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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, Starting a thread for my new claim for my very old mortgage insurance claim with Countrywide Assured. Having looked around the site I see they are resistant to paying out, especially old claims. They tend to claim it's too old, not covered by regulation and the FOS can't touch them. Nice. Luckily I have old bank statements and tracked down all the monthly payments to the policies. Going to send a SAR tomorrow to see if they have any information on my accounts.
  2. Good Afternoon everyone, Having had a read of these forums I have seen how helpful you have been with offering advice to other people so decided to register and post my own situation to see if you can offer me any advice. I am currently a private tenant through a letting agent. I originally signed an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement on the 1st October 2016, which was a 12 month agreement with a 6 Month break clause. This agreement was signed by both myself and my Girlfriend at the time, so this original tenancy has not yet ended. On the 12 June 2017 (3 and a half months
  3. In August last year, I signed a 12 month AST Tenancy that was set up through a letting agency but the Landlord has taken over things since that was set up and signed for. In February, I asked the Landlord about extending the Tenancy and also so that should he ever require me to leave the property, I would have sufficient time to find alternative accommodation. On 1st March, he inspected the property and was happy withe everything and we talked about a Tenancy extension. We verbally agreed that the Tenancy would be extended by 6 months as of August 2017 when the existing AST would exp
  4. Hi, Can anyone explain legal term in Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement'...execusion of this agreement..' Rent in advance was paid on execusion of this agreement and then mothly afterwards. The agent twists this part. Thanks,
  5. Hello, I am new to the forum having joined today. I'd be so grateful for any advice please. In September 2015, I signed as a guarantor for my son's first year student rental in a shared house. I understood then (as now) that each renter and guarantor were jointly and severally liable for any debt or damage incurred. This agreement was signed by each party on the understanding that there would be six tenants in a shared house. However the sixth tenant never showed up and the letting agency have failed to find a replacement renter. This has meant bills have had to be shared by 5 instead of
  6. Been having problems with Vodafone all year - they just get worse and worse! I called in Feb to report poor network coverage. They assured me it was just 4G upgrades and would be over soon. They promised that once the maintenance was finished they would refund my monthly tariff, back dated to when the problems started. In March, I was still having problems (ironically even the call to complain failed from my mobile as I had no signal!). Same story but conveniently they had no record of my previous call and compensation promise. However they offered £15 goodwill and a months tariff. Pretty
  7. I currently rent my home from Home group in the North East. I have received my annual rent increase letter. However it has been brought to my attention we are paying a higher band of rent than a friend of mine who lives in the same size house just 10 houses away, on the same estate but different street. Now I'm not talking a few quid difference I'm talking £30 per week difference which i think is extortionate. With this in mind I did a bit of searching and found a valuation office agency electronic rent register and found tenancies in my street moving in after us where the rent is shown as
  8. I have an assured tenancy in a housing association flat. I first moved into the complex in January, 1994. Due to my disability stairs were a real problem, so in February 2001 I transferred down to this flat which is on the ground floor. If I came into some money would I have to leave my flat? The amount wouldn't be enough for me to buy my own place and I wouldn't get a mortgage as I am not working due to disability. This flat has been adapted for me and can be adapted further should I need to use a wheelchair in the future. I would stop my means tested benefits and would th
  9. I just moved into a new flat 3 days ago, but I signed the tenancy agreement 7 days ago (I couldn't move in earlier because the landlord hadn't cleaned/maintained the flat in a good living condition). Anyway, the matter is that I just got a job to go abroad for 6 months (Exactly the duration of the tenancy agreement) and I don't want to be paying rent here for an empty flat. Is there any possible way I can get out of the contract before the initial 6 months term? there is no other clause in the contract. Thank you.
