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  1. Caro, As I will lose my means tested benefits, I will have to live off the money I get, so no real treats, but it will be nice to feel I am not taking money from the state. Thanks for your help.
  2. I did look in the Tenancy Agreement and there's nothing about coming into money.
  3. Thanks Silverfox. I know I am not doing anything wrong by not telling them, but at the same time don't want to rock the boat by asking a probable unnecessary question if you know what I mean.
  4. Just thought they might say I have to either buy my own place, but as i said in my initial post that won't happen, or even go to a private landlord.
  5. PoppySong


    Thanks Caro. Off to have a look.
  6. Thanks Caro. Not sure whether to ask the HA. Wouldn't want in future them to say I should have told them.
  7. PoppySong


    Thank you caro and Nysagmite. Now i need to go and find out what PIP is:)
  8. PoppySong


    I am right in thinking DLA is not means tested? Also when I retire will I still get it, or does it commute to Attendance Allowance?
  9. The flats are for everyone. I thought the same, as long as the rent is paid I can't see they'd mind. As soon as the money is in my bank account I will go straight into the offices and let the benefits people know. I will live off it carefully and like you say reapply for benefits when i get below the threshold. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  10. I have an assured tenancy in a housing association flat. I first moved into the complex in January, 1994. Due to my disability stairs were a real problem, so in February 2001 I transferred down to this flat which is on the ground floor. If I came into some money would I have to leave my flat? The amount wouldn't be enough for me to buy my own place and I wouldn't get a mortgage as I am not working due to disability. This flat has been adapted for me and can be adapted further should I need to use a wheelchair in the future. I would stop my means tested benefits and would then be paying my own rent direct to the HA. I'd welcome any info/advice. Thanks
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