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  1. I had a letter put through the door I responded to the court at Northampton - they wrote back saying they needed more details (which the bailiff didn't provide) this was back in September/Early October. Then I get the text today despite sending details back again to the court. Where do I go with this now? I do have someone at work who deals with our tickets that the company vehicles get and she sent it all off for me. How has the Bailiff got my mobile number? Surely this is against GDPR? No not this one this was sorted out thankfully. This one is just as much of a mystery.
  2. The Bailiff has text me back despite saying that the number doesn't receive them. The issue is it is for a parking charge - he has told me the council but not the vehicle registration - this is the one that I appealed. The court said they couldn't help me without knowing the council (Bromley) I know now and the vehicle registration. The Bailiff has not given me this.
  3. Hi - No I don't it doesn't say. I have appealed some parking tickets which went to Northampton but that is all I can think it can be.
  4. I have had a text from Equita saying that they are visiting my property - gave me a reference and said to discuss with Bailiff. How have they got my mobile number? I am reluctant to call - it has said that if anyone has Covid symptoms to let them know.
  5. I rang them regarding the out of time application. The Bailiff has finally given us the details now - we have also emailed DVLA regarding a duplicate acknowledgement.
  6. I have just contacted Northampton County Court and the Bailiff has given us the wrong details for the PCN. I am really on the point of losing it - he it taking total advantage now. It should be two letters followed by 7/8 numbers he has only given us 6701645. No use to man nor beast and leaves us without a car for another few days!! There must be a governing body that oversees Bailiffs?
  7. Hi thank you that is great. He advertised it on Gumtree I think I will check with him. I have completed these before so should be OK. My son has looked for the details (it was back in February 2017), he has an ABI which confuses things even more - he cannot find them and has moved back home in that time as well just to complicate matters.
  8. Hi, could anyone advise on the correct form to complete? I have a PE2 and a TE7. Or is it the form N something? Thank you for your help
  9. The bailiff has finally given us the details this morning!! A whole week of asking him, what a bully he is. It is for London Congestion Charge. The car was registered to my son for the 10 or so days he owned it. He is ringing TFL today AND DVLA to ask for a copy of the slip sent to confirm he sold the vehicle. In the meantime I am going to file an out of time so that the ticket can be re-issued and hopefully get this removed.
  10. Sad to say there is no paperwork for this one. I have chased him all week all we have is the vehicle registration - so at the moment the vehicle is clamped at the bailiffs say so. He has provided no proof of any fine or court action.
  11. I have tried for two days now to get the details of the ticket so I can file an 'Out of time' application. The bailiff is not responding - he told me Wednesday evening that he was dealing with another case but would send details. He hasn't. The car is still clamped and I am at a loss as to what to do. Sorry what is the 'big red flag' here? My son bought this car from his aunt before getting a quote for insurance. Once he had paid her he found the insurance too expensive and put it up for sale. The man who bought it from him got the ticket - we live in Kent this ticket was incurred AFTER the sale and in Central London where my son has no business in going. I can assure you that this is NOT an 'in house' transfer. Thanks for your support though it is much appreciated.
  12. I have contacted the Bailiff and asked for the details for this ticket (he hasn't told us anything) and for him to place it on the car so that we have proof. He hasn't responded yet.
  13. He may just have the green slip - he will have to locate it. He bought it from a family member (3 weeks before) so things may have got muddled up at DVLA.
  14. Hi My son didn't receive the original ticket but he did send off the log book immediately and got a letter from DVLA acknowledging the change of ownership. As an aside I have just spoken to the Bailiff who has refused point blank to remove the clamp because DVLA haven't updated their records for the Peugeot he says the last time his office had a change was the 6th June. This is complete rubbish - I am at a loss at what to do. My son has a mental impairment - of which the Bailiff is aware but this doesn't seem to alter his manner or his actions.
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