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  1. Thank you so much for your response. Do I need to reply to their letter as I presume the SAR may take weeks to come from them? How can I find out what I earned back in 2004? I was self employed but from memory I didn't pay myself a wage because I didnt have the funds - hence why I needed Tax Credits
  2. Just received a letter from HMRC today claiming I owe them £6900 from tax credits overpayments dating back to 2004, 2008 and 2009!!! How can this be soooo long ago? How am I to remember back this far and I certainly wont have records this far back How can this have gone un-noticed for so long? I haven't had any Tax Credits for years What do I do? Thank you
  3. I have a copy of the letter that Rastons solicitor drew up on the day and got me to sign
  4. The Judge set the amount. He asked during the Court hearing if I could manage to pay the amount he suggested and it was agreed
  5. Ok, CCJ entered as above in August last year, As agreed by the Judge at the hearing and then agreed by Rastoons I pay a monthly amount by direct debit and always on time why am I now being hounded by Rastoons to fill in a income expenditure form now????? Im getting texts, they're sending me letters?????
  6. @BankFodder @stu007 just wondered what you think are next steps Letting agent should have emails of conversations, we certainly do
  7. Yes, apart from the Mortgage Company Do they notify the Mortgage Company, or do I have to????
  8. Just received an Interim Charging Order for the above, along with a copy N379 - Im presuming all this is normal? Do I need to do anything? Its not obvious
  9. LOL, sorry, in one ear out the other LOL Thank though Ok, just logged in, filled in the Claim Number and the password that they have given me on the Claim Form - tried this 3 x times now and it says Claim Number or Password is incorrect?????? But its not Im responding to a Claim made against me btw This one isn't listed in the Claims made against me btw I did acknowledgement of service
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