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  1. I had a restriction of sale placed on the Land Registry title of my house for approx. £1000 in 2013 by Sigma SPV1 Limited while I was out of the country and did not receive notice of a small debt (which snowballed with penalties and interest) after I moved abroad. I am now about to sell the property and checked the title and found this restriction from 2013. I searched for the company, Sigma SPV1 limited and see that they were dissolved last year. How do I go about removing this restriction as quickly as possible? I'm happy to pay the amount if that's the quickest way, but unsure if I can even do that since the company with the restriction was dissolved?
  2. hi, thanks for letting me join, I'm a newbie here wondering about a problem we have just had tonight. I came home tonight to see my daughter on the phone looking a bit flustered, she is 23 and doesn't live with us but is visiting today, she had just had a phone call from a debt collection agency called sigma red about a debt owed to the cosmetics company Avon. Some time ago she was approached in the street by an Avon salesewoman who asked if she wanted to become an Avon rep, she said she would think about it and gave the woman her mobile number and address. she never signed anything nor was she offered anything. she just thought she was saying she was interested. Nothing happened then, no phone calls, no letters, no cooling off period, no contract. 3 weeks or so later a parcel arrived at her door from avon. she opened it and it was an Avon rep starter kit. She hadnt signed for the parcel nor had she been asked to. she called avon and told them she didn't want it, and hadn't asked for it, and asked them to arrange to have it collected, which they agreed to. Avon had her mobile phone number and never to this day called her, she moved a few days later and left the parcel at the house as avon were supposedly collecting. that was in july. tonight she had a phone call from a debt collection agency called sigma red chasing her for a debt of £56. She was terrified by the woman who wanted immediate payment or else 'legal recovery' actions would follow. she was white faced when she told me. I got the details and called them back after verifying who i was and that i had authority to speak for her, I was told that she had to pay. I disagreed that there was any contract at all, she hadn't asked for it and had made an effort to get it back to them, they hadn't attempted to even call her, even though they had her number, because the debt collectors had the number from Avon. I told them that they hadn't a chance in hell, I considered this debt to be non existent, it was Avons unsolicited parcel that they hadn't made an effort to collect, and as far as i see it they had no claim. The woman wasn't particularly helpful i asked for a manager, he gave me the same spiel, I asked for copies of any documentation or contract that my daughter had signed, he said they weren't obliged to send me any, then he said they had no documentation, and round we went over and over. My opinion is that this debt doesn't exist. They sent her stuff she hadn't asked for, and failed to collect it when asked. he insists that she still owes them. I'm gonna ring Avon tomorrow, but where does she stand over this. she hasn't signed anything and never asked for it, and asked them to take it back when they sent it, surely she has done enough. the parcel is possibly still at her previous house, but as it was a student let i doubt it. Any thoughts on this. its only 56 quid I'm so annoyed that they had the nerve to send this stuff that wasn't wanted, and then drop it straight to the debt collectors without any contact. grrrrrrr!!
