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  1. Can anyone advise if this should be moved to another forum which may be seen by those with knowledge of legal stuff, maybe one which addresses small claims?
  2. The CSA called me over a year ago to ask if I wanted to write off a debt owed by my now adult children`s father from many years ago. I said I didn`t want them to considering he had managed to escape paying anything for the 14 years that he should have been. My children suffered hardships as a direct result of his (Quote) "I`m not giving you money to make your life easier" attitude. There was one period where they assessed him before he left the job and went self employed. They said they had his new address and would chase it up with him by letter. Now I have received a letter saying they plan to write off the debt, which is over £2000. My question is: Is it possible to claim the amount directly from your ex through the small claims process online? Can I request a copy of the paperwork stating the amount owed and send this as proof? I am aware I can do a SAR. I`ve briefly searched forums and not found any examples of people doing this through the courts (to recoup the money owed).
  3. Thank you. I wasn`t missed, you answered and very comprehensively. I havn`t had an email back from them, so I will see what happens. I had poor service from PO previously with a car insurance so not keen on their offer which is quite an increase in price.
  4. My cheap landline deal has gone from Primus to Fuel Broadband now received an email to say it is sold to PostOffice and the price will increase. I had a look on the web and an equivalent cheap deal is supplied by `Naims`- (£11.50 pm +vat) I had an online form to fill out, no payment details to put in yet but the site was very basic. I only want a landline because I have to, I make maybe one call every few months if my mobile signal is bad. Anyone else use Naims?
  5. Are you sure that`s right? As I understand it the legal owner is the only one who can sell it. The keeper is responsible for it but you can`t sell something you don`t legally own.
  6. I think I would be inclined to ring your union main office and say you need to speak to someone who knows more about employment law.
  7. The flat above theirs is owned by the council. Newmoses has bought their flat from the council previously. Personally I would enlist help from my local councillor. The tenant above is obviously breaking the terms of their tenancy by damaging the property, which is cause for eviction but if the council are following the legal steps that they should (i.e.writing to them and asking to gain entry) They have to go through a process which can end in them taking tenant to court but it takes time. I would have thought suing would be costly to you and would not get you any further if the council are doing what they can. Why not ring the council and ask to speak to the housing manager, ask how far along they are with it and keep the pressure on, as I said get your councillor to investigate on your behalf.
  8. Thanks for that information. I think that one issue of disrepair does not breach the decent homes standard and because they are going to repair they are doing their bit. It just seems a waste of money to do that now and then rip it out and replace the lot in 2017.
  9. Hi. (Re: local authority) I`m confused about the decent homes standard. After searching for details on the web, it seems there is a conflict between the recommendation for a new kitchen; is it 20 years or 30? The maximum limit seems to be 30 but even on the gov website it seems to say 20 in some places. My kitchen is falling apart in places, they are saying that they will replace some units, missing drawers, taps, worktops and broken floor tiles. Of course they wont be able to match them up and I told them that I wasn`t happy and this was just a bodge up. We are disputing when the kitchen was last done but even on their figures it is 25 years, I think it`s more like 30 because they took over from another authority after boundary changes and my neighbours at the time I moved in told me when modernisation was done - they said early 80`s but I have to accept what the council are saying they have on their record. The Manager seemed to be saying "is it worth doing this when it will all be replaced in another 5 years" but the surveyor wasn`t having any of it. I am going to make a complaint because I havn`t got anything to lose by it but I just wondered if anyone had issues previously or knew anything I could put in my complaint that would help. I think the work that they are going to do is daft when it will all be done under tenants choice in a few years and they don`t HAVE to wait for 30 years to replace a kitchen which is obviously not in a good state. Anyone had a kitchen replaced at less than 30 years? I really resent paying the same rent as others in urban areas who seem to get things done first, it`s a fact that more homes in rural areas don`t meet good standards than homes in urban areas. I have done the bathroom myself, paying for shower fitted and full tiling, I am a good tenant and I would have put a new kitchen in myself over the years if I could afford it. Any comments appreciated.
  10. And just to reply to greasmonkey`s point, I did sent the chief exec an email about a year ago when they doubled the monthly (or daily for those that pay that way) charge. I pointed out that it was a lot of money for a health care worker or a domestic to pay and the equivalent of someone on the top salary scale paying hundreds of pounds a month. He sympathised but wasn`t getting into differences in pay and the Trust needed to raise money! I had pointed out that I lived a long way from work, no buses where I live and no alternatives at 6:30am (when I usually set off) but to use a car. Yes I am looking for another job, they don`t make you feel that they value their staff at all.
  11. Yes it is a private parking company acting on behalf of my employer. I think these lot have been employed on a piece work basis judging by the amount of yellow and black tickets I have seen on cars in the last few weeks.
  12. Hi. I pay £36 a month to park at work in a hospital (around a mornings wage for me). I have a pass which is displayed in the screen. Parking is so scarce that if you arrive after 7am you find it hard to find a space. Hence there is a bay for people who have to do a late shift (the notice states 12 onwards but that would make me late for work!). I set off quite early from home in case of traffic problems and on this particular day I was having a meeting before my shift with ward Sister so got there for 10:30. when I returned to my car I had a ticket for £50, reduced to £20 if paid in 10 days. I have used this bay for over 2 years on and off without a problem until this new company took over checking the car park recently. What is really annoying is that the old parking company stopped checking passes and for the last 6 months lots of staff who buy a ticket daily rather than monthly stopped bothering, so I have paid hundreds of pounds in charges when others were getting away with it . Needless to say I have no intention of paying as I pay enough already and my intention was to write them a letter stating that fact and that their charges notice is unenforceable and they could take this as an appeal or a refusal to pay but I would not enter into any other correspondence on the matter. I thought I would have a quick look on here to see what others have done and the general advice seems to be to ignore them completely. However, I did see that in the forum there was a case of someone being taken to court a couple of years after the event on behalf of an NHS Trust. As this notice has the logo of the NHS Trust at the top my feeling is that I should still write as silence may be taken as a guilty party just trying to get out of paying. The hospital are not sympathetic to any staff who have trouble parking and their literature states that if there is no space available then you have to go off site to park, (almost impossible). Also, when I feel wronged I am the sort of person who likes to have my say. Any thoughts would be welcomed.
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