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  1. Hi, I have received a letter from Lantern requesting payment for loans I took out years ago. The loans do not appear on my credit file and have not been on my credit file for at least the last two to three years. I think I defaulted on most of them six years ago that's why they are not on my credit record. Lantern have called me on my work mobile number once recently, ( within the last two weeks) and I refused to answer security questions because I was not sure who I was speaking to. But they did say they where formerly MMF. I do not wish to engage with Lantern, what s
  2. The CSA called me over a year ago to ask if I wanted to write off a debt owed by my now adult children`s father from many years ago. I said I didn`t want them to considering he had managed to escape paying anything for the 14 years that he should have been. My children suffered hardships as a direct result of his (Quote) "I`m not giving you money to make your life easier" attitude. There was one period where they assessed him before he left the job and went self employed. They said they had his new address and would chase it up with him by letter. Now I have received a letter saying
  3. Hi, this is my first post on this site and I would like to thank you all for help and guidance I have recieved. This is my history so far;- 9th October sent 2 x DPA letters to Barclays Bank 9th October sent 2 x DPA letters to Barclaycard (only got reply on one) 9th October sent 14 day letter to Barclays requesting £1180 refunded 14th October recieved letter from Barclaycard stating files on microfiche "not readily accessable" Asked for £3 per statement 17th Octboer recieved 2 x lots of statements from Barclays 24th October issued small claim against Barclays (£1180 increased to
  4. My daughter told of this site and how it had helped her over the years reclaim unfair charges and it has been extremely helpful to her over the years, I know she donated several times and so I decided to register myself. My daughter has suffered severe trauma over the last 12 months and I am very pleased to say that she is in a much better place now. I am trying to sort her finances out, she is unable to work presently and unsure at this time when she will be capable of working. I was considering writing to the companies she owed money to explain what's happened to her and ask i
  5. Hi All I hope that you can give me some advice as I am not sure what has happened to me today is legal. I had to have the vet out to my horse last year and had to pay 500 in advance for his treament and then the rest on account. I had every intention of paying. The debt was in my married name (I have since reverted back to my maiden name) at an old address. My horse was treated however the vet made several mistakes (such as not adminstering him antibiotics which resulted in cellulitus) I disputed the amount at the time. The vet said they would redu
  6. As the title says really, i've been asked if i'd provide a reference, which i'm willing to do as former employer really took advantage of this guy for several years and then sacked him the day after he finds out his wife was pregnant. He was a good guy, hard working, gave it 110%, but used to get a lot of hassle/blame he did not deserve, mostly because of his age and inexperience in dealing with work politics.. I'm wondering what sort of reference is this, obviously it can't be personal, but how much can I say about the way I feel he was treated?
  7. My JC is about to start electronic signing - they already have the little pads installed but are apparently undergoing 'problems' so it won't be operational anytime soon - no surprise there, then! According to what I've learned, as well as being proof that you attended, signing electronically automatically authorises the payment going through and the clerk doesn't have to do it manually. All well and good..until the damn thing goes wrong and there's no record of you having been there to sign on and your payment isn't put through. Even the advisers are worried about this happening and the
  8. Hi, I cancelled my direct debit after the 12 month contract, received a swift letter from harlands stating I need to setup the Direct Debit otherwise I'll face a £25.00 administration fee. I was writing them a letter with the following (template used): I refer to your letter of 09/12/2015. My agreement with Xercise4Less was for a minimum of 12 months. The first payment was for the amount of £34.99 (joining fee + first monthly payment), dated 02/11/2014. The remaining payments were taken on the 2nd of every month up to and including 02/11/2015 with one ad
  9. Hello there! First time post for me so apologies if I miss something! I received a letter from Robinson Way for an alleged barclaycard debt, of which I sent a CCA request enclosing the £1, which they banked. I received a letter saying that they would request the details from their client and it would be on hold until they received the details. Subsequently I've now received a letter saying: "Further to your recent request for a copy agreement on the above account, we are unable to obtain this form the original creditor as this request must be formally made to us in
  10. Hi, I am a new member and this is my first post. There is something that is bugging me for few days. I am studying in London Middlesex University, and free parking is very limited. There are only 3 short streets half a mile away from the university, which are unmarked. As the parking space is limited, sometimes many park outside the pavement, on the grass and the platform I marked in the street view outputs below. 2 days ago when i was looking for a parking, I saw a guy with an unmarked vehicle writing ticket to all the vehicles in the platform and the gr
  11. Afternoon All, I am sure everyone has seen the news about Wonga writing off peoples debts, but question takes it a little bit further. I am in arrears with Wonga and I am coming to the end of a DMP where I have been paying them off. The initial loan was for about £600, and after all arguing and trying to sort things out with them nearly £2000 was added. Can I claim that back ? I not holding my breath though:smile: Any opinions ? Cheers Graham
  12. I have started writing my Will and intend to leave my house to my son. However, I have discovered a possible snag. I understand that due to having a Charge Order against my property I can't leave it to my son. I am of the impression that my house must be sold after my death to pay the Charge Order which prevents my son from inheriting the property. Is this correct?