  3. Hi all First post here, hoping someone can offer some greatly appreciated advice! My girlfriend and I are hoping to look into taking a new mortgage in the next year or two, move out of our apartment and buy a house. I'm fairly recently self-employed (3 years) so that in itself is tricky but I also have old debt that could cause a problem. I settled 2 of the accounts with debt collection agencies a couple of years ago (settled with discount - not in full), and have 2 remaining. One from a cahoot loan I took out around 2004 (defaulted when I was out of work in 2007). Full amount owed is around £1400 Second a t-mobile bill from 2010 that I was unwilling to pay - due to the phone being stolen and a huge bill being run up. (I didn't notify them quickly enough to remove the charges apparently). With Sigma Red and around £240 The cahoot loan is now in the hands of Robinson Way, it has been passed around several DCA's and ended up with them. They left me alone for a long time, but recently started calling my home number. I am now in a position where I could pay both debts off either full or settled, but don't know whether it is worthwhile now? I have spoke to Robinson Way the lowest they would settle for is around £1100, and they have sent me some forms out for income/expenditure that may reduce it further. They have said they would have to contact the client (Santander) with this information with a payment proposal. Had a look around and see that it's only really time (6 years) that can remove the defaults, so checked my credit rating on Experian and it's at 999 out of 999 with 6 positive and 2 negative - 2 negative being one default account (SIGMA RED) which makes sense, being the one of the two that is under 6 years, and the other negative is that I only have a credit allowance of £500 on my credit card. So should I pay? If I don't will Robinson Way hassle me now forever? With that debt being off my credit report and over 6 years, shouldnt my account at Santender now be closed? Are they lying about the client? I presume they just actually own this debt. I am tempted to pay the SIGMA RED now being less - just to get that off my report. I saved up enough to pay them both off tbh. Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  4. first off I will try and make this brief and to the point as I can. I am feel very frustrated and desperate to resolve this and clear my credit file. Back in 2009 I decided to change my phone to T-Mobile, after a week I found I could not get a decent signal in the area so the phone was no use to me, I rangT-Mobile, they said it was within the 14 days and was fine to return, they sentme a return bag I returned the phone to them and that was that…… …………..or so I thought! Roll on to 2015. I’m looking to get on the property ladder soon so having checked my credit file recently, turns out I have had adefault AND worse still, a CCJ :-xplaced on my file from Red Sigma which who was sold the debt from T-Mobile, The CCJ is dated 2013 and for the sum of just over £200. After further investigation, and numerous calls to now EE as own T-Mobile. T-Mobile confirmed to me after investigation that I never owed them a penny, the debt was never a debt, and was indeed incorrect, the debt should never have been passed on to a Debt agency. I am absolutely disgusted that this has happened, I moved address so didn’t receive any paperwork etc .. thinking that finally now it will be sorted, a few weeks have been passed and to date no communication has been sent from T-Mobile to Red Sigma ( who I might add have been quite helpful in this matter), they said they can’t start removing default/CCJ without any confirmation from T-Mobile. I have tried to contact T-Mobile, I have to go around the houses each time I call them, get put through to different teams, who I have to explain he whole story, nobody will provide me with direct line even though I asked them to contact me, I am at my wits end. I just wanted to know legally where I stand as this debt was made in error and now it’s had such an adverse effect to my credit rating, last year I tried to buy a car and failed to get credit, in the end I had to borrow from my family instead, and wished id looked at my credit report sooner. I did read up on here that I should start recording conversations, so I will start doing that. The main priority for me is to remove this from my credit report. Any suggestions where I go from here? Thanks in advance.
  5. Good Afternoon Everyone I have had a look on your wonderful boards and there are threads realting to my issue but I am finding all the jargon hard to understand. I have received a claim form with the claimant being SigmaSPV1 The particulars of Claim State: "Part only of monies due under regulated Credit Agreement no. XX between HSBC and the defendant, the benefit of which was assigned to the claimant on 21/12/11. The Agreement was terminated upon the defence failure to comply with the terms of the agreement and or the statutory notice of default served by HSBC Bank plc. The claimant seeks interesticon pursuant to section 69 of the CCA 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of issue continuing at the daily rate of 0.07" I honestly do not know what the next step is. I am not prepared to just pay it as I have no idea who they are and what this debt is from (loan, overdaft, credit card) I certainly do not recall receiving correspondance from Sigma. What shoudl i do? Do I need to go on MCOL and acknowledge? Then what?.... do i dispute it and ask Sigma for credit agreements and any other documents required? Do I have time to get this information. If I losse my defence will it cost me more? I honestly do not know what the next step is I hope someone will help. I would be very grateful. It seems Sigma have got a big batch of claims going through relating to HSBC. Thanks in Advance
