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  1. Hi, Im new here, but needed to find somewhere I can get some advice. I will just put it out there, I have been put on sick leave by my doctor due to depression, which I have never suffered with before. I am a cleaner for a medical centre, 2 months ago as I walked into work, the manger told me to follow her, she walked me into the kitchen, pointed to crumbs on the floor and told me to clean it up then walked out leaving me stood there like a lemon, I had just started work and would of cleaned it when I got to that room, 3 weeks ago, I walked past her again as she was
  2. CAN ANYONE WHO READS THIS PLEASE GIVE ME SOME THAT IS CORRECT AND FACTUAL BECAUSE I HAVE TO HAND IN MY DEFENCE FORM AND EVIDENCE TO THE COUNTY COURT TOMORROW. This is something I think everyone should read as it may help you defend a sec 21 and eviction. I will give as much information a possible without it becoming to long to read or confusing. I will refer to the Landlady as She or Her. In August 2017 I moved into a self contained unit in a house that had been converted to 6 flats each with electric meter, bathroom, simple kitchen unit but still classed as a self contained studi
  3. The sign The PCN To my untrained eye I see 2 errors on PCN ,and the relationship of the PCN to the sign. On the PCN the reduced charge amount is obliterated by the miss alignment of the printing , so the driver would not know the correct amount to pay . The sign shows a penalty amount of £90 reduced to £50 for early payment , whereas the PCN shows a penalty amount of £100 reduced to £? Good enough cause for the PCN to be cancelled ? What I have not shown is that as well as above, the phone numbers for enquiry or payment on the sign are totally different
  4. Ofgem's proposals to shake up the energy market put "too much onus" on the customer and "do not go far enough", says one energy company boss. The energy regulator said four million pre-pay customers would be protected by an interim price cap from next April. It added it would work with suppliers to help "disengaged" customers to search for cheaper deals. But First Utility's managing director, Ed Kamm, told the BBC the plans were in danger of helping the wrong people. "Ofgem itself admits that consumers who are already engaged in the market will see the first benefits," he said
  5. Ofgem's proposals to shake up the energy market put "too much onus" on the customer and "do not go far enough", says one energy company boss. The energy regulator said four million pre-pay customers would be protected by an interim price cap from next April. It added it would work with suppliers to help "disengaged" customers to search for cheaper deals. But First Utility's managing director, Ed Kamm, told the BBC the plans were in danger of helping the wrong people. "Ofgem itself admits that consumers who are already engaged in the market will see the first benefits," he said
  6. Ok to summarise: Received a DVLA fine for not being Insured, and not on the database. Checked my documents (they had me worried!) I am still insured! Yay. Conacted Insurer who assured me I am insured and they would check db to update it. Sent DVLA my appeal which included photocopy of valid insurance, cover letter and info etc. Received a DVLA Letter saying (this is not verbatim): "We checked with the insurer and there is no evidence of insurance, pay us" With angry haste, contacted my insurance company who said "let me investigate" The
  7. Hi I’m new to this forum so ‘hello’ & I’d be very grateful for any thoughts that people have. In summary I’m in dispute with a local Estate Agency. I allege that, in July 2014, employees of the agency caused £300 of damage to the bodywork of my car. Initially the agency did not respond to my complaints & requests for compensation. Eventually they contacted me by ‘phone to deny liability and refuse to put their position in writing. I referred the matter to The Property Ombudsman Service (TPOS) who was able to conclude that the agency had failed to respo
  8. Hi Guys, A claim with an employment tribunal has been going through, and on Friday 15th 2016, and agreement was arranged as an out of court settlement to pay a fixed sum of £9,000 by Friday 22nd 2016. I have now been informed that the company is unable to make the payment as it does not have the available funds in the bank. the company is still active, does anybody know what I should be doing to get the funds paid? The agreement was set through ACAS. Thanks Guys
  9. Hello All, I discovered this site at the weekend and spent hours reading the post, its fantastic to see such friendly and helpful people giving each other support and I hope I can get some of that support here I have been going around circles with Vodafone, I have tweeted, called, been into the shop, sent letters, completed the online chat and all I seem to get ist he Vodafone run around, it seems there is no where you can turn for help and support. Even the feedback to the CEO's office that I found on the website returns nothing, the 48 hours that they promise to help has gone!
