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  1. So what do I do? I'll send them the SLC deferral form with the letter from my employer, which I've previously sent, confirming redundancy. Can I complain to the ombudsman?
  2. Their email... "Thank you for your email. In regards to your query, we sent you a ''Notice of Default'' letter on 30/07/2015 and there was no response from yourself as a result of the serious arrears that have accrued, the account has been terminated and the full balance of the loan is required to be paid. Your account is in the process of being passed to a Debt Collection Agency, who will become your main day to day contact. They will be able to set up a formal payment arrangement with you. This process can take 4-6 weeks. If you would like to reduce your balance in the inte
  3. Hi, I have been eligible to defer my student loans since forever. I went on maternity leave march 2014 around the same time as Erudio started sending me deferal forms. Due to having a new baby and zero sleep I struggled to understand what was happening but didn't send the forms back. I was also made redundant a few months later. I told them verbally and by email that I had been made redundant. Fast forward to now, I'm a full time mum and my income is zero. I've sent them a letter from my previous employer which confirms redundancy and my final salary which
  4. I've been reading a lot of the posts on this site and have decided I need to complete N208 and send a copy to the agency with a letter advising of my intentions to submit the form to small claims court requesting 3x deposit giving them 7 days - I assume this is to give them an opportunity to settle out of court?? What I am not sure of is do I put the defendent as the agency or the landlord or both? The AST was between myslf and the landlord as "c/o XYZ Ltd". Also we had no gas safety certificate - which we mentioned to them and was noted on the inventory but then ignored - I have tried to
  5. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have got a cheque (with my name spelt wrong!) for the deposit - does this now mean that I cannot persue a claim for the compensation? I feel very angry about what they have put me through and especially about the forged itinery. Thanks
  6. Hi, My deposit has not been secured in a scheme. My tenancy started April 2008 and ended September 2008. The agency is trying to deduct money out of my deposit unfairly and I have tried to go to the TDS which is how I found out it is not protected. I have since submitted a claim via Money Claim Online. I thought that this was the way to get the compensation of 3x deposit but after reading threads on here I now realise I have gone about it in the wrong way. Is there any way of still getting the compensation? I have only just started the process so the agency have not yet responded.
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