  6. Hi, This is actually about my mum. Last year we realised that my mum had alzeimhers and she has now moved into assisted living where she is doing really well. One of the things she did before we realised she was ill was keep buying things in catalogues and hoarding them. I contacted them all when she moved and we cleared off the debt. I look after my mum as my dad has died. Now she got a letter at her new housing from Sigma Red saying there was an outstanding balance from JD Williams (I didnt realise there was multiple debts to this firm as they have different brand names). They were horrible saying she had to pay it off immediately or still be taken to court. I took over and became a named person on the account. I said we would agree a repayment plan and that it what we did, of 3 monthly payments of £100 then one last of 30. Sorted. Or so I thought. I gave my bank details as all my mums money goes towards her upkeep. I just wanted her not to worry about it. They rang her the same day demanding payment. I ring up again very upset, as we had agreed a repayment plan and they were bullying an ill woman. They took all the other contact numbers of their system and rang her to apologise. So the first repayment was due on the 26th via DirectDebit and I wanted to be able to show my mum the payment as it had been upsetting her. No payment was taken. I rang up my bank who said the dd was active but no money had been requested. I rang them and they said terribly sorry there has been a problem with our system, its showing the payment wasn't honoured. I said look I'll pay you the £100 now if you cancel the inaccurate dd and i'll ring to pay each month because this is clearly not working. Did so and had the operators assurance everything had been cancelled and even got a lecture that I had to remember to pay. Great. Showed mum, no more worries Then three days later they take £100 out of my account via the dd. This puts me overdrawn and I only notice over the weekend when my card declines in the supermarket. I finally got through on Monday and they said they would issue a refund of £100 plus charges but no sign of this. I am loathe to ring AGAIN as it takes forever to get through. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with them and are they just incompentent? Thanks
  7. Hi Caggers The misses has just phoned me to say that we had post and one was from SIGMA DEBT COLLECTORS, Now i'll start saying that debt collector do not worry me in the least, but heres my problem... I was with the energy supplier scottish power, then we changed a few years later to a different company. A couple of months ago scottish power sent me a letter saying that I owe £79.00 for unpaid bill. I called them and stated, how do I owe it when I'm on a pre payment meter. His reply was, when you changed supplier did you give us the meter reading? I said no, because no body asked for it, I wasnt to know thats what I had to do and I wasnt told? My credit ran out on my phone before I could finish the conversation. Now I have a letter of Sigma, but where do I stand, like I said nobody asked me for a meter reading also I wouldnt even know how to get it up on the meter. Advice please Thanks
  8. Hi Everyone, hoping for advice. Over the last year I have received letters from various DCA's regarding an alleged debt to Everything Everywhere Limited (T Mobile). I have ignored all the letters, as I do not now, nor have I ever, had any kind of contract with T Mobile. I am currently with Tesco, and prior to that I was with Vodafone for about 6 years (both pay as you go). In December I received the latest letter from HL, saying they are acting for SPV1 Limited, and if I don't reply within 14 days then legal action may be commenced. Today I received the Claim Form from Northampton. The issue date is 07th February 2013, and the POC's state: Part of the balance outstanding under a contract made between Everything Everywhere Limited (T Mobile) and the Defendant for the supply of telecommunications services by Everything Everywhere Limited (T Mobile) to the Defendant account number XXXXXXXXXXX, the benefit of which was assigned to the Claimant on XX/XX/2012.The terms of the contract were breached upon the Defendants failure to make payments due under the contract.The Claimant seeks interest pursuant to section 69 of the County Court Act 1984 at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of issue continuing at the daily rate of 0.11. ................................................................................................................................................... As I said, I have never at any time had any kind of sdealings/business with T Mobile.All the phones I have ever had have been pay as you go. I thank you, in anticipation for any comments/advice on how to proceed with this.Thank You. Regards Andy
  9. This is my journey In 2009 M & S send me an application and purportedly terms and conditions on the back which they say is embodied within the agreement. Collect Direct get involved, quickly disappear when I send the account in dispute letter. Then Rockwell get involved who then are replaced with Credit Security who are then replaced with Fenton Cooper. They are shown the door and then Credit Security come back - keep up. In 2010 M & S send another copy of the application together with different terms and conditions although they say they are the "current account terms and conditions" Both terms and conditions are illeligible. They say in both letters that both terms and conditions would have been on the back. They are obviously clutching at straws as this would have been impossible. On Friday I received a letter from Sigma Red Limited saying the debt had been assigned to them together with an M & S letterhead saying the account had been sold to Sigma. Both typed out by Sigma as the font on both letters is the same. Both came in the same envelope. The best bit - they have put somebody else's name in both letters. The correct address, account number but just the name is different. Hilarious. What will they come up next. It is obviously a typographical error but to claim the M & S letter came from M & S when the name is wrong is shocking. Surely the assignment letter should have come from M & S and not typed up by Sigma. Do I just ignore them as far as I am concerned there is no-one at this address by that name. HH
  10. I really hope someone can help me here as Sigma Red and HL solicitors are driving me insane. I had a debt owed to virgin media and was referred to these two companies, fair enough I owe the money so on the 19th of March I setup a payment plan with payments place, initial payment sent of £15 with payments scheduled to go out on the 18th of each month. I had an email on the 14th of May informing me that Aprils payment was a few days late (it went out on the 23rd) the plan had defaulted and they would collect on the 18th of this month. On the 19th of this month I had an email stating that my bank did not allow them to take payment and they will try again over the next two days. On the 20th I receive an email saying thanks for the payment etc. Then I received a letter on the 23rd dated the 19th from HL solicitors saying that I haven't stuck to the payment plan and if I don't pay in full in 14 days that they will take me to court!! Just what the hell is going on here? I setup the payment plan with them, there was enough money in my account to pay on each month, it's not via a standing order or direct debit but POS so it's them that takes the money out, I have no control over that. Argh, what do I do, should I call them?
