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  1. In 2017 I took out life cover which included critical life cover. The broker asked the questions and filled the answers in. I checked the signed. When it come to medical questions I was able to in to my medical records and answer the questions truthfully nov 2020 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. This was covered by the policy and made the claim i give consent to access my medical records and which consultants where involved update come back from legal and general informing me records received but further information is needed from the hospital. another update come back saying the consultant had failed to answer the question and have sent another letter to the hospital requesting the information. another update come back saying the question is still unanswered and further information is needed i called legal and general who said it’s with and assessser and she could not tell me what the question was. I received an email 5 minutes later with and update informing me that the records included a “ tia following a collapse in 2014. No other details were provided around this” I have no recollection of this and certainly not in my records. Although I did collapse in 2012 and taken to hospital. This was put down to the death of my mother and no further treatment was needed they said because the hospital have failed to answer the question they would write to my GP i got an update saying the GP failed to answer the question and would be writing to them again another update. The GP had again failed to answer the question the update informed me yesterday that they are unable to proceed and would therefore refer it to an underwriting team every time they have received replies from the doctor or hospital. legal and general have a six week turnaround time. Hence 10 months later this still not been resolved and now I’ve got to wait for the underwriting team how do I go about complaining
  2. Am I overthinking things i bought my grandson a moped which came with one key hes 16 years old. But looks 17/18. I sent him to timpsons to get a spare key cut. They refused to cut him one saying. “We don’t know if you have borrowed that”. They didn’t offer advice what he needed to do to get one cut my issue is. He is mixed race Am I over thinking things
  3. Sorry Emmzzi. My earlier reply was not aimed you the company follows HMRC on it. I just needed to find out what HMRC guidance is on distance from home to office. As I will be working at an office closer to home then I normally would. But I now know that HMRC does not have anything on distance. Only working away from where your normal place of work for 5 hours or more but the company could say no (HMRC say they could). In which case I would be referred to HR handbook which refers to the government bench mark on travel and subsistence at at the end the day it’s a perk thanks
  4. Your reply is really confusing. Don’t know where you got 5 hour travelling from to try to make it simple. Subsistence meal allowance is a government bench mark that companies can use it was introduced many years ago. When companies had subsistenced canteens and sent employees to other sites. It has nothing to do with travelling time or ferries. Don’t know where you got that one from as your aware some companies don’t do it Mine does as my original question the office and work next week is closer. All I wanted was someone knowledgable on the matter. in case the question was asked if under the HMRC policy (if your company follows it). Allows it And no even if the company allows it they don’t have pay the maximum amount. They could set it at £4. To to claim it you must work (not limited to travelling) 5 hours or more. Hence it being called subsistence allowance 5 hours or more but less then 10 I have got to the bottom of it. HMRC don’t have a distance restriction. So could in theory be relocated to an office next door to you house as long as you don’t work their more then 40% of your time in a 2 year period. But your company does not have to accept it I did ask if anyone was knowledgable and not what your thoughts where
  5. No one has said they have. Link is there for those who don’t know about it
  6. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/abolition-of-receipt-checking-for-benchmark-scale-rates-and-changes-to-overseas-scale-rates/abolition-of-receipt-checking-for-benchmark-scale-rates-and-changes-to-overseas-scale-rates
  7. Been working there for years and my contract says when I joined you will be based at xxxxxxx. It’s an on going problem Shortage if staff. Many people have refused They haven’t being forced. It is in our contract that they can ask. So no they can’t force me No I don’t work for HMRC. You can find substance allowance policy on HMRC site which any decent employer should follow.
  8. Is there any knowledgable about the HMRC rules about distances. Don’t really want to get into a debate. Just need some who has been in a similar situation
  9. The subsistence allowance is HMRC policy. Company’s that pay it claim it back via taxes. But cant find any thing about distances. Overnight doesn’t come into it for away from office more then 5 hrs less then 11 meal HMRC help desk said as far as they are aware there is no distance policy as long as you don’t spend more the 40% of the time covering the other office in a 24 month period im looking for some who has knowledge that can confirm it in case work questions it
  10. Does anyone have any knowledge of subsistence meal allowance. Been doing the job for 10 years. Normal day is go in to office. Normally around 3 hours then do local calls rest of the day last year because of staff shortages I was asked 1 week in every 5 to support another office and agreed that I was entitled to the subsistence meal more then 5 hours less then 10. At £4.20 a day. (After Googling I think it should be £5) i live 5 miles from the office the other office is 25 miles away ok my question is. Next week they have asked me to work at another office which is in the opposite direction to my house which is also 5 miles away. But that office has said because they are so busy I could work from home and the calls are even closer 2 miles from home. They even dropped the work for the week over to me but asked me during the coarse of the day to drop completed work into the office by giving it to security i havent asked side work if I could claim the subsistence allowance because I don’t want put thoughts into heads And their not really Knowledgable on these matters. I normally they just guess what they think is right does anyone have knowledge of these matters thanks
  11. also will need a copy of his brothers insurance. as most insurance policys would only cover the car for third party insurance if the car is also insured by the registered keeper
  12. I got a car on finance. What charges should I expect if I phone them for a settlement figure on a £15000 finance that I took out 4 days ago. I don’t want to call yet because the dealer is fitting extras on car that’s not yet been done and it’s not in writing. [ THEY SAID IF BUY THE CAR TO WE WILL FIT THIS]. Worth about £300 And afraid they won’t do it if they realise they won’t get their commission.
  13. the ccj is against her. middle of last year she move she never told the mobile company she moved because she was unaware of any outstanding debt the ccj was granted dec 2016 she just wants to defend the case as she still believes there is no debt. would it be worth drafting a letter to the claimant they say they are going to oppose the application and eek cost on a contractual (indemnity) Basis. whats that mean?
  14. she was unaware she had a debt for a mobile. has 2 children and has mobile phones for them. but as a far has she was aware no contracts were outstanding. she just wants her chance to defend the claim
  15. whats the prospect of getting this claim back to the beginning to dispute it
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