  13. Been having problems with Vodafone all year - they just get worse and worse! I called in Feb to report poor network coverage. They assured me it was just 4G upgrades and would be over soon. They promised that once the maintenance was finished they would refund my monthly tariff, back dated to when the problems started. In March, I was still having problems (ironically even the call to complain failed from my mobile as I had no signal!). Same story but conveniently they had no record of my previous call and compensation promise. However they offered £15 goodwill and a months tariff. Pretty
  14. Name of the Claimant ? Lowell with Bryan Carter as solicitor Date of issue – . 10 Sep 2014 What is the claim for – The claimants claim is for the sum of £2305 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under an agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 between the defendant and Next under account reference xxxxxx and assigned to the claimant on 1/11/2013 notice of which has been given to the defendant. The defendant failed to maintain contractual repayment under the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served which ha
  15. I recently had an unfairly issued and probably illegal parking ticked from ParkingEye. Has anyone here had any success from writing to their MP? I feel that this is a matter far bigger than the small claims courts. Something needs to happen higher up... I know there are some big cases going through the Court of Appeals at the moment. The collective voice of people on-line ( can see you a positive and highly motivated group!) could make the difference to change the law and stop this abuse of the legal system happening altogether. Has anybody had any success with this so
  16. Good morning all, Been a wee while since i've visited the forum, used to visit regular and help out on the payday loan section. Having a little bit of trouble with civil enforcement and they are now taking me me to court. To cut a long story short I went away to Whitby for the day and parked in a CO-OP car park, I paid the fee but failed to put in my reg correctly. I have been arguing with them for the past two years and they have refused to provide a list of the invalid reg no's for around that time, therefore there is no way do I feel I should have to pay. I have now
  17. I understand that an unsecured debt is statute barred six years after the last payment so long as the creditor does not obtain a CCJ during that period, and so long as the debtor does not acknowledge the debt in writing during that time. Does anyone have any reference material on what acknowledging in writing might look like? Any past examples of cases with samples of what would and would not count as an acknowledgement? I don't want to post some letters I sent here for obvious reasons, but I did send change of address letters which refer to "the account" and so on. Would like t
  18. Hi All, I have an outstanding balance on a current account which has been terminated. I have an arrangment with the recovery dept making a minimal monthly payment. I am going to write an offer letter, for settlement of the account from a one off payment. Does anyone have a template or suggested wording for such a letter? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello Few months ago I have divorced with my wife. To keep costs down to minimum we decided to do it without solicitors. We have mortgage on property since 2008. I paid, and am still paying it. Need some advice how to write her off the mortgage, as it ruins her credit score. I know I can afford it myself, but the problem is that part of my income comes in cash (please forgive), therefore I cant apply to mortgage company to take it all over, as for them I can`t afford it. Is there any way to go around it? For example: She writes to them, that we divorced, she don`t live here anymore, an
  20. Hi, I've been having the usual nightmare with Safeloans. I've made numerous offers of repayment which have been ignored, they can't even be bothered to say 'no' to my offers. It's now at the point where they've issued a Claim Form, hoping I'll give in, or they'll get a judgement against me if I don't turn up to court. I've already acknowledged service online, and plan to defend part of the claim. Their Claim Issue Date: 17 April 2013 Amount Claimed: 546.50 Court Fee: 55.00 Solicitor's costs: 0.00 Total amount: 601.50 Particulars of Claim:
  21. I have been struggling with my mortgage with ge money for years and now they are about to arrange an eviction date. Present monthly payment is around £950 with arrears of around £17000. I cannot lose my home. I have offered in writing to make payments of £1200 per month but fear this may be rejected. They always want to negotiate by phone but I prefer to keep things in writing. Please can someone help
  22. Hi I have an unsecured loan with Everyday Loans with an extortionate APR rate. I don't have a copy of the signed credit agreement at present but I have requested this in writing together with a statement of transactions, as I have never received this either! At present my monthly repayments are £275 per month on a very small loan (£4k). Although I haven't missed a payment I am struggling to maintain the payments and wondered what my options are and if there's any way I can possibly get this written off? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated! Thanks
  23. Hi everyone, Me and my partner are members of DW fitness. We have been members for over 6 months now on student memberships. We have not been there to work out since July! We have been to swim a few times though. My partner got a job that gives him crazy hours so we hardly get to go. We have 2 kids so can't go whenever he isn't working. The gym is also an hour away so we don't get to go much anymore. Because it is quite far, we can't easily go and cancel in person. If I was to write a letter to them stating my membership number, and all the details I can think to give them
  24. My father exists on his state pension plus a small income from RAFA. He bought one of those DIY will packs from W H Smith and drew up the following will on a sheet of A4; I, Reginald XXX XXX bequeath all my property and assets in the United kingdom to my so, Ian XXXX XXXX if he carries out my instructions which he has agreed to, as follows: 1) My body to be conveyed to the crematorium in the cheapest way possible that the law allows. 2) No minister, no eulogy, no organ, but cremated without ceremony. Alternatively to allow my body parts to be used to help only any et
  25. In 2002 applied for their credit card. This arrived adhered to a card with some info on Credit charges, limits, repayments etc..it didn't have any signatures on it. they gave me a limit of £3000 but by 2006 I was struggling to pay a new credit limit of £6,950. I wrote and they offered a maximum 6 months of £1 p/m and no fees/interest charged, this was extended a further 6 months to November 2007. Then they added interest again, and fees of £12. In january 2008 they agreed to me paying £1 p/m for 3 months with a possible additional 3 months after a review. How
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