  11. I got a letter this morning from Sigma Red. it says "we have been instructed by our Client HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to contact you to arrange payment of the outstanding balance....." it gives details of the debt which is 1500 ish and has the usual legal jargon about commencing court proceedings etc etc. it relates to an overpayment of Tax Credits from 3 years ago. I had a letter from HMRC 4 weeks ago regarding this. This is the first i knew of it as i no longer claim tax credits and i have changed address, and i'll be honest i put it on one side and then forgot about it. I am in my 50's now a full time carer for my young grandson. His mother is a nurse. I do not claim any benefit or have any income/savings and live in my daughters home free of charge. So firstly, have HMRC sold this debt to Sigma Red or are they actually "acting on behalf of"? secondly, since i have no income how could i be expected to pay this? could my daughter be expected to pay as i am now effectively her dependent? Thirdly, i know some debts with HMRC used to carry "criminal" penalty for none payment.. ..is this still the case and is this one of them? thanks for any help.....
  12. Hi and a happy new year to everyone i need help dealing with a ccbc claim against my wife her Problem is with SIGMA SPV 1 LIMITED she received a court claim form dated 31/12/13 from Northampton Court from a company called SIGMA SPV1 LIMITED claiming that she owes them £8905.81 the debit is from a HSBC credit card she had. we where in a over our heads and could not to afford to pay it so dug are heads in the sand hoping it would go away they kept piling on the interest I have read some of the forums and will be sending them a request for details letter via email and post I have until the 14/14 I think to file a defense to the court but having received no documents I really don't know what to write Can anybody help with my defense please ? and give me any advise on what I should do next? i think we had something simlliar before but ignored it after i put the details in the court thing and there was no record of the claim. is there a way to tell if this is genuine claim this time Thank you in advance
  13. Hi all, I recently started getting texts/letters from Sigma Red chasing me for the balance of a defaulted Barclays bank account. The debt is roughly 5 years old. I have had other debt collection agencies trying to collect money from me but their activities have stopped once I have informed them that the debt is in dispute (which it is). I sent Sigma Red a letter last week explaining that the debt is in dispute and that they should return to the original creditor. Today I received a letter stating that 'To enable us to revert back to the original creditor we require documentary evidence of your dispute'. Do I need to sent them any documentation or should I just ignore them ? Many thanks, Matt
  14. I have just received a summons in connection with an alleged outstanding mobile phone bill from T-Mobile. However would I be right in assuming that this cannot be enforceable as Sigma are the claimants and have obviously bought the debt from T-Mobile? I understand that the original alleged debt has been repaid and as I have no contract with Sigma I cannot owe them any money. I am about to fill in the defence bit on the summons so any words of wisdom would be appreciated.
