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  1. they have stopped the interest and charges. pay by standing order. Im still waiting on a reply
  2. its quick quid i have emailed them saying im not happy about paying 600 for someone in financial difficulties. they have been reasonable setting up a repayment plan but paying 600 interest is outrageous
  3. I took out a payday loan of 800 and agreed to 3 stupid installments They said i could not set up a repayment plan for the full balance til all 3 have defaulted After the first defaulted I kept pestering them and finally they agreed to cancel the agreement and set up an affordable repayment plan. SO not even a month old they want 1400 is this correct? 600 in interest is it because i chose 3 different installments?
  4. hey thanks for the help. who do i send the SAR too shop direct? i will give it a go. did you get a repayment plan?
  5. I have had problems paying my littlewoods debts and couldnt come to an arrangement with them. i emailed them and they said it has been sold on to NDR they have also been hounding me with phone calls (i dont answer). Im abit confused from reading other posts. Do NDR actually own it now and who do i pay token payments too? I dont have a clue when it comes to this.
  6. so i have a loan due tomorrow and i cant pay i have already rolled over the loan once and i cant afford to do this now. I phoned them up and they said they could not freeze the interst but could set up a 4 month plan with added interest taken the balance to 400 pound can they do this? My original loan was 100 paying back 125 please help
  7. just an update to those who are interested. my due date was today and i couldnt pay i went on live chat and set up an 8 month plan got it in writing too.
  8. ok thanks. i have sent them an email with a reasonable offer so i will just have to wait and see
  9. i ment quick quid havent helped at all blossom, i think everyone else has been very helpful i thank everyone for there advice.
  10. this thread wasnt ment to get so extreme lol i was told i would get help and i have none what so ever. i do not want to phone either maybe i will email tomorrow i might mention this thread aswell
  11. ok update:: they clearly know who i am on here now and the quickquid agent on here did no favors for me what so ever still the same offer on the table pay over 4 weeks this is a joke. what to do now?
  12. but the customer service agent said thats all they can offer me surely thats the final offer on the table?
  13. yeah i no how much i can pay each month and thats pushing it. i dont really care if they no my username i am showing willingness to pay or come to an arrangement i just dont know. if they agree a suitable plan i wouldnt have too secure my wages they cant raid my account coz i have jack in it anyway lol. still no response from qq on here??/
  14. ok so i spoke too customer services and they offered me a pre default plan splitting my balance over 4 weeks lol:lol: they said thats all they can offer me just now so how is this helpful? i would like too hear the response from the quickquid person on here? i guess im going to have to default and see what happens
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