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Found 12 results

  1. Just popped in as i am wondering a few things. I got up this morning about 4 am i had had a lie in today.Seem to be getting up earlier and earlier. After letting the cat out and my two dogs had a look around the house. I have a small business,just getting by like many. Collecting Driftwood for the last 4 years and have a good pile of it. But i look at a piece and say,yes that is clearly a Shark,another oh yes that is a shelf,a bird,and it goes on and on. Now i have reverted to hiding my good pieces under the bed in rooms all over the place. And this has gone on for a while now.Tr
  2. Hi I've been suspended from work while they are investigating allegations of gross misconduct. It's follows a grievance I raised against the way I was being treated by another department (there are a number of individuals who use threats to ensure I prioritise their work over other departments). My grievance was ignored and I was told by my line manager that an informal complaint had been raised against me by that department. A week later I'm called into HR and handed a letter stating I've been suspended due to allegations of harassment outside the work place. The
  3. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35925146 And of course the number is much higher than the ombudsman has recorded – and it is probably very much higher than anyone can possibly imagine. Vodafone is competing with npower for the worst possible systems and the worst possible customer service. Anyone considering getting a new mobile phone contract would do well to avoid Vodafone.
  4. I had to return my licence to the DVLA 7+ years ago for medical reasons. I would now like to reapply for my licence as I feel that I am no longer subject to the medical condition. I don't have the letter which confirmed the receipt of my licence by DVLA. I don't have record of my licence number. Also I don't recall that the suspension was a fixed period. Can anyone advise me what is the correct process for applying for a new licence?
  5. The trade negotiations are an assault on democracy. I would vote against them except… hang on a minute, I can’t.... More ...
  6. There is no date on this, so I don't know how long the information has been available.. http://www.which.co.uk/money/credit-cards-and-loans/guides/how-to-deal-with-debt/debt-management-companies-why-to-avoid-them/
  7. Dear All, Kindly help with my counter claim against Capquest. I am making a counter claim against this company having failed to take my written advise regarding my long-running dispute with the credit card company. Summary: I took out the credit card facility some 16 years ago stopped making repayment 7 yeras ago following several months trying to get the card company to investigate a couple of large transactions that I did not make. I also used a claim company to investigate in order to get the card company to respond. The company feighned ignorance of
  8. Hi all, I've been reading this forum for a while now and finally decided to register. I'm very impressed with the advice offered here and I'm hoping I can get a little too with some PPI Claims. I'm an Engineer by trade and hopeless at writing letters, I'm hoping somebody could proof read my words before I send them off. Would this be OK? As the title says, I think I have grounds for three separate claims, should I ask for advice using three new posts or should I lump it all in here first? I'm really hoping somebody can assist, both with the wording and also t
  9. Hi all just received statement of reasons from my failed DLA tribunal in August 2012. I am so angry I could swear it is full of lies. I drove my wifes car once in 6 months and they said I regurlarly looked after my grandchildren and collect them from school. I drove my wifes car for 5 minutes. I had been issued a wheelchair by the GP. While I was waiting for the NHS wheelchair I hired one from the red cross. They said I said I was using the wheelchair temporarily, which is an utter lie, they even said I said I can't brush my own teeth, another lie.
  10. Dear all, I hope someone might be able to assist me (on behalf of my mother). My mum, in previous good health has suffered a number of heart attacks over the last few weeks. She should hopefullly be back home from hospital later this week, but has been fitted with an internal defribulater which means that due to DVLA rules she cannot drive for 6 months (or if she gets a 'shock' during that period, six months from them). She owns a car where she is the insurance policy holder and my father is a named drivers. She is obviously going to let them know but is unsure what the b
  11. Further to my initial thread, I am now throwing caution to the wind in publicising my dilemma. I was in the position of a usually respected lender taking me to court without granting any information. Pure Kafka. The mortgage is not in my name and they refuse to add my name but the title deeds are. Strange but true and that's the reason I have only been able to read the volume of advice on here rather than describe my situation for individual advice. Thanks to what I read on here I did not get evicted but did get a Suspended Order. The lender still insists I am not entitled to informa
  12. Vital policy clause ignored by FOS, that Ins Co had previously ignored and not sent to FOS. Urgent, can anyone help me? Policy additional explanation ignored by FOS. Does anyone know if it is possible to get a FOS Ombudsman’s Final Decision reconsidered or made Provisional without Judicial Review, when the insurance company had assessed on the wrong policy clause? I have to decide this week. The insurance company admitted just before an Ombudsman considered my case a clause that strongly helps my case. I had several times emailed FOS to point out that the policy documentation was not comp
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