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  1. Hello Few months ago I have divorced with my wife. To keep costs down to minimum we decided to do it without solicitors. We have mortgage on property since 2008. I paid, and am still paying it. Need some advice how to write her off the mortgage, as it ruins her credit score. I know I can afford it myself, but the problem is that part of my income comes in cash (please forgive), therefore I cant apply to mortgage company to take it all over, as for them I can`t afford it. Is there any way to go around it? For example: She writes to them, that we divorced, she don`t live here anymore, an
  2. Hi all, looking for some advice. Got mortgage with Northern Rock (NRAM). £135k secured on house and £25k unsecured loan to top up to value of house when it was bought. Bit is paid off by now (well, negative equity any way). Inherited some money from parents. What is better way now: pay off unsecured part of it or actual mortgage on house? If anything happens and i will not be able to pay instalments for both, only for house part, can they reposes house for pay off that unsecured loan or as it is unsecured they cant`t do anything? Just can`t get grip on that. I know I can go to solicit
  3. Cheers Shadow, made me much happier So now, hopefully without wasting your knowledge and time on me, quick one: Is there a point for me to fight my corner and tell them i`ll be paying that £100 and not a penny more and ask to freeze interest (coz thats what would really help me to pay them off) or just sit, pay and cry? I feel little stuck here. Everything goes up bills, food, petrol, mortgage (soon interest rates will raise) and now that. And my earnings gone down. Really appreciate replies, Wont`n mourn any more (#Always look on the bright side of life#) Regards
  4. Thanks for reply. It`s Virgin, MBNA, Barclaycard. And it`s not interest rate going up, just 1% of balance added to every month payment. I closed account with Virgin some time ago, that didn`t stop them from doing so. Thanks, you think i`m not in financial difficulties Shadow, i know there are people in far worse situation than me, but i`m floating just just on surface, this raise means i`m going down and then i`m in troubles. Dear Victoria If that comes from European Credit Directive, does that mean i can`t say no? Is that in my agreed Terms & Conditions? (Didn`t read small print in
  5. Hey all Received letters from credit card companies about new charges on my accounts. Basicly they will add percentage of my debt to monthly payment to "help" me pay it off quicker. Is that legal? Can they do that? It`s not change in interest, they just add extra money to it. Can`t afford new charges as it raises my payments on 3 cards from £300 to about £450. HELP?!
  6. And LOL is northern rock subprime lender? got mortgage with them.
  7. Ok matrix. Is that cartel client rev that states in the article (FT.com / UK - Banks face loans write-off after ruling) any better than cento? Because that exactly what they told me about over the phone. But it only works if one didnt sign any papers. (like credit card online). And to be honest i dont remember if signing papers but cant see how could i get it without doing so.
  8. Hi all. Im polish so sorry for any misspelling or any other language probs.. Just got a call from cento an hour ago and looks like made good decision not pay them money without checking them first. They asked me to pay them £149+VAT (?). Told them to call me tomorrow as need to check them. Wonder if they call me back? Although didnt think when they have my number from. Is it cold calling? Anyway im very happy to be here as i see just saved some money. Is that "writting off debts" story real at all?
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