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  1. Thank you so much that is very useful I will write a letter. They do need to do something about their procedures. One almost thinks they make it this hard on purpose so that the complainer gives up in despair!
  2. Incompetent via every avenue of communication. I got on to hat again and they had put a credit in my account (what use is that, I have left!) but have now assured me it is being refunded to my account. I think I will contact bank though as so far they have not once done what they said they'd do!! I didn't realise they had an official complaints procedure, their website is also so difficult to navigate around. Will look into this thank you.
  3. I posted previously about my dealings with Vodafone and sure enough despite telling me in writing that I would not be charged a £96.77 final bill, but that they actually owed me £31 and they had waived the bill and were sending me a cheque, no cheque has appeared and £96.77 has today left my account. I still can't believe that a company such as this can get away with their terrible service. How on earth will I get my money back plus the money they actually owe me? It seems to be hopeless talking to their chat team. They obviously never action what they assure their customers. The
  4. Been having problems with Vodafone all year - they just get worse and worse! I called in Feb to report poor network coverage. They assured me it was just 4G upgrades and would be over soon. They promised that once the maintenance was finished they would refund my monthly tariff, back dated to when the problems started. In March, I was still having problems (ironically even the call to complain failed from my mobile as I had no signal!). Same story but conveniently they had no record of my previous call and compensation promise. However they offered £15 goodwill and a months tariff. Pretty
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