  15. Hi there, Sigma red has listed a default on my credit report after I defended a claim they put through Northamptom court. This was a year ago and since then they have not been in touch. They are listing a bogus default amount and date. The debt was originally with HSBC and is over 6 years old although it was sold to Sigma in 2011 just before the 6 years. Now my question is how can they list the default under their names if the claim for monies is still on going? Any ideas on how to get rid of this default? Thanks in advance for your help
  16. Hi, cut a long story short i told tmobile where to go three months before my contract was up back in 2010, they sold my details to a company called t3, they constantly harrassed me to join them and after asking where they got my details from they told me they bought them off of tmobile! I called tmobile to explain this and that someone was selling details, i beleave this was even in the press! I said im cancelling my contract and left it at that! They sent me a final adjusted bill including an early terminationn fee, i didnt pay and never heard from them until they sold my debt in 2012 to sigma, now i havent responded to them i have court claim issued, please help as i dont know what to do, shall i file my defence and hope for best? Or take up a dispute with tmobile as this was left and never chased just sold. Many thanks
  17. This is my first post on this forum. I would be grateful for some advice with regard to the removal of a default. The default is from T-mobile and was placed on my credit file in August 2010, on account of a debt in the sum of £76. T-mobile initially instructed H L Solicitors as their debt collection agency, some time during 2011. I obtained my credit record from Equifax in August 2012 and it showed the default registered by T-mobile. I have this month obtained my current credit record from Equifax. The default is now shown as registered by Sigma Red Limited. The default date and delinquent balance is the same as that which was previously recorded by T-mobile. There is now no mention of T-mobile on my credit record. I was aware that T-mobile had assigned the debt to Sigma Red Limited. During q4 2012 I wrote several letters to T-mobile in an attempt that the default be removed. I tried the sympathy approach and offered to pay the outstanding sum of £76 but, unfortunately, I was not successful. Save for this default, my credit record is clean and in my opinion, quite strong. In the first instance, I understand that the default will fall away six years post the default date (i.e. August 2016). I would like to know whether Sigma Red Limited is the organisation with discretion to remove the default. Is there any steps I can take to compel Sigma Red Limited to remove the default? For instance, could I challenge the debt for some reason? Could I make a subject access report? I am willing to pay the £74. I understand that is unlikely that Sigma Red Limited will take any steps to enforce the debt, having regard to the fact that no enforcement action was taken by H L Solicitors or has been taken thus far by Sigma Red Limited. Is this understanding reasonable? The outstanding sum of £74 does not appear to have increased as a result of being passed to debt collection agencies. Is there any way that Sigma Red Limited or its successors can levy any additional fees, such that the debt is increased? I have a very strong interest in procuring the removal of this default, and should be grateful for your information and advice.
  18. Hi Guys I am new here I have a problem with HL legal I received a claim form sent from Northampton Court I responded by email asking for proof or statement within 14 days to HL Legal they replied back and said they have requested statements and once I receive it I can start filling my defense but on the same date they issued a letter saying : We are disappointed that you have not replied to the claim form issued against you recently via the Northampton county court. We are now at liberty to enter default judgement against you for the full amount claimed together with interest to date of judgement and costs. In the event that judgement is obtained details will be entered in a public register, where they will be held for six years. They will also be passed to credit reference agencies, who will supply them to credit grantors and others seeking information on your financial standing. This will make it difficult for you to get credit. If judgement is entered against you and you ignore the order your goods may be removed and sold, or other enforcement proceedings may be taken against you. If this happens further costs will be added. To avoid judgement being entered please contact us immediately quoting reference number xxxxxxxxxx. If you wish to pay by debit/credit card or discuss the matter personally then you must contact us on xxxxxxxxxxx. they asking for 844 not 499 as per the claim form I have requested 28 days and did say I intend to defend all of this claim I filled it online so i have till the 11 of march to submit my defence please help with the defense letter as I have no idea what to write and I do beleive HL legal tried to mislead me with there email and letter sorry i forget to mention the debt they claiming for is t-mobile bill that i don't know where they got it from i had a t-mobile contract but canceled and didn't upgrade and that was it so i don't have a