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  1. i am planning on acknowledging tonight online, however if the court deem it has to be paid will they also issue a CCJ?
  2. oh yea just re read the forms says i can reply to them online so think i will that tonight, phew!! but still worrying about what to write and if they will issue a CCJ if i defend it? thanks again x
  3. i have a phone with a camera but not the lead to hook it up to pc
  4. thanks for the replies, i don't have any means of scanning in the papers. so i have to start writing my defense and don't have a clue where to start, what needs to be included? argh i cant even sleep for worrying!! as i am denying it if they don't agree with me and say i have to pay will i still be issued with a CCJ? im so worried about getting on against me, thanks again in advance
  5. ok thanks, the top 2 were answered so heres the rest... .. What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? failing to maintain payments in accordance with the CCA What is the value of the claim? £950 amount claimed £60 court fee = £1010 Is the claim for a current or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? no When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? 2012 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. debt purchaser
  6. ..and its dates 21st feb! so i have till friday to reply, and i dont have a clue what to do. can anyone help me here, please. sorry in advance if i have posted in wrong place, i thought this was most appropriate. i do dispute the claim it is for £950, and yes i signed the agreement for the credit for an item but returned the item and it was accepted back by the company, it was all done via post and once i returned the item i never heard back from the company till the debt collection agency got in touch and i told them what im say
  7. ah i cant use the budget form i can open it but i cant write in it or save it as i dont have office i use openoffice.org (hich is free)
  8. no shes 28yrs old, not sure about credit license?! so what shall i reply to the DCA?
  9. hello everyone oh i dont even know where to start here! i seem to have debt letters coming out of my ears! here who and what they are... i have rent arrears of £700 with the council who are threatening to seek possesion i owe £230 to lloyds from a very old account (i got back £1400 banck charges an this is all thats left) and its now with westcott i owe £800 to a catalogue (now with moorcroft) i owe £300 to monument for an old closed credit card (yes i ahve tried an failed to get my ppi back from them twice) and fredricksons and brian carter are chasing me
  10. hi all, well she sent the studio a letter, one each to each of the managers and have informed the DCA shes awaiting a reply and below is what she received as a reply ... ''Well you need to contact the studio and chase them up then!! If you don’t have a fixed address then they may have sent them to the address you provided but you aren’t there…. I have just emailed them for an update The fact that you are stating to be unemployed and that you can’t pay much is not acceptable… you signed an agreement for a certain amount every month (if you weren’t sure you could pay this then the agre
  11. oh thank you very much yes she dont have a lot to leave just pensions, house furnishings and jewellery really no houses or major lump sums, but she does know that her step son will contest the will as im in it,
  12. thank you all again she is going to write a letter to the studio first and see what happens with them, and depending what they say if she HAS to pay then she wants the discs back and photo shopped as promised. but what to say to the DCA to hold them off whilst she awaits a reply?
  13. hi all thank you for your replies, i thought as much, yes its a simple will she knows what she wants to leave ect, we had a couple of quotes but they all want £80+ and my nan is only a pensioner, are the D.I.Y wills legal and legit??
  14. hey all my nan wants to re-write her will and i have just seen an offer on WOWCHER offering a will writing service for £19 from a company called WSL limited? how can i find out if there legit? (sorry if this is posted in the wrong section) thanks all x
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