 2 of our Mini Coopers and we parked up at Hellifield Train Station to see my Fiancé's dad. We went onto the platform of the station and were only gone for 10 minutes. When we returned to the cars we found both windscreens were smashed and there was bodywork damage. Police were called and then the insurance companies. His insurance were happy to recover the car but they left him stranded as they would only take him to the nearest train station or bus station to let him get home. He had no money so ended up having to wait with us. He was then left without a car for 4 days while the damaged to his car was assessed. This left him unable to travel to his mothers or attend appointments as he had to ask me and his dad to take him. My fiancé's insurance recovered the car and got us all home safe. The individual who caused the damage to the mini coopers was caught on CCTV attached to a house by the train station car park. The police caught the individual who had to pay back his excess as the police used restorative justice. Now at renewal Zenith are refusing to quote and refusing to give him his no claims discount which I think is unfair as neither of the claims were his fault. Can anyone help?
  7. The pump was only £10. It's not the money it's the principle. If an item breaks down within 6 months then its deemed faulty at point of sale therefore a replacement or a refund should be issued. I've plugged the pump back in and waiting for it to pack up again
  8. My Fiance bought an Aquarium Air Pump from our local branch of The Range. Within 48 hours it packed up and stopped working. We took it back (lost the receipt though) and asked for a replacement. They couldn't find the transaction on their system even though we could clearly show the payment had been made using a debit card as it was on the online bank statement. They still refused to replace the faulty pump as they said we could not prove we bought it from them. They told us to contact the manufacturer Interpet to get a replacement from them. In the meantime we went out and bought another air pump from a local pet shop. I contacted The Range customer services by email asking them to find the transaction. I provided all the information they needed to do this and they found the transaction. They said they would contact the store with the contract of sale and that we should get a refund. We went back to the store today and they knew nothing of the contact from customer services, we had to provide all the details again by going through the online statement and calendar dates. They found the transaction then the tills went offline. They took our details and said they would phone once the tills were working again. Got a phone call an hour later saying the tills were up and running again. we head back to the store again. The assistant dealing with the case takes the air pump and says she wants to test it. She takes it off the shop floor for about 10 minutes before coming back and telling us the pump works fine so no refund. We took the pump home and set it up. Yes it works but at a much reduced rate. You should be able to see air bubbles appearing clearly from the air stone but we can hardly see them. A phone call to customer services got me no-where. I was told if the store says it works then thats it. Where do we go from here?
  9. We got a new condenser dryer after being told we would have to wait a year for a repair. We got a brand new dryer for £49 off Hotpoint because they said if we take the old dryer to our local currys we save on their delivery charge of £50.
  10. No he is still at the same address. They are saying the 40 days doesn't start until they receive the info back from us.
  11. I sent an SAR to EE as they were the original creditor. Received a reply today stating they received the request on the 21st of October but they want my bf to confirm his date of birth and address. They returned the postal order as well. They also want to know exactly what information we want and they want us to fill a form out before they do any of this. They also say that the 40 day period for the information won't begin until we return the form along with the information and the postal order.
  12. Ok I will SAR the OC. I am not sending any payment by email. I am just communicating with Lowell by email. Can someone tell me how to get a copy of a credit report from 2014/2015 from the CRA?
  13. We need a copy of the Credit Report from a couple of years ago hence I was planning to send an SAR to the CRA. I don't mind communicating by email. This way it records the conversations and saves time on printing and sending letters. I have used email for communicating with various companies over the years and find it very easy.
  14. I was planning to send an SAR to the Original Creditor and the Credit Reference Agency. I'm not sending an SAR to Lowells. They are corresponding by email with us at the moment.
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