debt with t-mobile thats why i asked for statements or a contact HL Legal said T-mobile don't need to supply a contract they will try to get statements i don't have the old contract because i moved house and didn't really need it so we recycle it with other papers so any advice or help in filling my defence please, Money Online Claim Page : A claim was issued against you on 07/02/2013 Your acknowledgement of service was submitted on 23/02/2013 at 12:24:41 Your acknowledgement of service was received on 25/02/2013 so am not really sure when is my last day for the defence i hope you can help should i make a new thread? i didn't acknowledge sooner because HL Legal tried to mislead me into not filling the acknowledgement and the defence than by saying wait for the statements they requesting than i can fill my defence but as i said before on same day they sent the email they sent me the letter dated 15 that i have not acknowledge and they have the right to default from the court so not sure what to do next i know they trying to scare me Thanks and Regards, Nixunited
  19. I've sent my initial letter and am today sending the LBA letter to HSBC - anyone had any success with these - they really are awful people to deal with!!! lol Trying to claim just shy of £5k
  20. Hi im new to the CAG forum so may need some guidance... It wont let me add a file of the letter until i have made 10 posts so please message me & i will email the letter to you directly I have not had a T Mobile account for nearly 2 years, at the time i had a dispute which i cannot even remember what it was about because it was so long ago & they have never wrote to me regarding this & i left T-Mobile & moved on & got myself a contract with Tesco Mobile & now i am in another contract with Virgin Mobile so its way back since T-mobile were my provider ! Sigma SPV1 Ltd have Never contacted me so i dont know what their input into this matter was all about & now HL Solicitors have contacted me for the First time asking me to pay an outstanding amount of £1,027.66 in full within 14 days which is the first i have heard about it ! This letter which i received from HL Solicitors was the first contact i have had off anyone concerning my old T-Mobile account ! Are Sigma & HL for real ? ADVICE MUCH APPRECIATED PLEASE !
  21. Hi all, I've used the invaluable advice in threads from here a lot and huge thanks to people who post advice here I really need help/advice about a latest debt-pass-along to a firm called Sigma Red. I ran up the debt a couple of years ago or so with a bank. I had become unemployed after pregnancy (long story, bad/corrupt workplace, terrible life situation). Moved house. Debt collection people 'caught up' with me; various companies, the usual passing on of the debt to another firm when letters were unanswered, the usual companies discussed on here. The latest is Sigma Red; they say they're acting on behalf of bank. Have a scary CSA logo and dbsg at bottom which I dont like. I'm worried they'll take me to court if they really are acting for their client. Just don't know what to do. I'm in the support group of ESA with serious mental health issues so this letter is really affecting me with worry. I don't have a single bean to give them. There's not a lot across the boards about these Sigma people, not that I've found in my panic anyway. Any advice would be appreciated.
  22. Not sure where this really belongs so posting it here. Really hope this is some sort of mistake as I just had a baby and facing benefits cuts in April if Mr [problem]eron gets his way. " Dear Miss ********** Our Client: Sigma SPV1 Limited Account Number: (not posting this on here unless required) Outstanding Amount: £495.57 Our data providers have indicated that you now reside at the above address. We act for Sigma SPV1 Limited who have instructed us with regard to your outstanding account with them in the above amount. We would be grateful if you would make arrangements to settle the full amount outstanding in the next 14 days. " Questions; 1) Who the hell are these people? I've never heard of either of them. 2) I'm already paying off the only debt that I'm aware of having and that's already stretched my income as far as it can go.
  23. Hi, please could any one help me at all. I receievd a letter exactly the same wording as tttf's. I had a joint account that was was in a overdraft for 1000 pound with an ex years ago (hsbc). I recieved a letter today which i can only presume is to do with that as when we split the account was just left. I dont know if my ex has had the same letter but funnily enough my letter is for 299.99 court fee 15.00 total 364.99. Its from Sigma Spv 1 limited. Funnily enough the the wording is exact, spelt without the T on credit and the date of 21/12/2011 for when it was assigned to the claiment (strange) ??? As i say i recieved this today and im at a loss as to what to do. Did you defend your self following the below instructions and what was the outcome. Your help would be gtreatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. I have been reading the recent Sigma threads and it seems they might have dropped the split claims approach. Where does this leave us guys who were victims to the split claims? It seems our claims are stayed. Would Sigma be able to withdraw our current claims and reissue a fresh claim for full monies? Thank YOu
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