  10. I am currently an assured tenant after inheriting my mothers regulated tenancy. It's a home I've grown up in all my life and after my succession I've had nothing but trouble with the LL - they actually said, in court, they never wanted me to stay there and begrudge me living in the property despite it being my home all my life. I had a feeling this would happen but it appears the LL wishes to put the rent up. I was open to an increase because I can appreciate that the rent previously had been very low however I'm effectively being priced out of the property. He's increased the rent 4x f
  11. Hi all, Thought I would share with you my current battle with the lovely Countrywide Assured! Well I will cut a long story short.................... Back in 2000 I needed a mortgage offer urgently as going to auction for the house i was renting. I had never had a mortgage before, and the advisor told me that there was a new and exciting product on the market called a half endowment/half repayment. I trusted the salesman and signed all paperwork. 18 months down the line I realised my critical error and swaped over to all repayment and cancelled all of my dealings with
  12. Hi all, I wonder if someone could clarify something that is bugging me.... We recently indicated to our letting agent that we were thinking of terminating our Short Term Assured Tenancy Lease. She came straight back to say that as we had started the lease on the 4th of the month we must start our one months notice from the 4th of the month also, otherwise we would run into the next month and could end up having to serve almost two months notice.. Is that correct or could our one months notice start from any point in the month?
  13. Kids are a bloody nightmare. As above, my Son and 3 mates have had a 12 month FT AST from 8/9/2011 to 7/9/2012. This is managed by Leaders. They recieved an invitation to extend the contract from 8/9/2012 to 7/9/2013 (intention to renewal or similar) and have continued to live at the house. My Son popped into Leaders last week to ask for the current Tenancy to see if there was a leaving early clause as they all finish in May this year and didn't want to pay rent for the 3 months they wouldn't be there. They were given a copy of the original Tenancy and have never signed for 2012
  14. Hi, I was travelling from Redditch station at midday today but arrived as the train had arrived (left packing slightly late ended up running to the station) i asked at the counter whether it was possible for me to buy a ticket on the train, was referred to the conductor as it was his decision. He was making his final announcements so i waited on the platform until he had finished and then asked him. His reply was it would cost £3-4 more than the ticket machine but I could if i couldn't wait for the next train (Every half hour from the station would have made me late for my coach). So I th
  15. I jointly own a 5 bedroom property which we let individual rooms. In 1991 we obtained planning permission for three flats and instructed our managing agent to give everyone 6 months notice to quit and have the property empty by march 1992. The agent then informed us he had a allowed a single mother with 5 children into the property with out any form of shorthold tenancy agreement. We took him to court regarding this an rents he held on our behalf, he went bankrupt had everything in his wife's name to we were left with a tenant without an agreement. Over the years she has been behind in her ren
  16. Hi all just registered on here as i need a little advice if anyone here can help me out please I'm in a privately rented semi-detached property which is let out from an Local Estate Agency this is due to end at the point of writing this on the 1st of October 2012, My short assured tenancy agreement states i have to give 2 months notice to leave the property which by there way of think is i should have put my notice to them on the 1st of August 2012. Im having loads of problems with my next door neighbours and it basically kicked off last night when they had a party and my wee 2
  17. Hi I intend to move to an Assured Tenancy accommodation at the end of September. The new letting agent has had references form my 2 previous landlords and a personal reference as well. My previous landlords have confirmed that I left them with no arrears.the rent was always paid in full and on time etc. The new landlord now wants a financial reference and has requested me to provide him with full copies of my last 3 bank statements showing all monies paid into and out of my account along with details of where monies came from and where payments went out to. I feel this over intrusive an
  18. Hello all, some advice please. We have lived in our current home for almost 5 years on annual SAT's. when we last renewed we gave verbal notice of our intention to purchase our own home and negotiated a month-by-month arrangement with 2 months notice to quit. We have purchased a new home with an entry date of 31/8/12 and have given more than the required notice to our landlord. Notice has been accepted. The acceptance of our notice came with a message that the landlord intends to put up marketing boards and give us posters to display " for let". In addition the landlord assumes t
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