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  1. so you have employees rights. suspension should be paid. what's in your contract.it's fishy.you're punished while they breach emloyment law in not paying you.
  2. he was drunk waved his hands during arrest and was accused from asaulting police. there was court hearing but no convicion. he said it in the interview.
  3. how long how you been with them for? It seems to me that suspension was excessive. could not just talk to you?
  4. yes but there is no point to elaborate about other cases it was repeated WCA after years
  5. You not going to believe me but I just met Donald trump looklike with blond wave fringe wig who thought he will win.
  6. there were obviously other issues such as failing to attend WCA.
  7. some security staff are bulies and criminals although the checks are strict. friend didn't pass last stage when the found out he was arrested without even caution.
  8. I think it explains that I am cautious. I witnessed sanctions or claims being stopped. I guess when you work in the DWP office you do not see negative conseqences as those people come to charity for help successfully processed claimants do not have such need.
  9. I just remember that I volunteered to sell cherries. since then I hate retail and would not want to do it although people said I was good at persuading people to buy ssomething.
  10. My source is my ex-charity work and I assume we had to deal with a lot of 'rejects' then. I wonder whether it was because they were recoving from alcoholism, drugs, were in debt, had lack of education, work-experience so complex cases.Volunteering was a way forward for them.
  11. It looks like you've got a green light to procede. Are you up to it?
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