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  1. Should I send a reply or just leave it now and see what the next contact is? I really don't want to go to court over this even in the distant future.
  2. It does state that the site's terms and conditions on signs throughout the area were breached as the vehicle was parked for longer than the time allowed. I guess this is the closest they come.
  3. Hi, back again with an update. Having sent a letter as worded by armadillo71 a few weeks back, DRP have now replied to my letter dealing with each point separately and quite convincingly tbh. This includes a paragraph about my obligation to ensure registered keeper's address held by DVLA is correct, and a paragraph addressing my reference to harassment citing S1(3)c of harassment act and stating that the pursuit of the course of conduct was entirely reasonable etc etc. I have been given a payment date of 3 December for the same amount of £130. There is also reference to a test case Parking Eye Ltd v Beaus & Wardley 2014. Any advice about further action? Does anyone have experience of the usual order of proceedings with DRP and what I should expect next? If my case is referred back to Euro Car Parks for prosecution am I likely to get a reduced offer of the original amount or is this very unlikely?
  4. Thanks very much armadillo71, I will hold out and ignore for now
  5. At what stage should I do something? And what should that be? Will Zenith carry out court proceedings?
  6. Hi Everyone Having sent a letter to DRP with the exact words as directed by armadillo71 in post 3 (thanks again btw), I've had a second letter today from DRP. It completely ignores the letter I sent making no reference to it at all (assuming they received it). Instead it states: 'Notice of intended court action..........To prevent this case being passed to the creditor's solicitor to commence court proceedings, you must pay the full amount of £130 by 28/11/2014........If you are liable for this charge and do not pay the full amount by 28/11/2014.....we will pass your file to the creditor's solicitor with a recommendation to commence court action' Just to clarify from earlier posts - my registered keepers address as held by the DVLA was incorrect at the time and this is why I never received the original fine from Euro Car Parks (ie. I was in the wrong here). Also I have been back to the car park and there are a fair amount of small signs around stating that maximum stay is 3 hours. What should I do now as am a bit worried now with the second letter? Could I still win my case even though I was in the wrong as above?
  7. I am a bit concerned about this ending in a CCJ as I need to remortgage next year which this could potentially affect. Any thoughts?
  8. Unfortunately for me you have made a very good point and it may well only be my driving licence address up-to-date and not the RK address. I will call the DVLA tomorrow and check but I definitely never received an NTK at the new address so unlikely it is updated. What should be my next step if this is the case? What difference does it make if DR+ are members of BPA or not?
  9. DR+ have written to my new address and say they have 'utilised a tracing service' to find it. I notified DVLA in February 2014 and they have confirmed this over the phone to me and have since sent out a replacement licence to my new address.
  10. Thanks for your replies. Would an email suffice or is a letter better? Yes it is DR+ (Debt Recovery Plus). Are they notorious? Any ideas why they would have got my old address from DVLA when DVLA have told me they have my new one on record?
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