  10. Hello, I am moving out of a flat on the 14th November and am I currently on a 6 month fixed term tenancy. I phoned the LL on the 16th october just to let them know we would not be renewing the contract this time they did ask to do this in writing but this was not done as we received a letter from the LL accepting we would not be renewing. Two days ago they put a note in the letter box Following a telephone conversation regarding ending your contract with us, please be aware we have received no written notice. Therefore you will be liable for rental payments covering your 30
  11. Hi all, Some help/advise please? In may I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and kept my employer informed all the way - was assured that "everything would be done to support me" - long story short, I'm now out of work. I claimed ESA as I'm not fit for work right now but was turned down because of I didn't have enough NIC's. So I literally have no money (not eligible for income based as my other half works and "we'll have too much money" - HA! That's a laugh). Is there anything I can do for myself to get some money from the Government? Is there any except
  12. THESE ARE ACTUAL COMPLAINTS RECEIVED BY “THOMAS COOK VACATIONS FROM DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS”: [Take the above with a pinch of salt as this came in an email] 1. “I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local convenience store does not sell proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger nuts.” 2. “It’s lazy of the local shopkeepers in Puerto Vallarta to close in the afternoons. I often needed to buy things during ‘siesta’ time — this should be banned.” 3. “On my holiday to Goa in India , I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don
  13. Hello, I am after some advice for an issue I have with Virgin Mobile. August last year I cancelled my contract at the end of term. I called the one month before the contract renewal date to tell them I did not want my contract to renew. I was told that everything would be cut off at the end of August and I wouldn’t receive any further charges against this contract. In the December of 2012, I was going back through my bank statements and I noticed that the monthly charges for the mobile had continued. I contactedVirgin to get this resolved. I receiv
  14. Article in today's Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/jul/22/disabled-benefits-claimants-test-atos
  15. Hi, I will try to keep my emotions out of this as much as possible, and try to break it down as easy as possible. [Please note that I do apologise for the length of this thread, I wasn't expecting it to turn out this long.] On the 26th of December 2012 I found what I thought to be a lovely 2004 Jeep for sale on Autotrader by a trader. It was advertised as having 34,000 miles and whilst speaking over the phone was stated that it was recently serviced by them and only had 2 owners from new, the second owner trading it back to them just a couple of weeks ago. I was at no point given any indi
  16. I am 22 and i started my job last July and was generally quite productive getting 4, 5 or maybe more cases done per day. My supervisor who had started a month before me and wasn't the supervisor from the beginning took a dislike to me. He would try to find mistakes and then tell me i was making too many (when i had my cases checked by other members of staff i never had as many mistakes). I was off ill for 3 weeks from september into october 2012 having been in hospital and having surgery so when i started back after that i took a bit of time to get back into the swing of things but
  17. Hi everyone, Me and my partner are members of DW fitness. We have been members for over 6 months now on student memberships. We have not been there to work out since July! We have been to swim a few times though. My partner got a job that gives him crazy hours so we hardly get to go. We have 2 kids so can't go whenever he isn't working. The gym is also an hour away so we don't get to go much anymore. Because it is quite far, we can't easily go and cancel in person. If I was to write a letter to them stating my membership number, and all the details I can think to give them
  18. i understand the nations problem with weight and how to lose it, but what about those that need help gaining it? weight is a sensitive issue in that it makes one become self conscious just by a mention of the word. i believe alot more needs to be done on raising awareness for people suffering on both ends of the scale. i, for one have realized and accepted i will never look like the bloke on tv, nor who i want to (which is surprisingly like the bloke on tv), but where do i go from here? tips on how to gain weight are most welcome.
  19. Hi, I am currently in repayment plans with a few different payday loan lenders and i am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as i have already paid 4 off. However payday express that i am in a repayment plan with has decided to register a default on my credit file and thanks to them my score is a big fat 0!! (I'm probably the only person to have such a low score!) I have never made a late payment to them or anything but because i'm in a repayment plan they have said that they have the right to register a default as the loan has not been paid back within 90 days. The funny th
  20. Hi I'm new to this forum ,iv read lots of posts on here similar to mine and the advice and support on here is brilliant so i thought id post and hopefully some one can help me. My husband left me feb 2011 so i started claiming tax credits,based on i worked 19 hours a week and have 3 children. He moved into his parents and just paid board to his mum(cash) He continued to pay mortgage,insurance,sky and council tax here instead of maintenance. So i paid every thing else which comes with running a house 3 kids and a dog(poorly dog with heavy vets bills) I asked and asked him to cha
  21. hello all!! i got into a payment plan with these guys and paid nearly £600 for a £300 loan a year back. i think they have had more than they deserve and now i want them to stop harassing me. is there a sample letter i can send telling them i have paid them the loan principle plus a months interest and wont be paying them any more? maybe citing the fsa regulations? your help would be appreciated. thanks
  22. Speaker John Bercow spending taxpayers money like confetti http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2176420/Speaker-Bercow-spends-1-320-new-shower-screen-taxpayer-funded-Commons-flat.html This beggars belief, people get imprisoned for not being able to pay the fine for not having a TV licence and he gets his paid for! What, so he can't afford one then? Or is a TV a necessary tool of the job? I don't think so. Why should these people in high places who don't actually do anything resembling a proper job but get paid huge salaries with untold perks be special cases? They rub it in o
  23. They've lost the plot. http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2012/05/our-employment-laws---the-weak.html
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